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Empty and Padded Sentences - Fort Bend ISD

Empty and Padded Sentences Empty Sentences -Empty sentences repeat the same idea -Make statements without supporting them A freight train is a train that carries freight.


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Wordy Sentences - Houston Community College System

Wordy Sentences McGraw Hill Handbook Chapter 38 Wordy Sentences Wordiness—using more words than one needs to express one’s ideas—is an issue even for experienced writers.


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Four Kinds of Sentences - Melody Shaw

The empty glass is the complete subject. The complete predicate includes all the words that tell what the subject of the sentence is or does. ... Four Kinds of Sentences Author: Melody Shaw Last modified by: Melody Shaw Created Date: 8/24/2005 4:20:05 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show


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Improving Empty Sentences Add a reason or fact to the following sentence. Train travel is better than car travel. 1. Practice and Apply Eliminate unnecessary words from the following sentences.


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Eliminate Empty Words and Phrases-1 - Welcome to MHHE

Eliminate Empty Words and Phrases-1 Vague terms and nouns (such as to be verbs, involve, center around, aspect, element, factor, field, kind, nature) can lead to wordy sentences.


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The Sentence

As you know, sentences are composed of a subject and a predicate. Subject: a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that tells what the sentence is about. ... They were very disappointed when they left Anchorage empty-handed. Varying sentence structure. Now, ...


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The 3 keys to amping up your writing: Avoid abstraction Use passive voice with caution No empty pronouns! Maintain focus and flow Craft topic sentences


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The 3 keys to reader-centered writing: MAP Maintain focus and flow Craft topic sentences Use transitions as trail markers Maintain parallelism Avoid abstraction


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Lesson 3 Writing Strong Sentences Revising

Writing Strong Sentences Revising Objectives: To identify and correct wordiness To identify and combine choppy; rambling sentences To identify and correct tired images 1. Eliminating Wordiness Empty Expressions: 2. Combining Sentences Combine short, choppy sentences into longer ones 3.


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“To Be or Not to Be:” an Exploration of the Arabic ‘to ...

“To Be or Not to Be:” the Arabic ‘to be’ Verb in Equational Sentences By Josh Fowler Introduction Semantically Empty Zero Copula Methodology (Preliminary) Analysis Conclusion Future Work The book is big.


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Empty sentences do not belong! Nathaniel Hawthorne is a good author. He writes about immoral, puritan women Adultery was shameful. The Scarlet Letter is a good book that deals with many issues relevant to literature. YUCK!


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What are Sentences? - teacher web

Do you own any Webkins? What time do we go to lunch? How old are you? When is your birthday? Imperative Sentences Gives a COMMAND or makes a REQUEST Ends with a period Examples of Imperative ... Imperative B. Exclamatory C. Declarative D. Interrogative Question 19 Empty this jug of spoiled ...


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Writing Concisely - Tufts University

Development & Organization: Empty Phrases. One of the easiest strategies to improve clarity while writing concisely is to replace “empty” phrases with single words.


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Loose , and Periodic Sentences - Greenville County School ...

Loose and Periodic Sentences AP Language and Composition The many short sentences in the above passage vividly describe the man’s rapid movements and make the reader feel the tension the man was experiencing at the moment.


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PSY 369: Psycholinguistics - Illinois State University

One, saw … then, cutting wood … working … Cookie jar … fall over … chair … water … empty … ov … ov … (Examiner ... “bread”-“cake” Grammatical inflections Normal prosody Syntactical but empty sentences Cannot repeat words or sentences Unable to understand what ...


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Writing an analytical essay - Wikispaces

Empty sentences have no other purpose than to take up space. PowerPoint Presentation Using our thesis statement from earlier, let’s write an introduction.


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Introductions - Livaudais English Classroom | English ...

Introductions should contain five significant sentences including your thesis statement. Insignificant or empty sentences just to use up space should be avoided.


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Language Disorders - University of Florida

Language Disorders Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability ... “bread”-“cake” Syntactical but empty sentences Cannot repeat words or sentences Unable to understand what they read or hear Usually no partial paralysis Wernicke-Geschwind Model 1.


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Writing for Emphasis - Home - Department of Civil ...

Pronoun Reference Pronoun Reference Empty Pronouns It was subsequently confirmed by NOEX USA that the wedge flowmeter had a bias of approximately ... longer sentences may produce a shorter passage. Combining Sentences Noun Strings Sometimes, you have to unstuff a sentence! Noun ...


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Fragments, Comma Splices, and Fused Sentences

Recognize fused sentences and comma splices. Andre sank a perfect basket from half court unfortunately the coach’s back was turned. ... While the family stared at their empty plates. dinner; Elizabeth seasonings, and glasses while No change is necessary.


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Writing Emphatic Sentences - Luxemburg-Casco Primary School

Writing Emphatic Sentences. Conveying Emphasis Through Sentence Structure. Cumulative Sentences. Cumulative Sentences begin with an independent clause, followed by words, phrases, or clauses that expand/develop it.


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Guide to Good Sentences - St. Cloud State University

Guide to Good Sentences Part I Analytical and Rhetorical Writing ... The inkpot, into which the writer dipped her quill, was empty. Put Subject & Predicate Closer Together John, to rapidly solve the equations, designed a macro. Veronica, because she loves flying, is majoring in aviation science.


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Writing an analytical essay - Ms. Phillips' English 2011-2012 ...

All sentences should have weight and meaning. Empty sentences have no other purpose than to take up space. Slide 18 Using our thesis statement from earlier, let’s write an introduction.


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Word Knowledge

Word Knowledge The Empty Pot Word Knowledge emperor burst perfume person sprout soil flower boy worried issued tended transferred I’ve didn’t won’t you’re bloom choose news grew Bigger happiest higher slowest Word Knowledge Sentences She wrapped ...


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PSY 369: Psycholinguistics

... words or sentences Unable to understand what they read or hear Usually no partial paralysis Fluent but “empty” speech But contains many paraphasias “girl”-“curl”, “bread”-“cake” Grammatical inflections Normal prosody Syntactical but empty sentences [Examiner ...


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Improving Sentence Concision and Coherence

Cut the Clutter 1. Avoid empty sentence openers. Avoid expletives--There is, There are, and There were--as sentence openers when There adds nothing to the meaning of a sentence: Wordy: ... Circle all the expletives at the beginning of your sentences. Revise to eliminate the expletives. 2.


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VERBS - Ms. Kemp's Reading Class

One of the boxes was completely empty. 4. The old barn smelled musty. 5. Helena is our new president. 6. The patient was a man with great courage. 7. ... Identify the verb phrase in the following sentences. • Explorers have been faced with many obstacles.


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... oV = Vn is the set of all sentences with n symbols over V V+=VUV2UV3…. is the set of all non-empty sentences over V V* is the closure of V Language is an arbitrary subset L of V* Example: V={0,1}, then L1 = {001, 110, 111, 0, null} ...


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Cracking Open Sentences - Wikispaces

Cracking Open Sentences Some sentences are boring and tired. It was a nice day. I had fun. Snow is nice. It was pretty. Let’s Crack one Open!


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Chapter 5 Preparing to Write Business Messages

... make subcluster circles around each classification. Creating Effective Sentences ... Reduce to because. Reduce to because. Purge empty words. As ... Familiar Language Adapting to Legal Responsibilities Chapter 6 Organizing and Writing Business Messages Formal Research ...


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Grammar Issues for ESL Writers - Purdue University

Combining sentences may also reduce word count, which as noted above is usually good for clear technical writing. Click mouse to advance slide. ... Nominalizations Sometimes Increase Empty Words Verbs into nouns: ...


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Writing Anxiety

Cindy Harper Covington [email protected]


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Verbs - Bonduel High School

DIVIDING WORDS Correct Incorrect mid-dle Afar Henry empty-hand-ed midd-le a-far Hen-ry emp-ty-handed Decide ... Tom wondered where he could find books Tome wondered where he could find books. Commas with Compound Sentences A compound sentence consists of two or more independent ...


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Sentence Structure

Writing– Concise Sentences. Eliminate unnecessary sentence openings. It is my opinion that fast-food restaurants should post nutritional information for each menu item.


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Numeracy Starters - Primary Resources

Numeracy Starters Who am I? Show your working. ... Write one hundred and thirty one in figures Look at this number pattern 53 43 33 23 Write the next number in the empty box. ... complete the following number sentences.


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3 keys to successful writing: MAP

Craft topic sentences Use transitions Provide trail markers Maintain parallelism Avoid abstraction No empty pronouns! Use passive voice with caution


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Making Use of Infinitives - Spearfish School District ...

We have spent many frames on reducing sentences to subordinate word groups—to clauses and various kinds of phrases. Now we shall practice other types of reduction. Ann. ... because I thought it was empty. I threw it away the box, _____ it was empty.


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Empty words & expressions

Back-end review summary


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Meaning and Language

Meaning and Language Part 1


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Avoiding Run-on Sentences, Comma Splices, and Fragments

Did you catch on? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Sentence Structure Run-on Sentences Comma Splices Sentence Fragments Misplaced Modifiers Parallelism Avoiding Run ... Run-ons and Comma Splices 4. Our neighbors must really love pizza a stack of empty cardboard pizza boxes sits by their ...


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What is Good Writing? - University of Hawaii

Sadly, they left empty-handed. Example: The Winslow family visited Canada and Alaska last summer to find some native American art. ... Never vary the length of your sentences. One short sentence after another makes your writing sound choppy and childish.


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Reviewing Basic Sentence Patterns

Expressing the Exact Relationship Lesson 13 Joseph C. Blumenthal


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ESSAY BASICS - Luzerne County Community College

CONCLUSION: Clincher Sentences: Avoid the empty cliché. Wrap it all up. *Relate to your point* For example, if you wrote a process paper on making a PB&J sandwich, end by saying that you are now hungry for one.


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Writing Personal Statements for Applications

Writing Personal Statements for Applications A presentation by The Graduate Writing Center of the The Center for Excellence in Writing


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Phrases and Clauses - Bowling Green High School

Phrases and Clauses (Expanding simple sentences into complex sentences). Phrases – a group of words that lacks a subject, ... so that, provided that, as if. Adverb Clauses continued Example: Because the house had been empty for so long, the lawn and garden were choked with weeds.


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PowerPoint Presentation

Too many sentences with the same structure and length can grow ... disappointed to learn that wall hangings, which they had especially wanted, were difficult to find. Sadly, they left empty-handed ... Even though he disliked them, Egbert ate the eggs. The underwater bingo game ended ...


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SAT 6: Improving sentences and paragraphs

SAT 6: IMPROVING SENTENCES AND PARAGRAPHS IMPROVING SENTENCES AND PARAGRAPHS Recognize and write clear, effective, ... using unnecessary words and phrases OR adding empty expressions to a sentence. Empty Expressions: are redundant ...


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Biological rhythms, sleep and dreaming - UCSD Cognitive Science

... “bread”-“cake” Syntactical but empty sentences Cannot repeat words or sentences Usually no partial paralysis Wernicke-Geschwind Model 1. Repeating a spoken word Arcuate fasciculus is the bridge from the Wernicke’s area to the Broca’s area ...


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Jeopardy - pc|mac

Jeopardy Style Adjective/ Adverb Clauses Simple & Compound Sentences Independent & Subordinate Clauses Phrase v. Clauses CX /CC Sentences Q $100 Q $100 Q $100 ... The shirt that I wanted to purchase was sold out, so I left the store empty-handed.


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Language and Brain - sdu.edu.cn

Language and Brain By Soner TARI ... “bread”-“cake” Syntactical but empty sentences Cannot repeat words or sentences Unable to understand what they read or hear Usually no partial paralysis Wernicke-Geschwind Model 1.


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