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Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease Module # Differential ...

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Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease Module # Differential ...

Differential Diagnosis Evaluation Risk Factors Diagnostic Criteria Other Conditions to Consider Evaluation Assessment of symptoms ... Diagnostic criteria for COPD call for consideration of the diagnosis in any patient with chronic dyspnea, cough, sputum production or exposure to risk factors ...


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Dyspnea Victor Politi, M.D., FACP Medical Director, St. Anthony’s School of Allied Health Professions, Physician Assistant Program Dyspnea, the sensation of breathlessness or inadequate breathing, is the most common complaint of patients with cardiopulmonary diseases.


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Acute dyspnea - International Federation for Emergency Medicine

Diagnosis of Dyspnea Vicken Y. Totten MD MS, FACEP FAAFP Associate Professor Emergency Medicine University Hospitals Case Medical Center 2010-11 Dyspnea


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Differential diagnosis

DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS (+) upper respiratory tract infection Mitral stenosis -dyspnea and cough on exertion -orthopnea and PND -hemoptysis Mitral regurgitation -dyspnea and cough on exertion -orthopnea and PND -ankle edema premature birth, perinatal distress, or perinatal hypoxia may be present ...


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Dyspnea” A Cardiologist Perspective

Our Patient: CPET 168 87 12 Our Differential Diagnosis for her Dyspnea: Lung Disease Airways disease (Asthma) Interstitial Lung Disease Vocal Cord Dysfunction Thoracic Cage Abnormality (Paralyzed right hemidiaphragm) ...


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Dyspnea - 2012 CRASH Emergency Medicine Course Materials

Differential diagnosis of dyspnea. Most Common Causes. Most Immediately Life-Threatening. Obstructive airway disease:asthma, COPD. ... Gradual onset, fever, dyspnea, pleuritic chest pain, especially in elderly and patients with COPD. Patchy, frequently basilar infiltrates, ...


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Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis Acute uncomplicated Pyelonephritis Acute pyelonephritis is a urinary tract infection that has progressed from the lower urinary tract to the upper urinary tract.


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Dyspnea - MUI

... 􀂃 Right ventricular heave 􀂃 Third heart sound 􀂃 Hepatic congestion 􀂃 Ascites 􀂃 Peripheral edema Differential Diagnosis Congestive heart failure ... Closely monitor condition of the patient Indications for Invasive Mechanical Ventilation Severe dyspnea with use of ...


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Insert Title

EM Clerkship: Dyspnea David Carlbom, MD Martin Makela, MD


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COPD - Adirondack Area Network

... Differential diagnosis MI CHF Asthma COPD exacerbation Pneumonia PE Pericarditis ... breath” “Not getting enough air” “Breathlessness” “Difficulty breathing” “Having trouble breathing” Dyspnea: Differential diagnosis MI CHF Asthma COPD exacerbation Pneumonia PE ...


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Cardiac Differential Diagnosis

Title: Cardiac Differential Diagnosis Author: llc8a0 Last modified by: Marilynm Created Date: 12/9/2010 5:10:54 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show


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“I Can’t Breathe!” - University of Washington

The Differential Diagnosis For Acute Dyspnea An Approach To The History Onset Location Duration L O D Characterize Aggravating Relieving A C R Severity Treatments T S These elements define the patient’s problem and are the starting point for your written or oral assessment Rapidity of Onset ...


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Differential Diagnosis - OAC Office of Academic Computing ...

Differential Diagnosis. Ischemic heart disease. Valvular heart disease. Endocarditis. Sepsis. immunocompromised. ... / PND. Cough. Dyspnea. Elevated . JVP. Hepatomegaly. Edema. Rales. Low. Perfusion. at Rest. C. NO. NO. YES. YES. L. A. B. Warm & Dry. Warm & Wet. Cold & Wet. Cold & Dry (C. omplex ...


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Chest Pain & Shortness of Breath

Differential Diagnosis. Critical. Acute coronary syndromes (ACS), aortic dissection, pulmonary embolism (PE), pneumothorax, ... Dyspnea. Tachypnea. Hyperpnea. Hyperventilation. Orthopnea. Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea. Terms. Differential Diagnosis. Duration of Dyspnea.


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Shortness of Breath - Welcome — UNC School of Medicine

Shortness of Breath ... otherwise negative Pt in moderate respiratory distress on exam with diffuse crackles in all lung fields What is your differential diagnosis ... breath sounds over the RLL. What is your differential and work-up? Pneumonia Clinical features: Typically: Cough, dyspnea ...


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Ventricular Dysfunction s/p Heart Transplantation

... (our differential diagnosis) ... arrhythmia Symptoms of low cardiac output-dyspnea,syncope,orthopnea Cellular rejection in our patient-possible Shortness of breath Tachycardia Initially hypertensive then hypotensive Not seen on biopsy but this does not eliminate it entirely Risk factors ...


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Shortness of breath

Overview. Dyspnea. Mechanisms (really briefly) Questions to ask. Evaluating the patient. Differential diagnosis. Workup. Treatment options. Considering a higher level of care


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Dyspnea” A Cardiologist Perspective

Dyspnea ” A Cardiologist ... General Differential Pulmonary Deconditioning Metabolic Cardiac General Differential Case You call her at home and inform her of the results. You diagnose her with HFpEF. ... for CHF Diagnosis 100 pg/mL Age < 75: ...


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The Dyspneic Patient - Wikispaces

Arial MS Pゴシック Wingdings Symbol Default Design ED Approach to the Dyspneic Patient Dyspnea Differential Diagnosis Cases … Case ...


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Heart Failure: A Progressive Disease, a Growing Burden

Heart Failure: Definition A clinical syndrome that occurs in patients who, because of an inherited or acquired abnormality of cardiac structure or function, develop a constellation of clinical symptoms (dyspnea, fatigue) and signs (edema, rales), that lead to frequent hospitalizations, a poor ...


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Plague Training Module - Lesson 3: Differential Diagnosis

Bioterrorism Agents – Plague Lesson 3 Differential Diagnosis Objectives List the diseases that should be considered in the differential diagnosis of plague Describe how to rule out other diseases when diagnosing plague Bubonic Plague Incubation: 2 to 6 days Symptoms Chills, high fever Swollen ...


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Differential Diagnosis of Hoarseness Infections to Pharynx ...

Differential Diagnosis of Hoarseness Infections to Pharynx and Oral Cavity By Stacey Singer-Leshinsky R-PAC Anatomy of the Pharynx Acute Pharyngitis Can be accompanied by conjunctivitis, cough, sputum production, rhinitis or other systemic symptoms.


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Approach to Respiratory Failure - Thomas Jefferson University

What is the single most important intervention now? Asthma "Mimics": Differential Diagnosis Overlapping airway disorders Chronic bronchitis and emphysema ... Dyspnea Evaluation Note discrepancy between patient’s perception (under-reported) and physician’s clinical evaluation (under ...


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Pulmonary Function Testing The Basics of Interpretation

The Basics of Interpretation Jennifer Hale, M.D. ... exertional dyspnea, ... FVC Decreased FEV1/FVC - <70% predicted FEV1 used to follow severity in COPD Obstructive Lung Disease — Differential Diagnosis Asthma COPD - chronic ...


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CLINICAL PRESENTATION Clinical manifestations of GI bleeding ... extent & rate Postural hypotension suggests acute hemorrhage & intravascular volume depletion Fatigue & exertional dyspnea typical symptoms with slow, chronic blood loss ETIOLOGY OF UGI BLEEDING Differential diagnosis is ...


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Approach to the Patient with ANEMIA - University of Washington

Approach to the Patient with ANEMIA Lisa Mohr, MD Mike Tuggy, MD Objectives Review basic science of the RBC Define Anemia Review key aspects of history, physical and lab evaluation Review a systematic approach to the differential diagnosis Case-based application of clinical concepts ...


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Common Cardiac Complaints in College Students

Common Cardiac Complaints in College Students Victoria E Judd MD, FACC University of Utah


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DR.Mohr-HypoxiaLecture_000.ppt - Rutgers New Jersey Medical ...

... To learn the differential diagnosis and treatment of altered mental status History History Can’t catch my breath Lightedheadedness Usually acute onset Minimal symptoms Physical Exam Findings Physical Exam Findings Tachypnea Dyspnea Retractions ... Altered Mental Status ...


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COPD All you wanted to know about COPD but were afraid to ask…


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Objectives - Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Dyspnea and Wheezing in the Athlete Joel Shaw MAJ, MD Primary Care Sports Medicine March, 2007 Objectives Definition Epidemiology Pathophysiology Presentation Diagnosis Treatment Differential Diagnosis Mandatory Sports Medicine Cartoon Definition Asthma- reversible airway obstruction caused by ...


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Disorders of iron metabolism and hem synthesis

Differential diagnosis of microcytic hypochromic anemia Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia The anemia of chronic disorders Sideroblastic anemias ... REVIW OF SYMPTOMS Decreased oxygen delivery to tissues Exertional dyspnea Dyspnea at rest Fatigue Signs and symptoms of ...


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Patient - New York University

Patient 44 year old female Chief Complaint (CC) Dyspnea on exertion,fatigue,listlessness, pallor changes,inability to ... Anemia RBC Serum iron levels Serum ferritin levels Family history Hgb & Hct Bone marrow analysis Stool Guiac Differential Diagnosis Lead poisoning GI bleeding ...


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A Slice of PIE

... upper lobe/peripheral predominance Differential Diagnosis Airway Disorders Asthma CF Pulmonary infections TB Other mycobacteria Fungi Parasites Opportunistic organisms ... Symptoms: Cough Moderate to severe dyspnea Fever 101 Fatigue/malaise Treatment: nebulizer Advair inhaler Case ...


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Slide 1

APPROACH TO THE DIAGNOSIS OF DYSPNEA Pulmonary dyspnea DR.Hatice Türker Sureyyapasa Chest Diseases and Thoracic Surgery education and Research Hospital , Istanbul,


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Name of presentation - Wendy Blount

... loudest at left apex Mucous membranes pale pink Crackles in the small airways Pulses weak CRT 3.5-4 seconds Daisy Differential Diagnosis - Dyspnea Suspect congestive heart failure Suspect mitral regurgitation Concurrent respiratory disease can not be ruled out Initial Diagnostic Plan ...


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Patient of the month - دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ...

Differential diagnosis. Asthma. Congenital diseases affecting the lung. Cystic fibrosis. A disorder of the trachea: Tracheomalacia. An intratracheal mass


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Clinical Case 1 - Caangay

... Asthma Differential Diagnosis Nocturnal awakening upper airway obstruction by tumor or laryngeal ... narrowing of air passages which may be relieved spontaneously or as a result of therapy and clinically by paroxysms of dyspnea, cough, and wheezing episodic disease, with acute ...


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GOLD Criteria - Maine Physician Hospital Organization - Home

Case CC: Dyspnea HPI: 66 yo F with several years of progressive dyspnea, cough. 60 ... Identify comorbidities Assess and Monitor Disease-3 Differential Diagnosis Asthma CHF Bronchiectesis Tuberculosis Obliterative Bronchioloits Diffuse ... GOLD Criteria Author: Maine Medical Center ...


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Acute dyspnea Vicken Y. Totten MD MS, FACEP FAAFP

Acute dyspnea Vicken Y. Totten MD MS, FACEP FAAFP * ... Treatment “beta-agonists treat the symptoms, steroids treat the disease.” cromones and leukotriene inhibitors DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS in children: ...


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Asthma - University of Pretoria

Asthma SS Visser, Lung Unit, UP Contents Definition Disease Pattern Prevalence Mortality Etiology Pathogenesis Triggers of acute attacks Contents Pathophysiology Manifestations of Resp failure Diagnosis: clinical,physiologic,immunologic and radiologic Differential diagnosis Management Definition ...


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Acute Pulmonary Embolism - Jacobi Med

Acute Pulmonary Embolism: Diagnosis and Management Robert Sidlow, MD November 8, 2010 Why care? PE is the most common preventable cause of death in hospitalized patients ~600,000 deaths/year 80% of pulmonary emboli occur without prior warning signs or symptoms 2/3 of deaths due to pulmonary ...


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Making the Diagnosis of IPF - Coalition for Pulmo...

THE DIAGNOSIS OF IPF Steven A. Sahn, MD Professor of Medicine and Director Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy and Sleep Medicine Medical University of South Carolina


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APOPTOZİS - Türk Toraks Derneği

... Recurrent dyspnea Wheezing Reversible airway obstruction * COPD 68-year-old 120-pack-year smoker Progressive exertional dyspnea Chronic cough Sputum Fixed airway obstruction * Is it ... 126:117S-124S * Differential Diagnosis Patient history Clinical symptoms Spirometric data Main ...


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Teaching Clinical Reasoning: A Workshop for Chief Residents

Teaching Clinical Reasoning “On the Fly” Part 1 Donald R. Bordley, M.D. Residency Program Director University of Rochester (585) 275-2874 [email protected]


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Pediatric Rash - El Paso Campus

Common Pediatric Skin and Soft Tissue Conditions Sirous Partovi, M.D. ... DIC Treatment: PCN G Differential Diagnosis Gonococcemia HSP Typhoid fever Rickettsial disease Erythema multiforme Purpura fulminans Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Most common rickettsial infection in US Abrupt fever, ...


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COPD for Wards - University of California, Irvine

Objectives Formulate a differential and workup for an acutely ... “this patient with known COPD presents to the ED with dyspnea and is admitted with a diagnosis of ... “this patient with known COPD presents to the ED with dyspnea and is admitted with a diagnosis of COPD exacerbation ...


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Approach to Acute Febrile Illness - Mahidol University

Extern conference 4 OCT 2007 Brudzinski sign Problem list Fever for 3 days Drowsiness for 1 day Bulging ant.fontanelle and presence of meningeal signs Mild dehydration Differential diagnosis Meningitis Sepsis Approach to Acute Febrile Illness Definition of fever temperature -Rectal >38ºc -Oral ...


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Pulmonary Edema vs Pneumonia - Chemeketa Community College

Pulmonary Edema vs Pneumonia Oregon EMT ... AMI reperfusion Container expansion reduces preload Morphine Reduce Fluid Retention Diuretics Lasix Bumex Differential Diagnosis Pneumonia Herpes Zoster Pleurisy COPD Rib ... fine & course crackles Cardiac history Productive cough ↑ dyspnea suddenly ...


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Advanced Physical Diagnosis - Stritch School of Medicine

Weakness 99 Thick tongue 82 Dyspnea 55 Dry skin 97 Facial edema 79 Peripheral edema 55 ... cell and squamous cell carcinoma of skin Mucosal carcinoma of oropharynx and larynx Glioblastoma Soft tissue tumors Differential Diagnosis of a Painful Thyroid Notice the apathetic facies, ...


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POSITIVE DIAGNOSIS Pleuritic chest pain, dyspnea, pleural rub; Decreased TVF, stony dullness to percussion, distant breath sounds ... DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS Basal lung lesions Basal consolidation Collapse Subdiaphragmatic diseases Amoebic liver abscess Subphrenic abscess COMPLICATIONS ...


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