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Sample Quarterly Report - California State Treasurer

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Sample Quarterly Report - California State Treasurer

John Doe Construction Total Loan Amount Recovery 30k 12/15/09 Bank Loan Number Maturity Date ... Sample Quarterly Report Subject: Sample Quarterly Report Author: State Treasurer's Office Keywords: sample,quarterly,reqport Description: Ca. State Treasurer, Last modified by: wmccormac

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Daily Report Form - NCDOA > State Construction Office

SPECIAL INSPECTION DAILY REPORT Date: Project Name: Inspection Type(s): Continuous Periodic Circle One: ... Final Slump Air Percentage (%) Material Temperature Gallons of Water Added ... State Construction Office

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Submittal Register - United States Army

... incl changes in Narrative Report Activity format for the schedule reports Diagrams - continuous flow, activity #, ... Final as-built specs ... The Excel submittal register input template is used to create a batch input file to feed into RMS or QCS.

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Final Expenditures Final Report Project Sponsor Fiscal Year PTMISEA Cycle Contributing PTMISEA Sponsor ... Construction Date: Vehicle ... Enter the date in which expenditures occurred using the format on the SAMPLE spreadsheet. Phase: Select the appropriate Phase from the drop down menu.

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Submittal List and Review Estimate Template

REPORT/CALC. OR PLAN Mfg ... Utilize the "Submittal List" form submitted with the Final Construction ... Submittal List Template Review Estimate Template Template Instructions Submittal List Sample Review Estimate Sample 'Review Estimate Sample'!Print_Area 'Review Estimate Template ...

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Comprehensive Maintenance Plan Template - p-12 - ...

... however, if you want to see how this material will look in the final Capital Plan Report. Sample Town CSD ... School Facility Report Card School District/BOCES: Sample Town ... are there elements in this building that would require construction or maintenance projects to be conducted in ...

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Payment Requisition # - Florida International University

SAMPLE READ ME FIRST ACS DurAcc DurAD DurAE DurD DurPay DurPM Date ... Construction Manager: FIU Project Manager: Period from: Period to: ... I certify that I have checked and verified this MBE data Report and it is a true statement of the value of the Work performed by the listed MBE's; ...

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SUBMITTAL REGISTER TITLE AND LOCATION: Solicitation No. 01321 Initial Schedule ... Site-Adapt General Design Review - 65% Final Site-Adapt Design Review - 90% Cleared For Construction Review - 100% 01770 1.2.2

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DS-OS C64, Acceptance Sample Test Report (P.C.C. Uniformity Test) ... Construction Safety Report Form CEM-0602, Project Safety Program Statement ... OFG-6, Final Acceptance Checklist For Caltrans Oversight Projects Rev. 6/2009

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Change Log Template - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Instructions OLE_LINK1 ID Priority Assoc ID Impact Summary Action Steps High Medium Yes No Work In Progress Assigned To Owner Expected Resolution Date Final Resolution

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Monthly Utilization Report - King County, Washington

Final Report A Electrician Carpenter Labor Other TOTAL Report Period Yr Year Type of Report ... CITC=Construction Industry Training Council Equipment Operator Date Prepared Minorities/ Disabled ... MONTHLY UTILIZATION REPORT ...

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Contractor_Support_Services_Quarterly_Status_Report_Template ...

Author: lance.welker Last modified by: sharon.pritchard Created Date: 1/21/2005 6:28:49 PM Title: Contractor_Support_Services_Quarterly_Status_Report_Template_EXCEL

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Project Management Plan Template - Lincoln, Nebraska

Current Estimate used construction costs from Current Funding Status = ... Spreadsheet Format and Formulas should be modified to meet your particular project needs. ... Final Report Project Kickoff Project Management Guide Permit Requirements

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Sample date PN Violation Notice (Failure to issue PN for chem, rad, bacte) ... Consumer Confidence Report Noncompliance Letter CONSTRUCTION_OPERATION MANAGEMENT ... Monthly Operating Report Bacte Form Chemical Report Format

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... (EVERY 2 MONTHS) STATUS REPORT FORM (FOR MM/YY) Project Description SR 123 2b. Provide the Actual Invoiced Amount in dollars. 2d. Estimated Total Underground Utilities 2c. Provide the total Final Invoiced Amount in dollars. 1c. Estimated ... Please do not modify the format of the FORM! Copy ...

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PSMJ 2010 A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Report

Some items may be requested in a different format from what you are used to. ... SAMPLE PSMJ A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey Questionnaire ... including a significant discount off the final report, ...

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A323 Form - University of Cincinnati

there is a question about the format for LOC references. LOG/EXTEND Be sure to cap the F&A on LOG grants. ... usually apply to Federal construction grants. FFR FINAL FFR (SF425) FINAL REPT ... Sponsor requires a final report but does not have a required form.

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Role Transition Plan - California

... Proceed to the next page to complete the Production Schedule (Component - Part v). Sample vitial information titles and ... the knowledge transfer giver and receiver sign-off by entering their name and date of final ... in Microsoft Excel format, that will: Ease role transition ...

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FMAGP Applicant Forms - Federal Emergency Management Agency

Construction Instructions Construction SLA Instructions SLA Counties Contractual Instructions ... EXCEL 97 FORMAT Note: ... FINAL REPORT 7. BASE 8. Funding/Grant Period 9. Period Covered This Report YES CASH From: NO

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Download - Environmental Data Management Software | EarthSoft

The unit of measure that corresponds to the final sample volume. ... Upper control limit for spike recovery. Required for spikes, spike duplicates, surrogate compounds, LCS and any spiked sample. Report as ... Date well construction began in MM/DD/YYYY format. Date well construction was ...

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Constructional Data Report

The products covered in this Report are incomplete in construction features or limited in performance ... A representative sample of the product covered by this report has been evaluated and found to comply with the ... To create the final combined PDF for upload into Report ...

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GIS Steering Committee Project Status report - Home

... Data Entry Interfaces have been updated to connect to new database format. Traffic Volume Report is functional. ... User interface for editing is still under construction, however, ... Final report and training sessions are under development. 1/12: Deliverables received, project complete.

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RACI Template - North Carolina

Monitor and evaluate monthly status report submitted through the PPM Tool utilizing defined metrics. Key Stakeholder Project Communication Deliverables Milestones Tasks Security Procure ... The person who is accountable for approving the final deliverable for accuracy and completness.

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Download - Welcome to | City of New York

Year of construction/Substantial Rehabilitation: Lamp Type Alternative Roof System ... Enter name of the professional/owner submitting this tool in the following format: last name then first name, separated by a ... Enter date when final energy audit report was submitted to the owner. Format: MM ...

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Lighting Justification Report PPM, Volume I, Chapter 10; ... Must follow format from Sample Memo provided in the LAP ... (Off-SHS) LAP Initial Phase (Off-SHS) LAP Construct. Phase (Off-SHS) LAP Final Phase (Off-SHS) sample engineers cost estimate sample bid tab review 'LAP Construct. Phase ...

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Project Data Entry Workbook - The California State University ...

Final Room Name Number Area* Schematic Difference Drawings ASF Totals Gross Sq. ... The following Project Performance Report information, ... (Data format shown in table at left. Delete sample data and insert your project data.)

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... these breakdowns will be used to establish the format used by the Contractor in applying for progress payments. Compare the 90% cost estimate with the construction budget. ... Provide final energy model/Title 24 report for the project.

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ACTIVITY TYPE: New Home Construction granny flat second ... q Complete the report in electronic format in Microsoft Excel and send as an e-mail attachment to [email protected] —A ... sample or your monthly report, ...

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Is this the Final Report for the project? ... Have you submitted the Aggregate Source Quality Report and if required the Aggregate Stockpile Construction Report? 1-25 1-10 1-12.5 1-16 2-16 2-20 2-40 3-12.5AW 3-12.5BW 3-12.5C 4-20 4-40 5 ... SAMPLE. Title: A.AGG3 Aggregates Removal Report-Pit and ...

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Staff Hour Basis Spreadsheet - Florida Department of ...

... time for sample collection, ... Through this task, the hardscape design is transferred to construction drawing format. ... Included in Final Report. The Geotechnical engineer will typically only perform permeability analysis, ...

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Annual Report - Illinois Ag in the Classroom

... (in planning stage), and must follow assigned format (sample on pg.14) for documentation to ensure credit. Use rubric in sample to receive ... Expense Report <format required ... of an annual or final report to Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom by the date ...

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Upper control limit for spike recovery. Required for spikes, spike duplicates, surrogate compounds, LCS and any spiked sample. Report as percentage ... The final volume of the sample after sample ... Date of well installation in MM/DD/YYYY format Date well construction began in MM/DD ...

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Enclosure05.xls - United States Navy

... release of evaluation results may be withheld until the final report according to the established policies of each OTA. ... SOFTWARE RESOURCES DATA REPORT (SRDR) CAIG Format ... (See APSG Enclosure 4 for sample format) 60 Days R ACAT DESIGNATION REQUEST / DESIGNATION CHANGE REQUEST X

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EOL - RS - App G - Outputs List - v3.0 - 2010-06-03

Nurse Assistant Training Program Skills Check List Sample Form HS 276A Sample nurse ... Notifies facilities that the intended construction/renovation appears to ... printout, or data exported to Excel file format. User selectable. Currently, report only provides a list of overdue inspections

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LEED for Homes - U.S. Green Building Council

Verify HERS Index from the "Energy Star Home" report created by a qualified energy rater. ... Step 3: On verification checklist, adjust the verification stage (mid-construction vs. final) for individual prerequisites and credits ... Complete the final rating in the LEED for Homes Project ...

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Process Capability Analysis - Cooper Industries

Must be on Cooper Dimensional report format ... Process Capability Study using any statistical package or Cooper Capability Data Forms. ... Lab Scope and outside lab proof of accreditation. Appearance Approval Report AIAG format AAR Sample Product Parts Parts tagged in accordance ...

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2010 Competition Information - Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement ...

One sample will be used for pavement performance testing ... (JMF) Submit Final written report to WAPA via email ([email protected]) Mailing Address: WAPA, Scot Schwandt 4600 American Parkway, Suite 206 Madison, WI 53718 ... An additional competiton format change is the elimination of the video ...

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MoDOT Standard ITP - Missouri Department of Transportation

MoDOT QA Acceptance Criteria Spec. Item Description QC Documents Minimum Frequency ... The frequencies listed may be in "word format" such as ONCE PER DAY. ... Material report Final Grade 1 per 100'. top 2" Gradation top 2" PI 1 per 10,000 ton 1 per 2000 ton

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The final volume of the sample after sample ... Upper control limit for spike recovery. Required for spikes, spike duplicates, surrogate compounds, LCS and any spiked sample. Report as percentage ... Date well construction began in MM/DD/YYYY format. Date well construction was completed in ...

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... (sample) copy of a cost ... must be submitted at either the LIHTC final certification or HOME Loan final construction draw, ... Rise Residential Buildings and the buildings must be tested for radon upon completion of construction. The Phase I Report must include statements to this effect in ...

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Requests Report - United States Department of Defense

... Interdiction of Warsaq Pact Logistics in Central Europe by Dr. Henry T Ponsford, The BDM Corporation Final report July 1977 ... Sample, Herbert Dcouments ... We seek this information in electronic database format (as allowed in accordance with the EFOIA) ...

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3rd party cost review report (ONLY contractor identity of interest) Schedule of values ... (sample) copy of a cost estimate review performed for the HUD MAP ... test reports verifying compliance must be submitted at either the LIHTC final certification or HOME Loan final construction draw, ...

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Tropical Council financial statements 2012-2013

Effective for annual report periods ... Expected final repayment dates vary from 31 ... are illustrative only and there is no obligation for local governments to prepare financial statements in this format. Councils' financial statements should reflect each individual council's ...

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Sample cover letter sent with Airline Deicing Screeners ... Construction Cost Data Report on better defining the friction coefficient of typical surfaces found on airport runways ... Final Sampling Episode Report for Greater Rockford Airport Sampling Episode 6529 and Sampling Episode 6530 ...

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Natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations Production, transportation, and material moving occupations INDUSTRY 2,886,015 2,867,600 2,947,157 2,848,382 2,875,976 Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and mining Construction 6.8% 7.1% 7.8% 7.9% 7.7% Manufacturing 5.1%

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DY 7 Annual Report - DHCS Home Page - California ...

... process proved to be effective; making it easy to roll out and train on as there was consistency with the format. ... This information will be reported in the Final Report for DY 7. 9/30/12 - As of 6/30/12, the McKee Family Health Center ... o Construction/implementation of central line carts

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State Detail Level 1512 Template - Workforce Training and ...

Drop-down. 2-digit prefix with sample sorted by 2-digit prefix. Activity Code 2 (NAICS) Prefix only Activity Code 3 ... Construction 31 - Manufacturing 32 - Manufacturing-Wood, Chemical manufacturing, ... Final Report Answer “No ...

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1st Year M&V Report Review / Annual Energy Audit Technical Assistance ... FEMP Services will review the first final proposal against format and evaluation requirements cited in the DO RFP. ... Sample Statement of Work ...

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Name will be included in final report, i.e. associated with data in the final report Total ... i.e. not associated with data in the final report New Construction (Cx) Multiservice establishments M4 Million BTU/year ... SAMPLE Food Service

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... this level of precision is not practical to report for a final ... The standard signs including freeway signing can be found in the warning sign and construction ... Report Tabs (blue tabs) contain the raw data, smoothed data, summary graphs, and summary tables in a printable report format ...

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