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IBD sharing: Theory and applications in the Ashkenazi Jewish ...

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IBD sharing: Theory and applications in the Ashkenazi Jewish ...

... MRCA more recent than a given time (Thompson, Genetics, 2013) ... Outline. IBD Sharing: Introduction. Ashkenazi Jewish Genetics. Demographic inference. ... 03/12/2014 13:40:11 Title: IBD sharing: Theory and applications in the Ashkenazi Jewish population


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June 2014 Oxides for Energy Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. Outline. Magnetism in Materials. Geometric Frustration. The Tools: Neutron Scattering. Muon Spin Relaxation. Frustration in Double Perovskites. ... edge-sharing triangles: triangular lattice. corner-sharing triangles: ...


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Year 2 SATS - Morley Memorial Primary School | Making ...

Outline of the Session. What are SATs? An overview of the tasks ... Task and Test for 2014. Reading. Reading Tests: Paper test and/or separate booklet. Whole class or in groups, unlimited time, but usually 40-45 minutes. Levels 2 and 3. Reading Task: Sharing a book with a teacher, running record ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

15 May 2014. Presentation Outline. The Airport Operator’s Challenges. ... Data Sharing/Disclosure . Multiple Organizations, known and unknown. Confidentiality. Data quality. Timely. ... On-time Closure of Corrective Action Plans. On-time Hazard Report Response.


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EPWP Phase 3 Presentation JANUARY 2014 - Parliamentary ...

The key assumption (at the time) was economic growth in the “first economy” was ... insufficient sharing of lessons ... Phase 3 Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Public Works Tuesday, 05 March 2014 Outline Outline … continued BACKGROUND OF EPWP Origin of EPWP ...


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Jean-Philippe Kermoal - SEAMCAT Manager (ECO)June 2014 - CEPT.ORG

Jean-Philippe Kermoal - SEAMCAT Manager (ECO)June 2014. Jukka Rakkolainen/ERO. Outline. Spectrum Engineering. SEAMCAT. Conclusions. ... Sharing methods: space/frequency/time. Sharing implementation: Agile (cognitive) or Rigid-design (traditional)


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PowerPoint Presentation

AIDS 2014. Outline. The status of pediatric treatment. Implementing the WHO 2013 ART guidelines. When to start What to start with. Adolescents. ... IeDEA Southern AfricaEarlier treatment over time. N=30,300. Davies MA, PLoS One. 2013 Dec 9;8(12):e81037.


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Adventures in Frustrated Magnetism

Adventures in Frustrated Magnetism. Jeremy P. Carlo. Villanova University. Jan. 22, 2014 St. Joseph’s University Physics Seminar. Feb. 5, 2014


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Bio-Medical Workforce Presentation - 01/07/2014

... 2014. Outline. Background (Wally) Goals (Wally) Challenges (Jennifer) ... NIH requires submission of data for institutional training grants at the time of application and progress reporting. ... will include data sharing with eRACommons.


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Redesigning the Consumer Expenditure Survey

March 20, 2014. Outline. Brief overview of current survey. Overview of planned redesign. Redesign guiding principles. Major issues and decisions. Scope of new technology use. Role of the interviewer. Household Use of Technology. Resources and respondent help.


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2014-17 Blue book presentation to SCoAG - Parliamentary ...

... objectives and performance measures with strategic initiatives Sustainability Strategy Budget 2014-17 Presentation Outline Summary of Strategic Goals and ... Implement detailed tracking to determine the amount of time and other ... Enhance information-sharing. Goal 5 – Main ...


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OUTLINE OF RECOMMENDED BUDGET MAIN PRESENTATION ... FINANCE CAUTION ABOUT RELYING ON ONE TIME SOURCES OF FUNDING--UNSUSTAINABLE 3. 2013 BUDGET RESOLUTION 1. $41,429,080 GENERAL ... Need to avoid complacency Limited resources 2013 & 2014 Where benefit changes lag in employee ...


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Presentation Outline - AIDS Watch Africa | An Africa High ...

... now is the right time . to push for regulatory harmonization in Africa. AMRH Partners ... Resource pooling and information sharing. Faster . registration. 1. WHO prequalification, ... Plans to launch the AMRH in West Africa & Southern African region in 2014. 3.


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Continuing professional education: optimising impact on ...

... NHS Scotland 3rd June 2014. Outline. Context. Challenges. Grappling with the challenges. Concluding remarks. Key factors. ... Time. Time. CPE. Time. Time. Impact on Practice. Organisation. ... Sharing knowledge for wider benefit. Lack of support. Learning community.


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PowerPoint Presentation

XSEDE 14, Atlanta GA , July 15, 2014. Outline . Introduction . Motivation --- ECSS . Bioinformatics tool --- Mothur. SGI UV1000 --- Nautilus. Porting OTU analysis pipeline . Pre-clustering denoise. ... Offloading thread synchronization, data sharing, ...


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Synthesis and Strategy for Prescribed for to Support Longleaf ...

Options for prescribed fire resource sharing. Field days. Partnerships. ... Time Frame: Summer 2014. Collaborators: NRCS, State ... , North Carolina. Work Group & Partnerships. Federal, State, NGO representatives. Air and Fire representatives. Resources and time from state, federal, and NGO’s ...


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... and at the same time to participate actively in the world economy and body politics”. ... Sensitising stakeholders about importance of NPOA Sharing experiences from other APRM countries about the implementation of the NPOA. ... (26Feb 2014) Outline of presentation Introduction: ...


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Assessing quality of income data in a survey vs an ...

Vienna, 5 June 2014. Outline. Motivation. Literature. Research hypotheses. Data. Methodology. Key findings and conclusions. Romanov&Gubman: Quality of income data in survey vs. administrative file. ... part-time employment and periods of unemployment, ...


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2. Processes and Scheduling - Welcome to the Department of ...

... Compatible Time Sharing System (CTSS) ... Operating Systems 2014 * Scheduling: outline Scheduling criteria Scheduling algorithms Unix scheduling Linux scheduling Win NT scheduling Operating Systems 2014 * First-come-first-served (FCFS) ...


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Sharing and reflecting - SAGE Pub

The act of sharing results of action research is also a time to . celebrate. those findings and the process. Helps to create a rewarding, ... Sharing, communicating ... ☐ Develop an outline of the major points of your presentation.


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Health Care Reform - SHRM Online - Society for Human Resource ...

HEALTH CARE REFORM TIMELINE 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2018 Restrictions on lifetime limits Preexisting condition exclusions prohibited for children under 19 Restrictions on annual limits Extension of adult child coverage to age 26 Prohibition on rescissions No cost sharing ... 2014) Employers ...


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Staff Parish Relations Committee Training 2014

Training 2014 Effective Leadership for Congregational Vitality ... * The general outline of our time together moves from setting a Biblical and theological context, ... Use discretion sharing sensitive information by email.


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PowerPoint Presentation

Dialogue Session ZGS2July 2014. We Make Trade Easy, Fair &Secure. Secure Trade Partnership ... Incomplete/late submission of TradeFIRST checklist and documents might result in your licence not getting renewed in time and your business operations might ... Eases sharing of documents and data ...


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Introduction to online research literature - INASP - Home

03/06/2014. Definition “Online ... Sharing of resources (can be accessed by many at the same time) Easy to access related items. Easy to browse. Enhanced security (no loses, no mutilation...) 03/06/2014. ... Outline. Search planning. Searching. Refining a search. Boolean operators.


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WIGOS Implementation - World Meteorological Organization

... time and funds needed; 2.2 Silent observing station problems ... well documented observational data with associated observational metadata WMO Outline What is WIGOS & Why WIGOS WIGOS ... (maintenance, …), Lack of qualified staff; Through coordinated data sharing and networks ...


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Outline of Presentation - paris21.org

Outline of Presentation. Background. Efforts at the ... with a view of identifying best practices and to facilitating the sharing of knowledge, especially for the benefit ... is assessed through indicators of different types of “capital” that drive well-being over time. II. Efforts at . the ...


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Impact of Federal Health IT Priorities on FHA Strategic Plan

Federal Health Architecture: Advancing National Health IT. FHA Moving Forward: 2014. STRATEGIC GOALS. Establish a unified federal voice on health data


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PowerPoint Presentation

7/1/2014. Summary (continued) ... Enabling patient control of data sharing. ... RESTful and SOAP approaches to support populating a master patient index, consent/privacy preferences, and real time query of healthcare data.


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Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications (WAIC). Agenda Item 1 ...

Pattaya, Thailand – March 2014. Outline. What is WAIC. Why is WAIC Important. Overall Regulatory Process. ITU-R. ... Certification of Aircraft. Technical Effort. WAIC Technical Characteristics. Preliminary Sharing Study Results. What is Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications ... in time for ...


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FDIC May 2014 - FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Outline. Fundamentals of Deposit Insurance Coverage FDIC 2014 . Part 1 – General Principles. ... Special exception for time deposits – For time deposits (i.e., CDs) ... Fundamentals of Deposit Insurance Coverage FDIC 2014 .


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Denise's presentation to NACO March 2014

Outline technical solutions that enable real-time sharing of crime data and analytical products on a local, ... Denise's presentation to NACO March 2014 Subject: PREA, ACA, BCJI, NTTAC, JRI, Pretrial Author: Authorized User


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PowerPoint Presentation

Pre-competitive research cost sharing. ... U Ganguly Assocham 2014. R&D Organization Sustainability % grant of revenue . Funding (Million €) ... A globally time-tested R&D model needs to be implemented to support the bold vision of Indian semiconductor manufacturing and innovations.


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U.S. Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling

... with health insurance options at varying levels that meet certain cost-sharing and benefit ... Beginning in 2014, employers with more than 50 full-time equivalent employees will be subject to penalties if they have employees who both obtain coverage through an Exchange and qualify for ...


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Comparison and Contrast Essay - South Shore International ...

Point By Point Structure/Outline. Sample Point by Point Outline. Thesis: Point 1. A. B. Point 2. A. B. Point 3. A. B. ... (for example, why one time period is better than another). Problems to avoid. Avoid the “so what” thesis. ... 04/30/2014 07:50:14 Title: Comparison and Contrast Essay


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PowerPoint Presentation

February 27, 2014 Accounting for LCAP CDE ... Metrics Sample LCAPs – Outlines & Sharing CCCOE LCAP Review Checklist ... LCAP District Plan/Objectives Merced COE Handouts LCAP – Outline Introduction District Mission, Vision, History, ...


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Resource Allocation Techniques for Cellular Networks in TV ...

April 2014. Outline. Introduction. Primary/Secondary Network Architecture. Channel Allocation Formulation. Solutions. Greedy. Optimal. Numerical Results. ... Sharing PU Technical Details. Slow Variation of PU Specification. Practical Case: TV White Space Spectrum.


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Diapositiva 1 - G-NEXID

... above the original lent or exchanged amount. Have risk sharing . “Alghurm bil ghurm”. “There ... supplier is unknown to the bank which may cause a delay in delivery time goods and ... Switzerland March 28/2014 Outline of the Presentation I. SEP Program Diapositive 4 ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... Likely to be overkill unless data sharing very common Memory Coherence ... One way is to lock a written page down at a site for some period Another site must wait for the time period to expire to write Used ... (T, Cj) + 1 Outline Distributed implications for RPC Distributed shared ...


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Human-Computer Interaction for Tech Execs

Spring, 2014 © 2014 - Brad Myers. Quiz 1 © 2014 - Brad Myers. Outline. ... Everyone else at the time was using mainframes or “mini computers” that were shared “Time Sharing ...


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Cooperative Execution of OpenCL Programs on Multiple ...

CGO—2014. Outline. Introduction. The Problem. The FluidiCL Runtime. Optimizations. Results. Conclusion. ... Benchmarks Normalized Execution Time CPU ATAX BICG CORR GESUMMV SYR2K SYRK Geomean 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 GPU ATAX BICG CORR GESUMMV SYR2K SYRK ... Work sharing approach for generalized reduction ...


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BEAP and EPAS: How BEAP can assist your program with assessment

BEAP and EPAS: How BEAP can assist your program with assessment


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PowerPoint Presentation

... 2014. Presentation Outline. Engineering Approach to Road Crash analysis. Karachi scenario. Safe system Framework. Road safety design and traffic management. ... Tackle the problem of coordination and sharing of information among different users.


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Presentation Template - Sample with Slide Styles with CMS logo

Meaningful Use Outline ... 2014 New requirements and options for stage 1 Stage 2 requirements New quality measurement requirements starting in 2014 for all What you need to do now Concepts for Stage 2 In general: Stage 1 menu items have become core Percentages have increased Turnaround time ...


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Slide 1

March 2014 * Outline Introduction Challenges to achieving gender equality in Africa ECA’ s ... cooking, and household chores, including fetching water and collecting woodfuels, leaving less time for them to spend on income ... a knowledge platform for sharing knowledge, good ...


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Filesystem Sharing

Filesystem Sharing and Cloning with zPRO Rick Troth Velocity Software <[email protected]> http://www.velocitysoftware.com/ VM and Linux Workshop 2014


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PowerPoint Presentation

Chapter 6 Bandwidth Utilization Copyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Permission required for reproduction or display.


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Canberra, February 13 & 14, 2014. Outline. Public Goods Theory. Taxonomy of public goods. Public health goods. Regional public health goods. Examples and Evidence: Regional Public Health Goods. Institutional, operational and financial arrangements of RPHGs.


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Group Presentation Guidelines -- Group Name

- Plan for 3-5 audience questions ahead of time. REFERENCES. ... 2014, from http://mymediaexperience.com/xbmc-guide/ Damien. (2012). How to Install and Configure Samba In . Ubuntu. for File Sharing. Retrieved April 7, 2014. from http://www.maketecheasier.com/install-and-configure-samba-in-ubuntu ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

Centre for Strategic and International Studies June 2014) 93% of large UK corporations ... We are very keen that whilst sharing our experience ... You will have been provided with laminated cards which outline some of the key best practice principles when dealing with each of these ...


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January 2014

Presentation Outline. Overview of the Affordable Care Act. ... Starting in 2014, individuals must either have health care coverage, ... You’re a member of a recognized health care sharing ministry. Insert Text. Second Level. Third Level. Forth Level.


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