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Elbow/Forearm Trauma - University of Wisconsin–Madison

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Elbow/Forearm Trauma - University of Wisconsin–Madison

Anatomy. 3D Dislocations. Radial Head Fractures. Radial Head. Forearm. Patterns. Children Examining Elbow Radiographs. schreibman.info


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Pediatric Elbow Radiology - Calgary Em

Pediatric Elbow Radiology Heather Patterson PGY-4 July 3, 2008 * Lateral condylar fracture * Radial head fracture pre and post reduction * Type 3 supracondylar fracture.


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Elbow, forearm and wrist - Yale University

elbow, forearm and wrist this is an axial image above the level of the elbow joint, medial is the bottom of the image, lateral is the top of the image, vental (anterior) is to the right and dorsal (posterior) is to the left first, lets try and identify some of the major muscle we are looking at.


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Radial Head Subluxation and Complications - Radiology

Radial Head Subluxation and Associated Complications Aimee Disharoon December 14, 2005 Radial Head Subluxation AKA “Nursemaids’ Elbow” Common injury that is seen most often in children between the ages of 1-6 years Occurs when longitudinal traction is placed on the hand while the elbow is ...


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As The ELBOW Turns - University of California, Los Angeles

As the ELBOW Bends MI Zucker, MD A dr Z lecture On Common Injuries of the Elbow and Forearm of ADULTS and KIDS ANATOMY: Adult AP View ANATOMY: Adult Lateral View ANATOMY: Kid AP View ANATOMY: Kid Lateral View ANATOMY: Kid Special Lines Anterior Humerus Line Radius ...


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Normal X-Ray Anatomy - thebetterdc

Normal X-Ray Anatomy Axial and Appendicular Skeleton William Ursprung, DC Lesson Objectives Identify anatomical structures on plain film radiographs Identify the views commonly used to radiograph the skeletal system Utilize a basic search pattern to screen plain film radiographs for pathology ...


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Elbow Fractures in Children - Orthopaedic Trauma Association

... radiographic clues to obscure fractures of the elbow in children. Radiology ... Epicondyle Fracture Elbow dislocation with Medial Epicondyle Avulsion Treated ... Elbow Fractures Radiograph Anatomy/Landmarks Elbow Fractures Radiograph Anatomy/Landmarks Elbow Fractures ...


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Elbow Injuries - American Society of Radiologic Technologists ...

This article explains the functional anatomy of the elbow joint and discusses the most common elbow disorders and injuries. It also presents the most common diagnostic imaging choices, along with typical acquisition methods. Elbow.


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Elbow Trauma - Logan Class of December 2013

Complex anatomy requires 4 views ... (2005) Yochum and Rowe’s Essentials of Skeletal Radiology, Third Edition ... Arial Calibri Office Theme Microsoft Word Document Elbow Trauma Elbow Trauma Normal Elbow Anatomy Normal Alignment Signs of Fracture Fat Pad Sign Distal humerus ...


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Olecranon fracture. - Weebly

Anatomy of elbow joint Fig : Ligaments of elbow joint : Fig : lateral view Nerve and arteries around elbow joint Fig : Olecranon fracture. ... Pain Swelling Inability to extend the elbow Radiology : X - ray AP and lateral views Management. Non operative for non displaced fractures.


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RADIOLOGY ANATOMY OF UPPER LIMB. SHOULDER. X-RAY. Greater teberosity. acromion. scapula. coracoid. Lesser teberosity. glenoid. Clavicale. Y view. acromion. scapula. ... ELBOW JOINT . RADIAL ARTERY. ULNAR ARTERY. INTEROSSEOUS. ARTERY. RT. UPPER EXTREMITY ANGIOGRAM. RT. BRACHIAL ARTERY. RADIAL ARTERY.


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Traumatic Injuries of the Sholder and Elbow

... Radiology eval Standard AP shoulder views ... ache in radial side of wrist Scaphoid Fracture: Anatomy Blood supplied from distal ... Blow to top of shoulder May result from fall onto outstretched arm or elbow Focal tenderness and pain with shoulder motion Cross-chest adduction ...


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Upper Limb Anatomy

Upper Limb Anatomy. Gerald R. Aben, MD, FACR. Associate Professor Radiology. College of Osteopathic Medicine. 6/5/2012. DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLOGY. On this next review of images we will be reviewing anatomic objectives related to the upper limb anatomy


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The Musculoskeletal System



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Radiographic Positioning - University of Prince Edward Island

Dorsal recumbency Use trough to aid in positioning The pelvic limbs are extended and ... An atlas of interpretive radiographic anatomy of the dog ... Blackwell Sciences Ltd. Lateral recumbency Affected side down Place the elbow in a neutral lateral position Center the x-ray beam over the ...


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Shoulder & Elbow Injuries in the Athlete - Wikispaces

Shoulder & Elbow Injuries in the Athlete ... (closest answer) Dugas JR, Campbell DA, Warren RF, Robie BH, Millett PJ. Anatomy and dimensions of rotator cuff insertions. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2002 Sep-Oct;11(5):498-503. ... how should the radiology technician direct the x-ray beam?


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Physical Examination of the Upper Extremity

Goals Review some of that anatomy from medical school Discuss ... elbow flexion Distinguishes impingement from tendonitis Normal glenohumeral ROM Normal strength Radiology for impingement X-rays usually not needed Reasonable to ... Physical Examination of the Upper Extremity Author: Lisa ...


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Musculoskeletal Radiology Part I - Download Center

Musculoskeletal Radiology Nizar A ... such as the elbow, wrist ... * Post placement of two protective coils A B C A B C D E F G H I J K L M Radiologic Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System Lower limb Part one Imaging Techniques in Orthopaedics Conventional Radiography Fluoroscopy ...


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Little League Elbow - Slide 1 - Uniformed Services University ...

... nor any wrist/hand pathology noted. Are radiology studies ... w/o pain Easy throwing Assess pitching mechanics with professional Non-pitching position Return to pitching 4-8 weeks Anatomy Review Little Leaguer’s Elbow Differential Diagnosis Anterior Compartment Anterior ...


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Salter Harris Fracture Classification - School of Medicine ...

... Anatomy Long bones—longer in one dimension than other bones and consist of a ... Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology (http://chorus.rad.mcw.edu ... prognosis for growth is poor. This injury occurs most commonly at the end of the humerus (the upper arm bone) near the elbow. Includes ...


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Slide 1

The medical specialty that studies the anatomy and physiology of the skeletal and muscular systems and uses diagnostic tests, medical and surgical procedures, and drugs to treat skeletal and muscular diseases. Figure 8-1 The skeletal system.


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Traumatic Injuries of the Sholder and Elbow

Traumatic Injuries of the Upper Extremity Dr. Bryon Hargrove, DC Spring 2013 CAPS Foundations of Medicine


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Shoulder Pain - Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association - VOMA

... Diabetics Decrease range of motion in all planes Pain with any motion 40-50 age group Radiology for adhesive capsulitis X-rays have limited use ... Goat’s Beard on X-ray Treatment ... Review of shoulder anatomy Bones Scapula Clavicle Humeral head Posterior rib ...


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Chapter 4: Musculoskeletal System

Musculoskeletal System ... 124 Muscles Animation Slide 138 Joint Movement Animation Slide 141 Humerus Adduction/Abduction Animation Slide 143 Elbow Flexion ... System Combining Forms Skeletal System Combining Forms Skeletal System Combining Forms Skeletal System Suffixes Anatomy and ...


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Injuries to the shoulder and upper extremities - Toggenburg ...

... * * * * Discussion: - surface of scapoid is largely covered by ... Supracondylar Fractures Diagnosis Radiology AP view Baumann’s ... Emergency Care Slide 52 Radial Anatomy Ulnar Anatomy Elbow Joint Articulation Elbow Injuries MOI Elbow dislocation Diagnosis Elbow ...


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Common Pediatric Fractures - Uniformed Services University of ...

INTRODUCTION ANATOMY OF THE GROWING BONE INJURY PATTERN OF BONE PHYSEAL INJURIES SPECIFIC SITES DISTAL RADIUS ELBOW CLAVICLE TIBIA CHILD ... fibula Child Abuse Concerns Unexplained fractures in different stages of healing as shown on radiology Femoral fracture in child < 1 year Scapular ...


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Pediatric Radiology - University of Virginia School of Medicine

Pediatric Radiology for Medical Students Anatomy So, you think that kids are just “tiny adults”? ... Salter-Harris Fracture Fractures The most commonly encountered locations for pediatric fractures include the wrist and elbow With regards to the wrist, ...


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Fractures hand to elbow - University of Nottingham

Anatomy and physiology Abnormal and normal appearances . ... Fractures hand to elbow Author: Academic Radiology Last modified by: steve.delay Created Date: 6/28/2003 10:34:45 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Company: University of Nottingham


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(Download) - Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic ...

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Friday, 27 July 2012 Radial head subluxation (“pulled or nursemaid’s elbow”) traction entrapment of annular lig.


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PowerPoint Presentation

Elbow injuries Dr. Bryon Hargrove CAPS FOM I Fall 2012 * Figure 8-172 Normal variation and development of the elbow in children. A, On an anteroposterior view of the left elbow, the medial epicondyle is visualized, but the lateral is not.


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Axial anatomy at distal tibia - bonepit.com

Soft Tissue Calcification and Ossification ... Eagle syn. Ossification Traumatic Burns Commonly elbow Occurs distal to burn Ossification Traumatic Paraplegia Approx. 40% Usually in paralyzed parts Muscles, ... Axial anatomy at distal tibia Author: Tudor Hughes Last modified by: Tudor Hughes


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Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Tuesday, 5 August 2014 Radial head subluxation (“pulled or nursemaid’s elbow”) traction entrapment of annular lig.


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Normal MR Imaging Anatomy of the Elbow. MR Imaging of the Rotator Cuff Interval. Magnetic resonance imaging of the hip. 2005-2006 Academic Year Publications Pellegrini-Stieda disease: ... Budapest) Amil Research Radiology projects: ...


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Olecranon Fractures

Olecranon fractures Goran Milovic MRT North Shore Hospital (WDHB) * * I’ll be talking about olecranon fractures today * Approximately 10% of fractures about the adult elbow, consist of fractures of the olecranon process of the ulna.


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INJURIES AROUND THE SHOULDER ... fall on the outstretched hand Clinical feature Pain Swelling Difficulty in raising the arm up Supports the affected shoulder by holding the elbow with unaffected ... Radiology AP view with 15 degree cephalic tilt to prevent overlap of the spine of ...


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X-Ray Rounds - Calgary Em

... Evidence suggests below elbow cast with neutral wrist ... indices of distal radius fracture reduction predict outcomes in older adults receiving conservative treatment?Clinical Radiology. 62(1):65-72, 2007 ... ARE THEY PRESENT? Normal distal Radial anatomy should obey the 11-22 ...


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Acute Upper extremity injuries - Uniformed Services ...

Acute Upper Extremity Injuries. CPT William Cooper D.O. ... AC joint sprains. Shoulder dislocations. Clavicular fractures. Biceps Rupture. Radial head fractures. Elbow Dislocation. Skier’s thumb. Perilunate injuries. Scaphoid fractures. TFCC tears. Jersey Finger. ... Radiology eval. Standard ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Procedures Bone scintigraphy X-ray Medical and Surgical Procedures Medical Procedures Cast Closed ... at its distal end, joins with both the radius and the ulna to form the elbow joint Anatomy of the Skeletal System (cont’d) Radius One of the two ...


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Slide 1

Radiology: Why, When and What to Order Diana Heiman, MD University of Connecticut Overview L-Spine X-Ray Basics All with “significant” trauma should have plain films done Quality of plain films altered by: Positioning – often limited with injury/pain Habitus Atypical anatomy/biomechanics ...


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Bone Response to Disease VM855 Orthopedics Lecture 1

Small Animal Orthopedic Radiology ... condyle but less common Joint effusion and osteoarthrosis * * Stifle Osteochondrosis Stifle Osteochondrosis Normal anatomy The extensor fossa ... * Fragmented Medial Coronoid Process Occurrence Most common developmental abnormality of the elbow ...


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Basic Intravenous Therapy - Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Vein Anatomy and Physiology Veins are unlike ... BEWARE of Brachial Artery/Nerve Purposes of IV Therapy To provide parenteral nutrition To provide avenue for dialysis/apheresis To transfuse blood products To provide avenue for hemodynamic monitoring To provide ... VUMC Radiology Department Other ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... Anesthesia Chapter 15 - Radiology * * * * * * Chapter 12 – Endocrine and Nervous Systems ... back of CPT® Book * Tips for Taking an AAPC Certification ... Female Genital System Surgery Arranged by anatomy “outside to inside” Terms used to describe external female genitalia ...


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RESCUE ME Pediatric Fractures and Pain Control

Anatomy Review. Diaphysis. Metaphysis. Physis (growth plate) Epiphysis. ... Marked pain and swelling of the elbow. Potential for vascular and nerve compromise. ... Unexplained fractures in different stages of healing as shown on radiology.


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Shoulder Trauma - Logan Class of December 2013

Shoulder Trauma Scapulothoracic Joint Dislocation AKA locked scapula Rare Severe trauma or post-thoracoplasty References Yochum, T.R. (2005) Yochum and Rowe’s Essentials of Skeletal Radiology, Third Edition.


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PowerPoint Presentation

Kinesiology & Body Mechanics ... joint a uniaxial articulation articular surfaces allow motion in only one plane Ex. Elbow, knee ... / X-rays with and without labels of bony landmarks Web Sites Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton www.szote.u-szeged.hu/Radiology/Anatomy/skeleton.htm X-rays with ...


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Upper GI

Upper GI Central Ray Direct CR ... The goal of patient preparation for an upper GI series is for the patient to arrive in the radiology department with a completely ... Place right arm down and left arm flexed at elbow and up by the patient's head. Flex left knee for support ...


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Test 4 Review - Palmer College of Chiropractic

How do you evaluate for it? Expected resolution? Treatment? Nursemaid’s Elbow What is it? How ... Seizures 75% of new cases develop during childhood and adolescence Rett syndrome Girls 6-18 months Hands Pediatric Radiology Normal Anatomy Normal variants Pseudospread Psuedosubluxation ADI ...


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Sports Medicine Review

Anatomy. Distal Biceps Rupture. Mechanism of Injury. Usually during a specific traumatic event. Unexpected extension force applied to flexed elbow. Eccentric contraction. Tearing sensation in antecubitalfossa. Distal Biceps Rupture. Physical Exam.


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Slide 1

UPPER LIMB RADIOGRAPHY NOTES Compilation and design: Abdelmoniem Musa Mohammad, © 2004 A Musa COURSE 3


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Common Pediatric Fractures - BC Children's and Women's Hospital

Only one side of bone breaks Childrens bones are more pliable they bend INTRODUCTION Incidence Anatomy of the Growing Bone Injury Patterns ... Essentials of Radiology ... Slide 14 Humerus Fracture ELBOW ELBOW FRACTURE EXAMINATION Radius/Ulna Fracture Distal Radius ...


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