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Topic Sentences

Topic Sentences A good topic sentence does two important things. Helps you stay focused on the topic of your paragraph. Helps readers to know what your paragraph will be about. Parts of a Topic Sentences A topic sentence should: ...

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Topic Sentences - SchoolNotes

Topic Sentences Step Up to Writing PPT by Connie Nelson ... Roman Verdana Wingdings Globe Topic Sentences Occasion/Position Occasion/Position cont. Occasion/Position topic sentences Examples Other topic examples Character Paragraph However Statements However Examples ...

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TOPIC SENTENCES - Pacoima Charter Elementary School

Supporting Details Are specific examples and details that support main the idea or topic sentence. ... radio stars read the comics aloud to kids. ... TOPIC SENTENCES Author: sportman Last modified by: lausd_user Created Date:

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Writing a 5 Sentence Paragraph - Cape Tigers

Example: Last summer my family went on an amazing picnic in a park. is the topic of this paragraph. Write three detail sentences. Each sentence should tell about the topic. Use good ... Ending sentence: Restate the topic of the paragraph.

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Writing a Paragraph powerpoint

What is a Paragraph? A paragraph is a group of sentences that tells about one subject or area. Each sentence in a paragraph must give information about the topic Reasons to Write a Paragraph 1.

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PowerPoint Presentation

... and examples. “BUILDING ... examples for your essay PROS- for school uniforms CONS- against uniforms saves time getting ready in the morning stops kids from expressing ... NOW, PUT YOUR TOPIC SENTENCE AND YOUR 4-5 SENTENCES OF EXPLANATION TOGETHER AND YOU HAVE A….. School uniforms will ...

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Topic Sentences - Mr. Ackerman's Language Arts Class

Know how to manage study time Examples Topic Sentence: Knowing how to study for tests is important in high school. Topic: Knowing ... The gifts that grandfathers give, whether material or not, make them a positive impact on kids. Stop ... Topic Sentences Author: Dean Last modified by:

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Paragraph Development

Paragraph Development How to Support Topic Sentences

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Recognizing a Main Idea Stated Main Ideas—Tips for Finding Topic Sentences Keep these suggestions in mind. A Topic ... “Kids” is not the topic of the entire paragraph. ... (terms like “for instance,” “second,” “in addition”) which suggest examples.

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Writing Paragraphs - St. Cloud State University

Use topic sentences that state the main idea of the paragraph.* Other sentences should support the idea expressed in the topic sentence. For support, use examples, data, or logical progression. ... Use transitional words and phrases between paragraphs and sentences, ...

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Step Up To Writing - Mountain View Middle School

Tomorrow we will research any information you will need for the examples on your topic. Step Up To Writing is About Showing you the process Helping you through the process Letting you work ... Conclusions tie it all together. Topic sentences and thesis statements are the heart. Examples ...

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The Essay : The What and the Why - clarkliterary7s

The Essay: The What and the Why

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The Five- Paragraph Essay

Use Correct Paragraph Form Topic Sentence Three Examples Conclusion The Beginning - Your First Sentences Start with a topic sentence that uses the ... No paragraph should be less than five sentences. Each paragraph must include: * * Title: The Five-Paragraph Essay Author: Paula Barnard Last ...

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The Five Paragraph Essay - Peter Hay

... the point of the essay They serve as a transition between the hook and the thesis statement Example of general topic sentences: Hook: The Five Paragraph Essay a step ... An opening sentence or two that grabs the reader’s interest and introduces the general topic of the essay Examples: ...

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Grade 3 Writing Assessment - Georgia Department of Education

... about the topic without a clear position Has a consistent focus and point of view Writing about multiple, unrelated ideas Contains sufficient information to address the issue A brief paragraph with only a few sentences Includes relevant examples, ... teaching about animals to kids and ...

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Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences in Your Writing

Compound-Complex Sentences A compound-complex sentence is a sentence that has at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. The same subordinating conjunctions are used to introduce the dependent clauses.,%20Compound,%20and%20Complex%20Sentences%20in.ppt

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PowerPoint Presentation

These PowerPoint Slides may not ... Let me give you some examples. WRITING WHERE TOPIC SENTENCES On the playground Across the street Inside our classroom ... Next to the creek . . . On the soccer field . . . Outside my bedroom window . . . WHERE TOPIC SENTENCES Where What Happened On ...

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How to Write an Outline in 4 Easy Steps…

... Break it Down! (Topic Sentences) Number your paper going down the left side ... (“If…then…” statements like “If we gave kids the right to vote, then more young adults would ... you must explain how your examples prove that your topic sentence is true. Do not just repeat your ...

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Personal Narrative - Poway Unified School District

The personal narrative tells about A good time A bad time An important time A memorable event A first time A last time Take a few minutes and write without stopping. ... Supporting Paragraphs Always begin with a topic sentence. Use specific details that support the topic sentence.

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Four Square Writing for Grades 3-5 - Eunice Eleme...

Four Square Writing ... Boxes 2-4 contain complete sentences which state reasons, examples or explanations. ... Using the four square to develop these ideas ensures that details are aligned with the main ideas, and topic sentences start every paragraph. Step 6: ...

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Expository VS Persuasive TYPES OF WRITING

eeds specific details and examples. F . ully develops the topic. O . rganizational strategy. R . ... no or weak introduction and/or conclusion, weak development of topic . Incorrect sentences, grammar, and spelling ... The third part of my plan is to ask more kids to walk.

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Elaboration: Strategic Teaching To Improve Student Writing

Topics may be changed. Any general sentence will work. Possible topic sentences: Summer is the ... more information from the slide, like: "Kids, Elaboration answers a reader ... and elaborates using specific details and/or examples. Narrows topic (e.g., from general topic, such ...

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Summarizing -

Topic Sentences… The TOPIC SENTENCE is usually the first sentence of the paragraph. It gives the reader an idea of what the ... Topic Sentences cont. Summarizing Example paragraphs… Main idea and supporting details Sentence Summary… Tornadoes cont… Main idea and supporting details ...

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Writing the Argumentative / Persuasive Essay - mrslaabs ...

Writing the Argumentative/Persuasive Essay CHOOSING A TOPIC Possible Topic Ideas Should boxing be banned? Should the driving age be raised to 18? ... Second and perhaps third sentences narrow the idea down to your specific idea.

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How to write Introductory paragraphs

General statement introduction Question introduction Quotation introduction Examples of general statement introduction ... but these three ways will do for now. Notice that the introduction has three parts. First, you introduce the topic. Then in one or two sentences you lead in to ...

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Hamburger Paragraphs

... I love to teach because I love to be around kids. ... Let’s Review Here are some examples of sentences that cannot be used as topic sentences. ... The problem with this sentence is that it contains too many details. Topic sentences are general, ...

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Writing Elaboration Strategies - ASFM Tech

Writing Elaboration Strategies Elaboration Definition Elaboration means. . . Tell the reader more By adding sentences with more explanation using a variety of specific strategies, e.g., anecdotes, examples, definitions, descriptions, details, dialogue, quotations, statistics and facts, and ...

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Essay Writing -

the reasons for not going to the cinema is explained in the topic sentences of the essay and not in the thesis ... the main points of the essay listed in the topic sentence Topic Sentence Supporting Statement Details / Examples First of all ... Little kids race up and down the ...

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Persuasive Essays

Thesis statement examples. ... Bad: Schools shouldn’t tell kids not to be bullies because the parents aren’t doing their job to stop it. Body Paragraphs. These do not have to be organized by subtopics. ... use transitions between sentences (not necessarily all of them)

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Grouping Sentences

Grouping Sentences Year 8 Sentence Starters Icons key: For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation Teacher’s notes included in the Notes Page

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Persuasive Writing Topic - Cherokee County School District

Persuasive Writing Topic Writing Situation Many public school systems across the country require students to wear uniforms. Some educators believe that wearing uniforms will help students concentrate more on their school work.

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PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT - Universiti Putra Malaysia

Controlling idea The best season for kids is winter, ... facts, examples, quotes, and arguments that support the main idea. In each supporting sentence/point, there are ... Supporting Sentence/Point Write 3 supporting sentences for each of the topic sentences below: Owning a small car has ...

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PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT - UPM EduTrain Interactive Learning

Controlling idea The best season for kids is winter, ... facts, examples, quotes, and arguments that support the main idea. In each supporting sentence/point, there are ... Supporting Sentence/Point Write 3 supporting sentences for each of the topic sentences below: Owning a small car has ...

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Four Square Introduction - Edmond Public Schools > Home

Four Square Writing Method for Grades 1-3 Four Square Writing Method ... I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Persuasive Essay Kids should get bigger allowances because we do chores. Kids are always studying hard. We even use manners! ... q Topic sentences in the middle (body ...

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PowerPoint Presentation - Science Fair Projects

Purpose Write 1 to 3 sentences describing what you want to find ... New Roman MS Pゴシック Arial Wingdings Webdings Wingdings 2 Times Straight Edge 1_Straight Edge Science Fair Projects Choose a Topic Title Purpose Research Hypothesis Procedure Procedure Procedure Slide 10 ...

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Building a Body Paragraph - Chandler Unified School District

... A transition word and topic sentence Examples: First, uniforms are ugly and boring. Next, uniforms take away ... A concluding sentence Topic sentences… ... I don’t like the colors that schools make students wear. Kids have to wear red collared shirts and khaki pants. Since everyone ...

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Elements of an Essay - Wikispaces

This is what we’ve discovered. Introduction Begin with information relevant to the topic. Examples: general background of subject (event, person, place); short ... developing a paragraph can be extremely difficult. Topic sentences can appear at several points in a paragraph. Transitions ...

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Hamburger Paragraphs - Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools

Topic Sentences For example, ... Bad Topic Sentences Here are some examples of sentences that cannot be used as topic sentences. Can you figure out why they are inappropriate? ... Finally, I love to teach because I love to be around kids.

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5 Paragraph Essay - Mrs. Curtis's English Class

The Five Paragraph Essay ... Body Paragraphs --Topic Sentences and Supporting Details Paragraph 5: Conclusion --Restate Thesis Paragraph One: ... Develop the idea --illustrate the idea with examples --elaborate on causes/effects, definitions, ...

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Tips to Writing Essays - teacher web

Tips to Writing Essays Beginning & Ending Thesis Statements & Support Revising & Editing Ways to Begin an Essay 1. Explain the context of your topic: What are the positions that led you to write on the issue?

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How to Teach Writing to all Grade Levels - Bailey Ed

Let's look at the list of attributes we made when developing the following topic sentences. Topic Sentence: My brother's driving always makes me nervous. ... To be able to write supporting details that describe examples that defend the opinion/feeling about the limited topic Objective: ...

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Thesis Statements - LaVergne Middle School

Summary sentence that supports your opinion & ideas of an ENTIRE essay or paper Explains topic, reasoning, ... You will see see examples later Why Use a Thesis Statement?

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The Hamburger Paragraph - Mrs. Keighan's Class

The "paragraph hamburger" is a writing organizer that visually outlines the key components of a paragraph. Topic sentence, detail sentences, ... adds to and develops the main idea, explains the topic, includes details, examples ... Finally, I love to teach because I love to be around kids ...

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Expository writing - Cherokee County School District

EXPOSITORY WRITING Effective writers use informational writing to inform, ... The key features of an effective how-to essay are: A focused topic that can be fully explained in the length ... Complete the sentences below. Then, using the SEE method, elaborate on each one. My favorite season is ...

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The Introductory Paragraph - Tulsa Community College

Why write an Introductory paragraph. To create interest in your subject. ... The subject is the simple topic you intend to write about. Examples: my best friend. welfare reform. euthanasia. What is a thesis? ... sentences. about. topic.

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PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

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Expository vs. Persuasive Writing - Tahoma

Tell your classmate what a world famous principal and author of The Best Schools for Kids might say ... With a partner take turns adding layers of sentences that DEVELOP the topic. ... vs. Persuasion Expository writing has a narrow topic. stays focused on the main ideas ...

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The Formal Five Paragraph Essay - Wikispaces

... who are the upper class rich kids. Statement of Situation. The author’s main idea; ... 3 Example Sentences (Prove your Topic Sentence) ... (topic sentence and three examples) 3.) Discuss subtopic two (topic sentence and three examples)

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Kids should get paid for good grades. ... Across the United States there are many examples of leftover laws and customs that reflect the racism that once permeated ... CONTINUES. 2. Introduce the topic. The next few sentences should explain your first statement, and prepare the reader for your ...

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Four Square Introduction. ppt - BHPLC - home - Wikispaces

FOUR SQUARE WRITING ... Study Hard Spelling Math Science In addition Use Manners Please Thank you Cover mouth when I yawn Hence Kids should ... Using the four square to develop these ideas ensures that details are aligned with the main ideas and topic sentences start every paragraph ...

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