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Know Your Macros! - NW Nature

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Know Your Macros! - NW Nature

Know Your Macros! Michael Clapp - Revised: September 2011 What are Benthic Macroinvertebrates? Commonly called: “macros” Benthic = bottom dwelling Macro = large enough to be seen without aid of a microscope Invertebrate = without a backbone Why Study Macros?

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Macros in action - Kentico Connection - 2014

What is a macro? Macro in Kentico CMS: “Abstraction of the code that can be replaced by dynamic or context specific value on-the-fly without compilation.”

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The KPK Excel Macros - University of North Texas

The KPK Excel Macros. The textbook authors have written a set of Excel macros. An Excel macro carries out statistical calculations or constructs a statistical chart

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Visual Basic Macros - Example -

Visual Basic Macros - Example. The first step in the procedure is to set up a macro using Microsoft Visual Basic. You may need to add the Developer Tab on the ‘ribbon’ in Excel 2007.

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SAS: Macros - The Medical University of South Carolina

Why learn SAS macros? Avoid repetitious SAS code. Create generalizable and flexible SAS code. Pass information from one part of a SAS job to another

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Automating Tasks With Macros 2 - California State University ...

Automating Tasks With Macros Design a switchboard and dialog box for a graphical user interface Database developers interact directly with Access.

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Advanced Animation Part II - dHAL

Advanced Animation Techniques Part II by Demetrios Halazonetis Using Macros for Animation First create the object you wish to move. Then write a macro that moves the object.

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SAS: Macros - Medical University of South Carolina

SAS: Macros. Computing for Research I. Spring 2013. January 29, 2013 You all have been introduced to and now have experience with SAS. It is worth noting that there are a number of tools in SAS that you can explore.

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Directive Strange Love or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love the Macro Bill McCloskey with Rob von Behren Jeremy Condit Feng Zhou starring

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Microsoft Project Macros - MPUG

Using Macros in Project Jeff Fenbert MPUG Puget Sound May 26, 2011 Contact info: [email protected] Agenda Why use Macros Recording Macros Custom Macros Macros in Project Help automate repeated actions Utilizes Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – used in other Office Products Easy to record ...

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Macros - MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence ...

Macros Jonathan Bachrach MIT AI Lab Macro Syntactic extension to core language Defines meaning of one construct in terms of other constructs Their declarations are called macro definitions Their uses are called macro calls unless Example Definition: (ds ...

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PowerPoint Macros - Andrew Noske

My PowerPoint Macros by Andrew Noske Contents Introduction Running Macros Using these Macros in another PowerPoint document Problems Running Macros Using Macros across PowerPoint documents Attaching/copying Macros in another PowerPoint Doc Editing Macros Signing ...

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SAS Macro Language - California State University, East Bay

Is often the easiest way to debug macros. %PUT can display special variables such as: User Defined Macro Variables Macro variables defined by macro programmers are called user-defined macro variables. Creating a Macro variable: %LET is ...

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Macro Viruses - University of Central Florida

Macro Viruses By Justin Reschke COT 4810 Overview Macro Virus General Info Famous Macro Viruses Methods of Detection and Removal Conclusion References What Are Macros?

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QI Macros for Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement by Jay Arthur

The QI Macros For Excel Lean Six Sigma SPC Software by Jay Arthur The QI Macros draw 1, 2, and 3 sigma lines to enable you to analyze any unstable conditions.

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SAS Formats and SAS Macro Language

And now for something completely different… Macros. Early in the class I told you to download my keyboard macros. Those auto-complete SAS codes as you type into the editor.

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Creating Macros - University of North Carolina Wilmington

Creating Macros Advanced SAS Macros A macro is a module of SAS code which can be called elsewhere in SAS programs. Defined by the wrappers %macro and %mend May contain a variety of SAS code types Global statements Procedures and data steps Macro language Macro must be named following standard ...

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Week 10 - Excel - San Jose State University

Lecture 12: Spreadsheets for Engineering Applications - part 2 BJ Furman 10NOV2012 Guesses: m = 0.5 and b = 0 See the example spreadsheet * * The Plan for Today Solver Review Non-linear regression analysis Macros and VBA programming Learning Objectives Use Solver to solve mathematical equations ...

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The Drag & Drop Macro - H tends to zero

Go to Tools menu Click Macro > Security… Select Medium > OK Close this file and reopen, click Enable Macros when prompted Quit Create your own PowerPoint file with Drag & Drop: Make a copy of this PowerPoint file Open the copy and delete all slides Create a new slide with an object, for ...

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Access Macros - San Francisco State University

Access Macros ISYS 562 Why Use Macro? In Microsoft Access, you can accomplish many tasks by using macros. Macros are an easy way to take care of simple details such as opening and closing forms and running reports because there's little syntax to remember.

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Drag&Drop Macro: Easter Eggs - Joe Dale

How to make PowerPoint behave like an Interactive Whiteboard. ... Click Trust Center and Trust Center Settings Click Macro Settings and select the radio button next to Disable all macros with notification.

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Macro Express - Rioghail

Shared macros are basic templates Can be personalized once downloaded May need alterations Font size Left vs right mouse Computer speed Closing Tips and Recommendations Many macros have similar functionality, so borrow concepts / commands from existing macros.

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SAS Macros are the Cure for Quality Control Pains

SAS Macros are the Cure for Quality Control Pains Gary McQuown Data and Analytic Solutions Rants and Raves of a SAS Programmer Purpose I. Quality Control II.

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Using Macros/VBA Project Modules and Creating Add-Ins on the ...

Macros/VBA Project Modules and Creating Add-Ins on the Toolbar. Using PowerPoint 2010. By Linda Carrillo, SPSSOD Technical Liaison. 09/26/12. Begin Trans –

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Access Tutorial 10

Access Tutorial 10 Automating Tasks with Macros New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Access 2007 * Objectives Design a switchboard and dialog box for a graphical user interface Run and add actions to macros Single step a macro Create a macro Add a macro to a macro group Add a command button to a ...

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Automating data validation using SAS macros

Automating survey data validation using SAS macros. Eric Bush, DVM, MS. Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health. Fort Collins, CO

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SAS Macros - School of Public Health

A Set of SAS Macros for Producing Statistical Reports Greg Grandits, M.S. Ken Svendsen, M.S. Division of Biostatistics University of Minnesota

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Using Excel Macros with Essbase - Hyperion User Group MN

Using Excel Macros with Essbase Brad Kanter Director of FP&A at Gander Mountain January 23, 2009 Agenda What’s the Situation at Gander Mountain?

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Math macros for Powerpoint - TexPoint - A Latex Add-In for ...

Title: Math macros for Powerpoint Author: George Necula Last modified by: George Necula Created Date: 1/1/1601 12:00:00 AM Document presentation format

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Various Power Gating techniques to reduce power dissipation ...

Title: Various Power Gating techniques to reduce power dissipation in various macros of microprocessors Author: Desktop Systems Technology Last modified by

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Autocall and Stored Compiled Macro Facility

SAS® Macros: Top-Five Questions (and Answers!) Kim Wilson –Technical Support Analyst SAS Institute Inc. Q: Can you use SAS functions within the macro facility?

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SAS® Macro Design Patterns - GASUG - Greater Atlanta SAS ...

SAS® Macro Design Patterns Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. Software Developer, MarkTab Consulting Associate Faculty, University of Phoenix Atlanta, GA Introduction Experienced SAS programmers use macros regularly The Macro Facility has two components The macro processor (engine or mechanism) The macro ...

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Macros in Microsoft Access

Macros in Microsoft Access Mr Hicks Lesson Objectives To understand what a macro is. To create a macro in Microsoft Access (teacher demonstration) To create a macro to print a report (student task) To understand how you can use Macros as a customer interface for your projects What is a macro?

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Using macros with Vision -

Using macros with Vision Brad Cheek Plan What are macros? Why are they useful? What software do I need? Pitfalls and problems Using macros in practice Principles Designing a macro Demonstration of my macro system What are macros?

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Multimedia Macros for Portable Optimized Programs

Multimedia Macros for Portable Optimized Programs Juan Carlos Rojas Miriam Leeser Northeastern University Boston, MA Programming Multimedia Architectures Many different Multimedia Architectures TriMedia®, AltiVecTM, MMXTM, SSE, SSE2 Different complex parallel instructions Different register ...

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Stack, Procedures and Macros - Advanced Microcomputer Systems

Stack and Subroutines Outline Stack organization PUSH and POP instructions Calling procedures Macros Programming guidelines The stack Space used as temporary storage during the execution of the program Purpose: saving the return address when calling procedures saving the contents of registers ...

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Excel Tutorial 12

... click the Macros button Click the macro name in the Macro name box, if necessary, and then click the Edit button New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Excel 2007 * Working with the Visual Basic Editor A project is a collection of macros, worksheets, data-entry forms, ...

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Scion Macros

Scion Macros How to make macros for Scion The Fast and Easy Guide What is a Macro? A macro is a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically.

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A Stored Macro Pack the beginnings - Systems Seminar Consultants

Open path to stored macros Make macro calls as needed Open path to stored macros Make macro calls as needed Open path to stored macros Make macro calls as needed Project 1 Project 2 Project n Existing directory with stored compiled macros To use any of the macros you have stored and compiled: ...

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SolidWorks API Demystified -

SolidWorks Express Newsletter - API Examples Download projects, sample programs and macros. SolidWorks Developer Kit. Not required Contains working sample programs. Presentations Local VAR / SolidWorks Reseller SolidWorks API Training classes Resources for learning more?

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UDF Macros and Definitions Used in Dynamic Meshes

Defining Your UDF Using DEFINE Macros. UDFs are defined using Fluent-supplied function declarations. These function declarations are implemented in the code as macros , and are referred to in this document as DEFINE (all capitals) macros.

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Chapter 5 - Strings, Procedures and Macros from ...

Title: Chapter 5 - Strings, Procedures and Macros from Microprocessors and Interfacing by Douglas Hall Author: cs Last modified by: cs Created Date

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A macro is a text shortcut How do I access the macro creator/expander in AsUType Either: ·Right click the running icon and choose "Shortcut Lists" command. ... You can also insert macros into any text box within AHLTA. The Usability, ...

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Macro Processors (MP) - Computer & Information Science @ IUPUI

Macro Processors (MP) Macro: A commonly used group of statements. Macro Processors (MP): Expands macros, i.e, each macro reference is replaced by its corresponding group of the statements

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Engineering Problem Solving Course

Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Jake Blanchard University of Wisconsin Spring 2010 VBA Macros Macros allow one to add significant power to Excel They are small programs that can be called from a spreadsheet You can create functions or subroutines If you want to get fancy, you can add a ...

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SAS Macros - PhilaSUG

SAS Macros ® 101. How I learned to stop worrying and love macros. Alex Chaplin. BCS USA Section

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Macro Variables Make Life Easier: Applications with SAS® to ...

Repetitive efforts Macros and macro variables simplify task Minimize error potential too! Abstract Use macro variables to Simplify repetitive actions Know what you’re pulling Verify report before printing Guide Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) ...

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Lisp Files, Arrays, and Macros

Lisp Files, Arrays, and Macros CIS 479/579 Bruce R. Maxim UM-Dearborn

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APPEND, EXECUTE and macro - Lex Jansen

* Rewriting macros, CALL EXECUTE Calling macros from CALL EXECUTE avoiding conditional macro code, like rewritten macro %_Append_; without caring for conditional macro code, delaying all macro code until after the data step ends, ...

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Microsoft Word 2013 - Warren Hills Regional School District

Lesson Objectives. customize the Quick Access Toolbar or the Ribbon. create and edit building blocks . use the Building Blocks Organizer. create, edit and manage macros

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