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TB Meningitis - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

TB Meningitis 9/29/2009 Morning Report Maggie Davis Hovda Incidence 2005: In the US there were 186 cases of meningeal TB, which accounted for 6.3% of all extrapulmonary TB In NC, there were 5 cases, 6.9% 2007: In the US, there were 170 cases of meningeal TB, again 6.3% of cases In NC, there were ...


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Meningitis - Creighton University

Meningitis Bacterial Viral ( aseptic) TB Fungal Chemical Parasitic ? Carcinomatous Meningitis Definition Bacterial meningitis is an inflammatory response to bacterial infection of the pia-arachnoid and CSF of the subarachnoid space Epidemiology Incidence is between 3-5 per 100,000 More than ...


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MENINGITIS - School of Medicine

Complications associated with encephalitis and ICP TB Meningitis Usually insidious: difficult to diagnose in early stages (fever 30%, URTI 20%) Rare in children in developed countries If untreated is usually fatal Meningitis usually occurs 3-6mths after primary infection 1 stage-lasts 1-2wk, ...


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Cryptococcal meningitis and tuberculosis: Key considerations ...

Cryptococcal meningitis and tuberculosis: Key considerations on when to start ART? Dr. Andrew D Kambugu. Infectious Diseases Institute. Makerere University College of Health sciences


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TB Meningitis. Learning Objectives. Introduction. Global problem. Aetiology and pathogenesis . Clinical Features. Complications and clinical outcome. Diagnosis


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Meningitis 10 questions - Perelman School of Medicine at the ...

Meningitis Commonly Asked Questions Stephen J. Gluckman, M.D. Meningitis – Who was awake? Which of the following are true about cryptococcal meningitis?


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... 29.9% TB meningitis – 28.9% Meningitis unspecified – 12.2% Viral meningitis – 10.5% Brain abscess – 8.1% Cryptococcal meningitis – 2.0% Tuberculoma – 1.6% Others – 3.3% Local experience in bacterial meningitis (Handumon 2000) ...


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Tuberculosis - University of South Carolina

... Granulomas in glomeruli heal or caseate Dysuria and hematuria IVP helpful Upper and lower GU tract Tuberculous Meningitis and Tuberculoma Tuberculoma Seizures and focal signs CT or MRI: contrast-enhanced ring lesions Miliary Tuberculosis Hematogenously disseminated TB Lesions are ...


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Pediatric Tuberculosis - North Dakota Department of Health

Pediatric Tuberculosis ND DOH HIV/STD/TB Hepatitis Forum Nadia Sam-Agudu, MD, DTM&H Pediatric Infectious Diseases Pediatric Travel Clinic Immigrant, Refugee and Adoption Medicine


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... .15 mg/kg q 6 hours x 4 days Corticosteroids also important in management of TB meningitis Case Answers HIV Elisa negative, HIV RNA PCR negative HSV, VZV pcr negative Gram stain, culture negative Lyme ab negative, RPR/VDRL negative Enteroviral PCR of stool and CSF: positive Rash: ...


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Lumbar Punctures - Clinical Departments

1889- First procedure to access the dural space consisted of a cut down procedure to help decrease intracranial pressure in people in TB meningitis by Walter Essex Wynter


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Global Epidemiology of Pediatric Tuberculosis (TB)

Because TB meningitis is a deadly disease, it may be more likely to be correctly reported. Because this study showed that only 56% of cases of TB meningitis had been correctly registered, it suggests that recording and reporting of childhood pulmonary disease may be even more incomplete.


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meningitis.ppt - دانشگاه علوم پزشكي بيرجند

Meningitis, caused by a bacteria, is life threatening and requires urgent medical attention and treatment with antibiotics. Meningitis caused by a virus is very rarely life threatening but can cause the body to become very weak.


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TUBERCULOSIS... - NCC Pediatrics Residency at Walter Reed ...

... 1990 TB MENINGITIS primary seeding caseous lesion adjacent meninges growth/discharge usually insidious prophylaxis is preventive TB ... activation PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS LOOK ALIKE... TB IN CHILDREN SUMMARY There is no such thing as a positive PPD from just “being exposed” to ...


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MENINGITIS - Emory University

MENINGITIS Laurie J Burton, MD PEM Fellows Conference December 6, 2006 OUTLINE Pathophysiology Cases Neonatal meningitis The bugs, the drugs HSV, Listeria, Enterovirus Dex for who?


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TREATMENT OF TUBERCULOSIS, 2003 - Centers for Disease Control ...

Why a New TB Treatment Statement? ... to 9-month regimens that include INH and RIF are effective Corticosteroids used as adjunctive therapy for patients with TB meningitis and pericarditis If PZA cannot be used in the initial phase, ...


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The role of the Childhood TB Subgroup in vaccine research

Meet EPI Support full coverage of BCG to newborns (quality of services, evaluation, documentation) Meet NTP TB meningitis, strains from pts < 15 yrs (quality of services, evaluation, documentation) BCG status of TB pts (by scar) recording Meet NHAP HIV+ among TB pts; ...


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Meningitis and Encephalitis in the Older Patient

Meningitis and Encephalitis in the Older Patient Debra Bynum, MD Division of Geriatric Medicine University of North Carolina Chapel Hill April 2007


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Tuberculosis and The Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome

Tuberculosis and the Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS) Bob Colebunders Definition ‘a paradoxical inflammatory reaction against a foreign antigen (alive or dead) in patients who have started antiretroviral therapy and who have undergone a reconstitution of their immune ...


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BACTERIAL AND MYCOBACTERIAL INFECTIONS OF THE CNS Outline Acute bacterial meningitis Tb of the CNS Neurosyphilis ACUTE BACTERIAL MENINGITIS An acute inflammatory disease of the leptomeninges Bacteria may gain access to the ventriculo-subarachnoid space: - hematogenous-in the course of ...


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HIV in the Tropics - Mayo Clinic

Cryptococcal relapse TB meningitis Immune Reconstitution Syndrome (IRIS) Chikungunya 34 yo male HIV+, newly diagnosed presents to healthcare. To determine whether HIV antiretroviral medications are needed, most developing country programs base need for ARVs on: ...


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Special Situations in the Treatment of MDR TB

Several reports detail poor outcomes of DR-TB meningitis. Most of the patients were HIV-infected and developed meningitis while already on treatment. Mortality in 2 series from South Africa, 1 in adults and 1 in children, ranged from 57% to 88%.


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Role of corticosteroids in TB

In TB meningitis : Steroids are always used in the first six weeks of treatment (and sometimes for longer) Dexamethasone 8 to 12 mg daily tapered off over six weeks. Dexamethasone may affect outcome from ...


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New England TB Control Program HIV and TB Joseph Gadbaw, Jr., MD Lawrence and Memorial Hospital New London, CT


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Diagnosis - Emory University Department of Pediatrics

Meningitis and Encephalitis: Diagnosis and Treatment Update Definitions Meningitis – inflammation of the meninges Encephalitis – infection of the brain parenchyma Meningoencephalitis – inflammation of brain + meninges Aseptic meningitis – inflammation of meninges with sterile CSF ...


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Pediatric Tuberculosis - WordPress.com

BCG protects infants against tb meningitis and miliary disease No evidence of any BCG induced protective effective in HIV infected children. Documented BCG induced disseminated disease and adverse reactions.


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Unit 2 Diagnosis of Tuberculosis - Home — I-TECH Website

Additional Case: Answer 2 Treatment should begin right away when TB meningitis is one of the likely diagnoses Diagnosis of TB meningitis can be supported by: CSF showing lymphocytic meningitis AND negative India Ink CSF AFB culture ...


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NEISSERIA - Download Center

... cells mainly polys,few lymphocytes Bacteria in Gram stain Markedly raised protein Reduced or absent glucose CSF in TB meningitis Clear or slightly ... Sens.testing Anti TB * * Gram stain of N.gonorrhoea Gram stain of Neisseria meningitis Haemorrhagic rash Death from Waterhouse ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

Deficits: TB meningitis must be considered (because there is often basilar meningitis) * CSF: High protein, Low glucose, lymphocytic pleocytosis * This CSF pattern seen in other disease, thus if TB meningitis highly suspected (tve, TST CSF ...


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Central Nervous System Manifestations of HIV Infection

Treatment the same as pulmonary TB CNS Syphilis Secondary Aseptic meningitis Tertiary Meningovascular General Paresis Tabes ... IDSA Guidelines Cryptococcal Meningitis Treatment One More Thing Acute HIV Infection HIV Dementia Tuberculous Meningitis CNS Syphilis Slide 34 ...


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Communicable Disease Education - Montgomery County, Maryland

Communicable Disease Education - Montgomery County, Maryland


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TB in Tennessee The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

TB in TennesseeThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Jason Cummins, MPH. April 30, 2014. ... Pediatric TB Meningitis Case. 28 month-old Hispanic male. Source case: maternal grandmother. Brain tissue was AFB smear-positive and culture positive for TB. Sequelae:


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Positive reaction to TST Should be further evaluated for LTBI or TB disease What factors make it more likely that this man’s positive reaction is due to TB infection? ... Urine samples for TB disease of kidneys Fluid samples from area around spine for TB meningitis 5.


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5.0 Principles of TB Treatment.ppt - ftp.cdc.gov - /

Module 5: Principles of Treatment Session Overview Aims of TB Treatment General Principles Treatment Guidelines Learning Objectives Describe 3 basic principles of TB treatment Explain the difference between the 4 treatment categories (Cat I-IV) Understand and describe when and why a regimen may ...


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CNS Infections Meningitis. An inflammatory process of the leptomeninges and CSF within the subarachnoid space. Meningoencephalitis? CNS Infections Pyogenic meningitis. Medical emergency. ... TB meningtisExudate at the base of the brain.


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Good Morning! - LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans

TB meningitis < 1/2 serum, often < 10 >100. 50-500. Lymphocyte predominant. Negative. Imaging? ** CT of the head is necessary before LP in patients with signs or symptoms of increased ICP and should be considered for ...


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In a published meta-analysis of BCG efficacy, it had a 64% protective effect in preventing TB meningitis in children and a 78% protective effect in preventing disseminated TB among children. Clearly, BCG has an important role in preventing serious disease in young children.


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Tuberculosis - s, su

... Anergy Bone marrow or liver biopsy may be diagnostic TB Meningitis Age: < 5 y/o Low grade fever Headache Personality change Kernig&Brudzinski signs Cranial nerve palsy Seizure Increase ICP Coma CNS Tuberculoma TB Meningitis CT-Scan: Hydrocephalus, edema, ...


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Cryptococcal meningitis – addressing raised pressure

Cryptococcal Meningitis Dr N Thumbiran ... AIDS- CD4 47cells/uL, not on ARVs Miliary TB on anti-TB treatment Crypto meningitis: Persistent headaches Persistently high opening pressures Deafness – 2 weeks into admission Loss of vision ...


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TB bug - Course Websites | Biology Department | UNC Chapel Hill

BCG is clearly effective against miliary TB and TB meningitis But its effectiveness against pulmonary TB is controversial http://www.cheng.cam.ac.uk/ New attenuated strain vaccines and recombinant versions of BCG are now in Phase II and Phase III clinical trials Image from University of Oxford ...


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KCMC Case Presentation: A 20 year-old male with Altered ...

... and sequelae. Clin Infect Dis, 1992; 15: 394-401. Southwick FS. Pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis of brain abscess. UpToDate ... present as single or multiple ring-enhancing lesions Usually present as a mass lesion but can occur in the setting of Tb meningitis ...


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Presentation Title Here Presentation Subtitle Here

Objectives . List the 2 methods that can be used when screening TB Infection. Describe the difference between a TB reactor and a TB converter.


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Mycobacterium tuberculosis treatment - School of Medicine

Drug tx of Pulmonary TB 09/10/07 ... useful in TB meningitis as good meningeal penetration) [Combination=RIFATER] If resistance likely add ethambutol (if previous TB, immunosuppressed, in contact with organism likely to be drug resistant) ...


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CNS Tuberculosis - University of South Carolina

Introduction CNS TB is a granulomatous infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis It is hematogenously spread from a primary focus, ... infarcts after the appearance of vasculitis in the thalamoperforating arteries in a child treated for tuberculosis meningitis. * Tuberculosis, CNS.


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Tuberculosis - Biol 448B: Fundamentals of Tropical Disease

TB of lymph nodes: swelling of lymph nodes TB meningitis: neurological symptoms including headache Spinal TB: Mobility impairments, ... Roman Wingdings Times Helvetica ヒラギノ明朝 ProN W3 Blank Presentation Tuberculosis A Brief History of Tuberculosis (TB) A Brief History of ...


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Meningitis. - kau.edu.sa

Meningitis. Dr; Abdulrahman Al shaikh definition Inflammatory disease of leptomeninges, the tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord. ... CSF: in fungal TREATMENT: Tuberculous meningitis. Clinical feature: TB. Diagnosis. Treatment. ...


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Tuberculosis - KSU

Tuberculosis Background Tuberculosis (TB) is the most common cause of infection-related death worldwide Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the most common cause of TB Very rare causes are Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium africanum It is a very hardy bacillus that can survive under adverse ...


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Unit 2 Diagnosis of Tuberculosis - Home — I-TECH Website

“Miliary” TB: Disseminated TB TB Meningitis (1) TB Meningitis (2) Spinal TB What Do You See? What Do You See? ... Common Symptoms of Adult Pulmonary TB (2) Pulmonary TB Diagnosis PTB types, BNTP 2005 Sputum Smears Sputum Collection Techniques (1) ...


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This is the title slide - Southern African HIV Clinicians Society

Marais et al. Presentation and outcome of TB meningitis in a high HIV prevalence setting. PLOS ONE 6(5):e20077) LP and laboratory tests to facilitate diagnosis of cause of meningitis. Aetiology. Typical Cell count. Typical CSF chemistry. Microscopy and Culture. Specific tests. Bacterial.


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Principles of Field Investigation - Rutgers University

Prevention of TB in Children: ... (60%) develop TB disease Two after initial negative PPD (Missed opportunity) 1 TB meningitis, 2 miliary 6/15 (40%) have LTBI 3/18 (17%) are TB-exposed but not infected Through 3 generations: All 2nd and 3rd generation cases preventable #3.


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