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Welcome to Pre-Registration

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Welcome to Pre-Registration

Welcome to Pre-Registration for 10th Grade Class of 2016 Huntsville High School 26 Total Credits ... Distinguished Plan English 2 (Level, Honors, or Pre-AP) Math Geometry (If you took Algebra I in 9th grade, level, Honors, or Pre-AP) Algebra 2 (If you took Geometry in 9th grade, ...


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Environmental Science Pre AP. AP Environmental Science. Forensic Science (SRS ONLY) Medical Micro Biology ... Only the core classes are calculated into the Grade Point Average…….. English. Mathematics. Science. Social Studies. Courses taken through Summer School, ... 10th grade 6 credits ...


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Course Selection Time

Course Selection Time 2012 - 10th Grade What do I take? How many credits do I have?


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10th Grade Advisement Class of 2014 - Martinez Unified School ...

10th Grade Advisement Class of 2014 Parent Night March 1st ... Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2-Trigomometry Personal Finance Pre-Calculus AP Calculus AB or BC AP Statistics History AP US History American Studies History Science ... AP English and AP history requires an additional application.


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Classroom 101

... 9th & 10th AVID. Ms. Rathbun E-L . Ms. Montiel M-O, Special Programs. ... Pre-Registration. ... English. English III. AP Language & Composition. Dual Enrollment English 101/103. Math. Algebra 1. Algebra 1B. Integrated Math 1. Geometry.


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Northwest High School 9th and 10th Grade Forum 2012

Promotion to 10th Grade = 6 credits. Promotion to 11th Grade = 13 credits. ... (i.e. Pre/AP and AP courses) isfactored in the weighted class ranking. GPA & Class Rank, ... 4 English. 4 Math. 4 Science. 4 Social Studies. 2 World Languages (samelanguage)


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... Course Selection Sheet Course Selection Sheet 10th Grade English English II, Pre-AP English II, PC English II, or ESOL II Math Geometry, Pre-AP Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-AP Algebra II, or PC Math II Science IPC, Chemistry, or ...


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What is Pre-AP

Pre-AP courses at the 9th and 10th grade level are designed to prepare students for the rigorous curriculum in the 11th and 12th grade AP courses. ... English Language Arts I. Biology. World Geography. Algebra I and Geometry. jbhs.org Academics Tab Guidance/Counseling.


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Patriot High School Rising 9th Grade Orientation Night

1 English 9 or Pre-AP English 9. 2 World History 1 or Pre-AP World History. 3 Earth Science, ADV Earth Science, Pre-AP ... **The first AP class available to students who have achieved the recommendation is AP World History 10th grade year. AP Courses . Advanced Placement Program Advanced ...


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PPS 9th Grade Advisement Class of 2015 - Martinez Unified ...

... 80.00 5.00 75.00 *Total* 230.00 30.00 200.00 Algebra 1 Requirement NOT Met Required Sophomore Classes English Pre-AP English Sophomore English w/o English Support ELD Math Algebra Readiness Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 ... In order to move on to 10th grade PE (lifetime ...


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program of studies 2014-2015 scheduling process for future collingswood high school students


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PowerPoint Presentation

Pds: 9th Grade. 10th Grade. 11th Grade. 12th Grade. 1. Pre AP English I. Pre AP English II. AP English III. AP English IV. 2. Algebra I. Geometry. Math Models or . Algebra II


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Distinguished Achievement Program 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade English I* English II* AP English III/English III AP English IV/English IV English 1302 Dual Credit for English IV when taken with English 1301


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9th & 10th Grade Parent Night - Santa Monica-Malibu Unified ...

Title: 9th & 10th Grade Parent Night Author: HS Assistant Principal Last modified by: Al Trundle Created Date: 2/25/2005 3:48:37 PM Document presentation format


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Class Meetings - Arab High School

... Total- 24 units out of a possible 28 Advanced Diploma All the requirements for the Alabama High School Diploma + 3 AP Courses (1 must be AP English ... 1st Semester Class Avg. for Pre-AP Grade Weight ... you want them to end up? Pre-AP Geometry leads to Calculus 10th Grade- 4 ...


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Leland High School Class of 2014 - San Jose Unified School ...

Leland High School Class ... - 1 year required 45 Electives A minimum of 11 A-G courses must be completed before 12th grade A-G / Grad Plan 9th & 10th grade Please fill in the 9th grade box with the ... (Pick one) English 5/6 English 5/6 Honors AP English US History- 1 year required ...


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9th Grade Scheduling 101

... (i.e. regular or Pre-AP or AP) ... Physical Education (one semester) or J-ROTC for one year 2 Additional Elective Classes Suggested 10th Grade Schedule English II Math (consult with your current math teacher) Biology World History or AP European History Business Principles ...


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9th to 10th Grade Scheduling Information Sessions: 2014-2015

103 Pre-AP English 9 201 Algebra 1A 221 Algebra 2. SCIENCE 1.0 credit (must choose one) PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH 0.5 credit (required ... 9th to 10th Grade Scheduling Information Sessions: 2014-2015 Last modified by: Patricia L Richardson


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10th Grade Student Presentation - Canyon Crest Academy

... presentation Any red text links to websites that provide more information about the underlined topics Connecting 10th Grade ... it is recommended that students have recently successfully completed English 11 or AP ... he or she must repeat the course Earns a D in a pre ...


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Lovejoy High School Registration 2010-2011

Lovejoy High School Registration for 2013-2014 Classes of 2015 and 2016


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Arlington High School 10th Grade Orientation Class of 2014 AHS Counselors 10th Grade Orientation Graduation Requirements & Plans Course Handbook Course Selection Sheets Graduation Requirements AISD Graduation Plan Recommended Graduation Plan ** Distinguished Achievement Graduation Plan **All ...


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... Film (10th -12th) AP . Lang. English 10. English 9 Honors. Social Studies. US History. NSL. AP . NSL. Honors. US History. 9th Grade. 10th Grade. 11th . ... Honors Pre-Cal . Algebra . 2 or. Honors . Alg. 2 . SP - Single Period, DP - Double Period. 12. th.


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Class of 2011

... registration days, etc. GPA Grade Point Average Every college ... or Health/PE (10th grade) Other Requirements Continued 4. You ... athletic, marching band) Minimum Carnegie Units Required to graduate= 24 credits College Prep Distinction Schedule English 9 Pre-AP World ...


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9th Grade Schedule

9th Grade 0.0 credits. 10th Grade 5.5 credits. 11th Grade 11.5 credits. 12th Grade 17.0 credits. ... 4 English. 4 Mathematics. 4 Science . 4. Social Studies. 2 Foreign Language. ... ex Pre-Cal, Pre-College Math, AP Stats…) Math Models is not an approved 4. th. math.


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Conway Public School Pre-AP and AP Programs

Starts in 6th Grade. English and Math. Instructed by teachers who are College Board Trained. Spring Board Training for Literacy and Math . College Board Institute Training . Laying the Foundations Training . ... 10TH. Pre-AP English. Level 5. AP Biology.


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Lovejoy High School Registration 2010-2011

... (10th Grade) Pre-AP English II Pre-AP GT English II Pre-AP Geometry Pre-AP Algebra II Pre-AP Pre-Calculus Pre-AP/GT Pre-Calculus AP ... (9th Grade) Pre-AP English I Pre-AP/GT English I Pre-AP Algebra I Pre-AP Geometry Pre-AP Algebra II Pre-AP/GT Algebra II Pre-AP Pre ...


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Roanoke County Public Schools

... History and Introduction to Mass Communication Pre-AP English 9 10th Grade: Media Production I* Pre-AP English 10 11th Grade: Media Production II* AP English 11 Digital Web Design 12th Grade: ...


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C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Focus Outcomes

C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Long Beach Unified School District Robert A. Millikan High School C Community Of Musicians, Performers, Artists, and Social Scientists


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Accelerated Math Program - Paulding County School District

Accelerated Math and Honors 9th grade literaturefor Rising 8th graders. ... 10th. Honors American Lit. Or AP Lang. 11th. Honors Brit. Lit. or AP Lit. 12th. Elective or Dual Enrollment. Grade. ... Honors Brit. Lit or AP English Lit. 3rd Option. Option 1: ...


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South Side High School IB Presentation

... no score lower than a 2 in any area DIPLOMA CANDIDATES COURSE SEQUENCE 2013-14 10TH GRADE Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Pre AP English 2 English Language A ... 14 9TH GRADE Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Pre AP English 1 Pre AP English 2 English Language A English Language A ...


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Senior Career Units October 6-10

Registration for2014-201510th Grade(for current 9th Grade ... Sophomore English & Health. English---page 29-33 ... Algebra 1. Geometry . Algebra 2 . Pre-Calculus Business Pre-Calc. AP Stats orAPCalc AB Math Models . Advanced Calculus. Math (Catalog page 54) Need signature from current Math ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... Pre-AP English 9 Pre-AP English 10 Pre-AP Geometry (9th Grade Only) Pre-AP Algebra 2 w/Trig (10th Grade Only) ... Student 1 Student 2 English 9 Pre-AP English 9 Grade 91 Avg. Grade 85 3.55 GPA 3.58 GPA SEE GPA SCALE FOR AHS * WEIGHTED CREDIT ALL AP Courses are weighted 1.2 ...


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Pre-AP for All: Maintaining the Standard with Rigorous Support

Pre-AP for All: Maintaining the Standard with Rigorous Support ... in Fall 2006 Currently offer grades 6-10 with pre-AP in the four core subjects and AP Computer Science and AP World History for 10th graders Next year will have 11th grade and AP Courses in: ...


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AP Program - Brookwood High School

Typical Gifted Curriculum (varies by school) 9th Grade 10th Grade Gifted Language Arts Gifted Geography or AP Human ... (pre -requisite ... Chemistry or AP Chemistry AP Statistics or AP Calculus AB or BC AP Art History AP Studio Art Directed Study Internship AP English Lit or Lang AP ...


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9th and 10th Grade Academic Planning Seminar

9th and 10th Grade Academic Planning Seminar. ... English. AP Language/Composition AP Literature/Composition. Mathematics. GPS Advanced Algebra. GPS Pre-Calculus Accelerated GPS Pre-Calculus H Accelerated CCGPS Pre-Calculus H CCGPS Advanced Algebra CCGPS Pre-Calculus.


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Planning for Grade 10 and Beyond - Broughton Student Services

... Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Introduction to Math/ Common Core Math I Common Core Math II Common Core Math III AFM Common Core Math I Common Core Math II Common Core Math III AFM Geometry Algebra II AFM Discrete Geometry (Honors) Algebra II (Honors) Pre-Calc (Honors) AP ...


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8th Grade Going to 9th… - Klein Forest High School

Apply to semester grades only Pre-AP ... PowerPoint Presentation/Course Selection Sheet during Eagle’s Nest Complete Course Selection Sheet/Four-Year Plan with input from parents Course ... Reading/Writing, World Geo, Algebra 1, Biology 10th grade: English 2 - Reading/Writing ...


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Welcome to Osceola High School

Welcome to Osceola High School. 8th Grade Parent Night. Thursday, February 9, 2012. OHS Auditorium


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... Pre AP or Standard Language Arts – G/T (for identified GT students), Pre AP, ... (10) AP English III (11) AP English IV (12) 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade AP-English IV Gray boxes indicate required courses for graduation Courses must be taken one at a time, ...


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If you are in 10th grade, you will fill out the 11th grade section today. If you are in 11th grade, you will fill out the 12th grade section today. WHY SHOULD I TAKE AN AP CLASS? ... Pre-AP English 10 . or. English 10. AP Language & Composition . or . English 11.


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CLASS OF 2009 - Trautmann Middle School - Homepage

... and biliteracy ap exams psat,act,sat recognized business certification or license performance acknowledgements pre-ap ... 10th) 7 – 13 ½ junior (11th) 14 – 20 ½ senior (12th) 21 - + classification credit requirements: 9th grade english i biology algebra i ...


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ATEMS High School Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math ...

9th and 10th grade years. Pre-AP curriculum in every core subject. Heavy project based learning experience. The College Prep Experience. 11th and 12th grade years. AP curriculum in most every core subject. ... Pre-AP English I. Advisory Class (30 minutes) Period 5 ...


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Mid-High Course Selection - BPSD Homepage

To 10th grade. Must earn 8 credits ... 10th. Pre-AP Stat. Pre-AP Pre-Calc. Algebra II - H. Geometry. Algebra I-B. 11th. Pre-Calc. Calculus AB or . ... Algebra II Honors*, Pre-Calculus Pre-AP* English: Traditional or Pre-AP. World History or AP European History* Science: ...


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The “New” SAT® I: Implemented for the Class of ‘06

... 1147 9th Grade Pre-AP/ AP Emphasis Enrollment 560 Percentage of 9th Grade Student Population 48.8% 10th Grade Enrollment 1128 10th Grade Pre-AP/ AP/ AP ... Union Intermediate High School Pre-AP Data 2006-07 2007-08 Pre-AP English 9 338 346 Pre-AP English 10 280 316 ...


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Test Results: Research suggests that students who take the additional English, math, social studies, and science courses make higher scores on the SAT or ACT college entrance exams. ... Current 9th and 10th grade classes have these tests to look forward to.


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Orientation to High School

Advanced Placement Classes. Pre-A P English classes (9/10th) AP Human Geography (10th grade) AP English Literature & Comp.(11/12th grade) AP English Language & Comp. (11/12th) AP U.S. History (11/12th) AP Comparative Gov. & Politics (11/12th)


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INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM Sophomore Orientation Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Thursday, January 23, 2014 3:00 p.m. 7:00p.m.


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Welcome Future Rough Riders

... Policy PROMOTION POLICY revised 7/28/10 For students entering 9th grade in 2007 and beyond 9th grade 0-5.5 credits 10th grade 6-11.5 ... US HISTORY 4 CREDITS required (all programs) English I, English II, English III, English IV English I & English II may be taken as Pre-AP ...


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8th Grade Students High School Scheduling Meeting

9th & 10th Grade Students ... Special Diploma Considerations Kentucky’s Pre-College Curriculum The Commonwealth Diploma Highlands High School Advanced Curriculum ... AP World History – full year Juniors – AP English Language & Composition – full year 7:00am – 8:00am Enables ...


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10th Grade Presentation: Planning for Your Future

10th Grade Presentation ... Pre Algebra does not ... Honors and AP Classes Open access A commitment to accept more challenge Can get college credit for taking AP Tests Classes in: English Math Social Studies Science Other Advanced electives Take the most difficult classes YOU can ...


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