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How Human Activities affect the Environment

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How Human Activities affect the Environment

... released into the atmosphere can have harmful effects. Smog Depletion of the ozone layer Creation of acid rain Some causes of air ... there is no other habitat available Pollution Table of Contents Science Process Skills Parts of a Cell Classifying Animals Ecosystems Food Chains/Webs ...


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Air Pollution, Climate Disruption, and Ozone Depletion

... Climate Disruption, and Ozone Depletion ... Measurements show considerable seasonal depletion (thinning) of ozone concentrations in the stratosphere above Antarctica and the Arctic and a lower overall ozone thinning everywhere except ... other animals, and some primary producers (mostly ...


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Ozone Depletion - Livingston Public Schools

Effects of ozone thinning on animals and plants. ... CFCs and a list of other compounds are known to degrade the layer of ozone in the stratosphere that shields life from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. ... What are some effects on people from ozone depletion?


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Ozone Depletion - Wikispaces

... Describe the role of ozone in the absorption of UV radiation. ... Seasonal depletion of ozone layer above Arctic & Antarctic, ... Depletion is serious long term threat to (1) humans, (2) other animals, (3) sun driven producers (plants) supporting food webs. CFC’s (Freons)


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The Ozone Shield

The Ozone Shield The ozone layer is an area in the stratosphere ... Negative Effects of Ozone Depletion Protecting the Ozone Layer Montreal Protocol ... Reduced Populations Amphibians Skin cancers Premature aging of skin Cataracts Weakened immune system Humans & Land Animals * * ...


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Resources & Pollution - TypePad

... The temperature of the earth will rise. Potential Problems: Some animals/plants will become extinct because they ... so low that extinction is possible Causes and Effects of Pollution on the Biosphere Air pollution Acid precipitation Ozone depletion The greenhouse effect Water ...


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Ozone Depletion - Virginia K. Fox

Ozone Depletion Group 4 How Do We ... data shows a 50% decrease The destruction of ozone over the South Pole covers an ... NO + O3 NO2 + O2 Effects of Ozone Depletion Increases cases of skin cancer and sunburn Damages to animals and plants Genetic mutations Changes in the world’s climate ...


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Human Impact On Environment - Wikispaces

... the greenhouse effect, and "holes" in the ozone layer are ... Ozone depletion Formation of O3 in the Atmosphere O2 + UV ... Chlorinated compounds have other undesirable side effects and exhibit hormone like activities in the bodies of animals Soil Erosion and Desertification Soil ...


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Ozone & Global Warming

Ozone & Global Warming What’s the difference??? ...


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Ozone Depletion - Mrs. DeNicola's Science Corner

Ozone Depletion Caroline Leahy ... As a result of the UV rays glaciers are melting and animals like polar bears are ... use bubble wrap. These things might seem insignificant, but if many people do this then ozone depletion will decrease. How it Effects the Carbon Cycle CFC is made ...


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Global Warming and Ozone Depletion - by Yinka, Nikki, and Lauren

... and plant life. The ozone layer is being destroyed by certain industrial chemicals including ozone depleting ... Ozone depletion occurs in the stratosphere It happens when the natural ... radiation causes skin cancer, cataracts and immune suppression in both animals ...


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Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming - La Cañada Unified ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Two Atmosphere Layers Stratosphere is above Troposphere Ozone Layer blocks UV radiation Troposphere is ... irritant * Harmful effects of UV ... believed to be responsible for ozone depletion Effective January 1 ...


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Pollution - Wikispaces

OBJECTIVES Grade D-C Explain the effects of increasing amounts of pollution Explain that there are indicator species ... global warming, ozone layer depletion, acid rain. Explain how these processes work – how do these happen? Link the ... Which sample had the largest variety of animals?


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Air Pollution, Climate Disruption, and Ozone Depletion

We can reverse stratospheric ozone depletion The problem of ozone depletion has been tackled quite ... Toxic metals can accumulate in the tissues of fish which are eaten by people and other animals. 45 U.S. states have issued warnings telling people to avoid eating fish caught from waters ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... can cause damage to plants Effects on animals Ozone, ... CFCs and the Depletion of Ozone Layer Increase in average world temperatures as a result of increased atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse Gases: ...


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Chemicals That Cause Ozone Depletion The Ozone Hole In ... The Ozone Hole Effects of Ozone Thinning on Humans As the amount of ozone in the stratosphere ... Effects of Ozone Thinning on Animals and Plants High levels of UV light can kill single-celled organisms called phytoplankton that live ...


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Ozone Depletion - CNEC Christian College

Seriousness of ozone depletion: ... the planet Impacts on human health Skin Cancer Cataracts and Other Eye Damages Suppression of Immunity Impacts on other animals Reduces plankton population Reduces penguin population Reduces the percentage of hatching of frog eggs What has been done? [1]


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Earth’s Atmosphere, Climate, Global Warming, Ozone ...

Earth’s Greenhouse Effect: Earth is heated when visible ... NO, NO2, etc. Response of plants (budding times, size, etc.) Response of animals (changes in range, timing of reproduction, etc ... Earth’s Atmosphere, Climate, Global Warming, Ozone Depletion, and Acid Precipitation Author: wcsd ...


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POLLUTION: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES By Zoe P-C, Lucy A, Guillaume K, Alon S, Bush R, and Brooke B


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Chapter 24: Air Pollution - A.P. Environmental Science ...

Chapter 24: Air Pollution Ozone Depletion and CFCs Hypothesis that ozone in the stratosphere is being depleted by CFCs First suggested in 1974 by Molina and Rowland.


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Climate Control and Ozone Depletion

Climate Control and Ozone Depletion Chapter 19


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Chapter 20: air pollution - More About Chippewa Valley Schools

... 1990 EPA regulation of emissions that contribute to global warming, ozone depletion and air pollution. View clip You ... UV 2 O3 Tropospheric ozone is harmful to plants, animals, ... speed up lung tissue aging. Environmental effects: Ozone can damage plants and trees ...


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The Atmosphere climate, climate change, and ozone depletion

climate, climate change, and ozone depletion ... releasing free chlorine atoms via CFCl2 + UV Cl + CFCl2 Chlorine acts as a catalyst to the break down of ozone. ... These reflect the different adaptations of plants, animals, and microbes that will be present. Humans and climate ...


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Chapter 13

The Ozone Hole Effects of Ozone Thinning on Humans Effects of Ozone Thinning of Animals and Plants Protecting the Ozone Layer Global warming What is global warming? ... What is the ozone hole? How does ozone depletion affect us?


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A tour of the ozone hole - Georgia Institute of Technology

A tour of the ozone hole Courtesy of the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Cambridge University and www.solcomhouse.com plus Claire Cosgrove and Peter Webster (EAS)


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The following are the effects of ozone depletion on the environment, include increase in surrounding temperature, change in wind directions ... Development activities must be properly managed to protect the plants and animals and to maintain a stablebalancedecosystem.measures that taken ...


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Nutrient Cycling and Human Impact - Tri-Valley Local Schools

And a few more questions.. 1. What is the function of ozone ... Most of the harmful UV radiation will penetrate the atmosphere. Effects of Ozone Depletion C ... Cause “Throw Away” Society Overuse of Pesticides Untreated Sewage Oil Consequences Clean Water Loss Animals Poisoned ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... Environment Biosphere Ecosystem model Atmosphere Atmospheric pollution Primary & secondary pollutants Acid rain Ozone depletion Green house effect Noise pollution Atmosphere Sea Abiotic Environment Biotic Environment ... Plants provides food for animals Dead plants & animals decomposes ...


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ozone depletion. air pollution. through the federal clean air act america has addressed several problems. ... ozone has a bad effect on agriculture. acid rain. acid rain is almost as damaging as ozone to living things. carbon monoxide. damages health, ...


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Humans and the Environment

Humans and the Environment Standard 4.8


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Ozone and the Ozone Hole - University of California, San Diego

... providing food for microscopic animals. They are then eaten by krill, which in turn sustain the Antarctic’s seals, ... This decrease in temperature will increase ozone depletion and the frequency of ozone holes. Conversely, ozone depletion is a radiative forcing of the climate system.


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Humans in the Biosphere

Humans in the Biosphere


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Polluted air affects: Humans Animals Vegetation Materials Effects from Air Pollution Global warming Ozone depletion (Ozone hole) ...


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... Oxides of nitrogen Sulphur dioxide Threats caused by air pollution Acid rain Depletion of ozone layer Global warming Acid rain Sulphur dioxide & oxides of nitrogen dissolve in rain water to form acid rain. ... It also kills plants & animals thus affecting food chains & ecosystems.


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Atmospheric Science and Air Pollution - Home | Santa Rosa ...

This lecture will help you understand: The Earth’s atmosphere. Weather, climate, and atmospheric conditions. Outdoor pollution and solutions. Stratospheric ozone depletion


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The following are the effects of ozone depletion on the environment, include increase in surrounding temperature, change in wind directions ... Development activities must be properly managed to protect the plants and animals and to maintain a stablebalanced ecosystem. measures that ...


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Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming - Welcome to Ferndale ...

... designed to protect the ozone layer phasing out production of number of substances believed to be responsible for ozone depletion ... Cataracts and sun burning Suppression of immune systems Adverse impact on crops and animals Reduction in the growth of ... Greenhouse Effect and ...


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Chapter 21: Climate Change - More About Chippewa Valley Schools

... October monthly means Ozone Depletion Effects of Ozone Depletion Natural Capital Degradation Human Health Worse sunburn More eye cataracts More skin cancers Immune system suppression Food and Forests ... (high tolerance) animals and insects Tree species would move toward ...


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The ozone hole - The Open Door Web Site : Home Page

... UV light is used to sterilise foods and medical equipment Some animals can see UV light Insects use it to guide them to nectar ... Reduced rates of photosynthesis Ozone in the atmosphere Ozone (O3) forms under the effect of UV light in the stratosphere Ozone can also form in the ...


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Environmental Problems

Environmental Problems Patten & Valdner Global History II Mepham High School


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Chapter 13 Section 2

... Chapter 13 Section 2 Objectives Ozone Layer Chemicals that Cause Ozone Depletion Chemicals that Cause Ozone Depletion The Ozone Hole Formation of Ozone Hole Formation of Ozone Hole Effects of Ozone Thinning on Humans Effects of Ozone Thinning on Animals and Plants Effects of Ozone ...


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Human Impact on the Biosphere

What happened to the ozone layer? Causes and Effects of Air Pollution Acid Rain Caused by the release of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from factories Effects include soil erosion, death of animals ... melting of polar ice caps Causes and Effects of Air Pollution Ozone Depletion Caused ...


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Chapter 20

Climate Change and Ozone Depletion ... Chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) have lowered the average concentrations of ozone in the stratosphere. In 1988 CFCs were no longer manufactured. ... animals, and materials such as plastic and paints.


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Chemicals That Cause Ozone Depletion The Ozone Hole Effects of Ozone Thinning Protecting the Ozone Layer ...


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Ozone Depletion I - Colby College

... of relative gains that would inhibit or shape cooperation Little empirical evidence that institutions matter Impact of Ozone Regime Impact ... European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals used for Experimental and ... Ozone Depletion I Author: Beth DeSombre Last ...


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Air pollution-NOx - Northern Arizona University

... are likely to result in potentially detrimental effects. Ozone destruction/depletion Ozone is destroyed by ... greenhouse gases; 3) numerous adverse effects to people, plants, and animals through chemical ... industrial commercial process The formation of ozone in the ...


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Effect of human activities on the ecosystem

Stratospheric ozone depletion (contributed to air pollution) has long been recognized as a threat to human health as well as to the Earth’s ecosystems. ... More habitat for animals means less animal extinction.


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6 - Goodheart-Willcox

Ozone Layer. Ozone filters ultraviolet radiation. Protects humans, plants, and animals. Maintains stable temperatures. Ozone depletion may have harmful effects


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Air Pollution

How does a car work? Smog check? Air Quality Index


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An Environmental Balance - Shelby County Schools

An Environmental Balance The Atmosphere Effects of air pollution Difficulty breathing Global warming Ozone depletion Acid rain chemicals in air pollution mix with precipitation The Lithosphere Topsoil Carried away by wind Erosion Deforestation Water washes away soil Can be avoided by terracing ...


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