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Phase-Locked Loop Basics (PLL)

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Phase-Locked Loop Basics (PLL)

Title: Phase-Locked Loop Basics (PLL) Author: dfischette Last modified by: dfischette Created Date: 5/14/2003 6:09:04 PM Document presentation format

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uW PLL - University of California, Berkeley

Ultra low power PLL design and noise analysis EE241 Prof. Borivoje Nikolic Peter Chen, Mingcui Zhou Choice of PLL : type II 3rd order Power consumption < 1mW Frequency of operation: Reference from power link: 1MHz Data carrier: 32MHz We operate the VCO at twice the data carrier frequency (64Mhz ...

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DIRECT UNIT MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS Maintenance is a command responsibility! Commanders, supervisors and leaders are responsible for continually evaluating their unit or activity maintenance operations to determine which areas of operation require improvement, to ensure their units are kept at ...

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PLL Implementation with Simlink and Matlab

PLL Implementation with Simlink and Matlab Project 2 ECE283 Fall 2004 Simulink in MATLAB Graphic user interface Continuous, discrete, and mixed mode Integration with MATLAB Fast prototyping User-defined functions How to run it >>simulink Or click simulink icon Graphic User Interface Make a new ...

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Control and Grid Synchronization for Distributed Power ...

Control and Grid Synchronization for Distributed Power Generation Systems F. Blaabjerg, R. Teodorescu, M. Liserre, and A. V. Timbus: Overview of Control and Grid Synchronization for Distributed Power Generation Systems, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, VOL. 53, NO. 5, OCTOBER 2006

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Xilinx Template (light) rev - All Programmable Technologies ...

Describe the global and I/O clock networks in the Spartan-6 FPGA. Describe the clock buffers and their relationships to the I/O resources. ... The PLL can accept a much wider range of input frequencies, duty cycles and input clock jitter than the DCM.

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Phase Locked Loop Design - Calvin College

Phase Locked Loop Design Matt Knoll Engineering 315 Introduction What is a PLL? Control System Representation Parts of a PLL PLL in Simulink What is a PLL?

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Xilinx Template (light) rev - All Programmable Technologies ...

PLL and MMCMs offer a BASE (basic ports) and ADV (all ports) primitives. VCO is the voltage controlled oscillator. Ideally, the PFD should be as high as possible (within a valid range)

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FM Transmitter - University of Maryland, College Park

FM Transmitter FM Modulation using VCO Block Diagram Chipset 4046 PLL 4046 VCO Characteristic Schematic PCB Layout Considerations PCB Layout Measured Results FM Receiver FM Demodulation using PLL Loop Filter Design VCO Design Block Diagram Chipset 4046 PLL Schematic PCB Layout Superheterodyne FM ...

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VCO Design - Electrical and Computer Engineering |

VCO Design Z. Dilli, Mar 2012 VCO Design Adapted from Ryan J. Kier, Low Power PLL Building Blocks, Ph.D. Dissertation, U. of Utah, 2010. System Design VCO Source follower (external bias) Differential Amplifier (external bias) Inverter chain Simulations show a center frequency of around 1 ...

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Ultra Low Power PLL Implementations - University of Virginia

Outline. ULP PLL for RF. An Ultra-low-Power . Quadrature. PLL in 130nm CMOS for Impulse Radio . Receivers. 200uW, 600MHz. ULP PLL for digital system clock generation

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Oscillation Control in CMOS Phase-Locked Loops

Oscillation Control in CMOS Phase-Locked Loops A Thesis Presented to The Academic Faculty by Bortecene Terlemez PhD Candidate in School of ECE 11/04/2004

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Systematic Design of Space-Time Trellis Codes for Wireless ...

... but 50% Zero Crossing Detector FM Demodulator PLL Phase-locked loop (PLL) A closed-loop feedback control circuit, make a signal in fixed phase (and frequency) relation to a reference signal Track frequency (or phase) variation of inputs Or, ...

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Clocking - Intel

Jitter Clock Source The traceable reference for most clocks sources is a crystal oscillator. A phase locked loop (PLL) regenerates clocks for distribution. The primary purpose of a phase lock loop is to synchronize signal edges.

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슬라이드 1 - Pennsylvania State University

CSE598A/EE597G Spring 2006 Phase Locked Loop Design KyoungTae Kang, Kyusun Choi Electrical Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Frequency Synthesizer General Synthesizer Issues Frequency Spectrum Settling Time (Lock Time) PLL Components Circuits PLL Components Circuits Reference Circuit ...

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Special Topic-I PLL Basics and Design

Special Topic-I PLL Basics and Design By, Anil Kumar Ram Rakhyani (akram) What is it? PLL = Phase Lock Loop A circuit which synchronizes an adjustable oscillator with another oscillator by the comparison of phase between the two signals.

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Lecture 6 - Home — UCLA Computer Science

Lecture 7 AM and FM Signal Demodulation Introduction Demodulation of AM signals Demodulation of FM Signals Regeneration of Digital Signals and Bias Distortion

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Phase Detector Circuits - University of Toronto

Phase Detector Circuits Presented by: Ricky Lau ... Rau, T. Oberst, R. Lares, A. Rothermel, R. Schweer, N. Menoux, “Clock/Data Recovery PLL Using Half-Frequency Clock”, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, pp.1156-1160, 1997. J. Savoj, ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

... (PLL) Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Alternative Delay Elements Frequency Divider Phase Detector Phase Detector Loop Filter PLL Loop Dynamics Delay Locked Loop Delay-Locked Loop (DLL) ...

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Maintenance Operations -

Use stockage code “MS” request initial stockage of PLL Non-Stocked Item Demand File Definition: separate file of DA Form 3318s used to record demands for parts not part of unit’s PLL to determine if parts should be stocked Items must meet stockage criteria: ...

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Thoracic, Lumbar and Pelvic Trauma - Logan Class of December 2013

... on Denis’ 3-column model Anterior- from ALL to mid-vertebral body Middle- from mid-vert. body to PLL Posterior- from PLL to ... depression of the superior and inferior endplates occurs with comminution of the vertebral body Burst Fractures ...

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Patent Researching 101 - AALLNET

AALL-PLL Intellectual Property Sub-Group Presents:Patent Research 101,Part 1. Presented by Kristin Whitman, LandonIP. Hosted by Emily Florio, PLL-IP co-chair

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102 – PSoC 3 / PSoC 5 System Resources

PSoC 3 / PSoC 5 102: System Resources ... 􀂇 DSI signal from an external IO pin or other logic 􀂇 12 to 67 MHz fractional Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) sourced from IMO, MHzECO, or DSI 􀂇 Clock Doubler 􀂇 1 kHz, 33 kHz, 100 kHz ILO for Watch Dog Timer ...

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Phase Lock Loop - Picone Press

Phase Lock Loop “A device which continuously tries to track the phase of the incoming signal…” Phase detector Se(t) Low-pass filter, h(t) Si(t)

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OIF Overview - OIForum

Brian Von Herzen, Ph.D. Xilinx Consultant, OIF Electrical Interfaces What are the OIF Electrical Interfaces? SPI-5 SFI-5 SPI-4.2 SPI-4.1 SFI-4 SPI-3 SFI-4 SFI-4 (OC-192 SERDES-Framer Interface) OIF-PLL-02.0 Proposal for a common electrical interface between SONET framer and ...

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Clock Networks and PLLs in Stratix III Devices

... network and Clock Control Blocks PPLs in Stratix III Up to 12 PLLs that provides robust clock management De-skewing by PLL Phase Frequency Detector (PFD) method is used for clock alignments. Charge Pump (CP) drives the current to Loop Filter (LF) if it receives an up signal.

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PowerPoint Presentation

... Selected Research PLL Closed Area Research Results Feb. 2008 – Jan. 2010 PLL Closed Area Research Results Feb. 2008 – Jan. 2010 Grants and Contracts Other HMS Monitoring Programs Marine Recreational Information Program HMS Research Database HMS Research Plan Discussion ...

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TEAM: 60 GHz CMOS for Gb/s WLAN - Electrical Engineering ...

Motivation. CMOS IC technology keeps further scaling. SoC benefits from All-Digital PLL (ADPLL) designs. Dynamic frequency scaling in CPU. Fast-locked phase-locked loop (PLL) for clock generation

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Non-linear dynamics of circuit disruption

E771 Electronic Circuits III Phase-locked loop notes by Paul Brennan University College London Prepared 2000 Contents Some useful books Best, R.E., “Phase-locked loops, theory, design and applications”, McGraw Hill, 1993.

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Low-Noise Amplifier

Charge Pump PLL Outline Charge Pump PLL Loop Component Modeling Loop Filter and Transfer Function Loop Filter Design Loop Calibration Charge Pump PLL The charge pump PLL is one of the most popular PLL structures since 1980s Featured with a digital phase detector and a charge pump Advantages Fast ...

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Pairs Trading - University of California, Berkeley

Pairs Trading A Statistical Arbitrage Strategy Emmanuel Fua ... LUV and PLL. We will fit an AR(1) to the data by estimating β and the standard deviation of each iid white noise εt. Then we will run one thousand simulations of this AR(1) ...

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DISP-2003: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing


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No Slide Title

Block Diagram PLL 23 cm PLL 13 cm PLL 23 cm Transverter 23 cm Transverter - Modification 23 cm Transverter - Modification Top 23 cm Transverter - Amplifier Controller Circuit Diagram Controller Operational Modes Operational modes Operational modes Phase noise ...

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AALL-PLL Intellectual Property Sub-Group Presents:

AALL-PLL Intellectual Property Sub-Group Presents:Follow the Virtual Breadcrumbs: Tracking Elusive Trademark Infringers. Presented by Diana Koppang

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PLL and Noise

Title: PLL and Noise Author: Zartash Afzal Uzmi Last modified by: zartash Created Date: 8/5/2002 12:26:09 PM Document presentation format: Letter Paper (8.5x11 in)

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Welcome to the ECE 449 Computer Design Lab

... PLL is a more sensitive linear circuit Voltage-controlled Oscillator needs clean supply DLL has unavoidable jitter PLL can reduce jitter, ...

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EE 382M VLSI–II: Advanced Circuit Design Lecture 12: I/O ...

... Clock Transfers Chip to chip transfers controlled by common bus clock Equal length card routes to each chip & on-chip PLL’s minimize clock skew clock source PLL Chip A PLL Chip B * * Common Clock Transfers clock source PLL Chip A PLL Chip B Tclk - A Ttof Tdrive TAclk Tclk - B ...

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A Stabilization Technique for Phase-Locked Frequency Synthesizers

A Stabilization Technique for Phase-Locked Frequency Synthesizers Tai-Cheng Lee and Behzad Razavi IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Vol. 38, June 2003

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Folie 1 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Overview Introduction to PLL Foundations of PLL Logic Programming, Bayesian Networks, Hidden Markov Models, Stochastic Grammars Frameworks of PLL

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Automating Governmental Accounting in Oracle Federal Financials

The CUSTOM.pll is called during several triggers from every Oracle form The usage of the CUSTOM.pll isolates these enhancements from future upgrades Solution – Technical Details Creation of a PL/SQL function that accepts attributes from the form / interface ...

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Low-Noise Amplifier

Phase Locked Loops Continued VCO Ref LO fLO=fref*N/M 1/M PFD Loop Filter Phase-Locked Loop 1/N Basic blocks Phase frequency detector (PFD) Loop filter (including charge pump)

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A Monolithic Low-Bandwidth Jitter-Cleaning PLL with Hitless ...

A Monolithic Low-Bandwidth Jitter-Cleaning PLL with Hitless Switching for SONET/SDH Clock Generation D. Wei, Y. Huang, B. Garlepp and J. Hein Silicon Laboratories Inc., Austin, Texas

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PowerPoint Presentation

PLL Acquisition PLL’s may have difficulty locking on to a signal, even though, once locked, they can track it easily. For reliable acquisition, the input signal frequency should be within the range: If this condition is satisfied, ...

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NTP Clock Discipline Algorithm - University of Delaware

Traditional approach using phase-lock loop (PLL) Clock discipline design principles The clock discipline algorithm functions as a nonlinear, hybrid phase/frequency-lock (NHPFL) feedback loop.

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PowerPoint Presentation

... performance Rx employs software/circuitry to detect/track the timing of peak outputs of the matched filter A digital PLL can be used with an easily [software] ...

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Projektovanje {tampanih plo~a za radio predajnike male snage


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Hybrid Testing Status - University of California, Santa Barbara

Take those old hybrids off the shelf Initialization now talks to PLL Reads bit 0 of PLL Control and Status register 1 1 if PLL is “going” the norm after reset sequence PLL operation is controlled by auto calibration circuit 0 if PLL is “not going” Occurs at -20 C Requires PLL ...

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TG4a Review of proposed UWB-IR Modulation Schemes

Justification: PRF can be generated from a PLL by dividing the center frequency down to the PRF. The first divisions can be based on the divisions implemented as part of the PLL.

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Changing Times for Financial Institutions Chapter 1

... (PLL) Less Burden (non-interest expenses – noninterest income) Equals Traditional Operating Profit, or Traditional Operating Profit = NII – PLL – Burden Types of Assets and Liabilities Held by All FDIC ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

TOPS Accurate TOp Level PLL Simulator April 13, 2007 Contents Background & Motivation Traditional Solutions Proposed Solution TOPS Overview User Interface Example Summary Benefits Extensions Market Segments Contact info Background PLLs are complicated 3rd or higher order, non-linear, discrete ...

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