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Social Studies: Sixth Grade - Denver Public Schools

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Social Studies: Sixth Grade - Denver Public Schools

Social Studies: Sixth Grade ... Know how to use various geographic tools (map, compass, map legend, etc.) ... logical answer that has examples and a conclusion, and should also include one or more of these key terms: hydroelectric potential,

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About Follow That Map! About the Author-Illustrator

Scot Ritchie is an award-winning illustrator whose books for Kids Can Press include Eenie ... In Follow That Map!, ... legend and symbol on pages 22–23 of Follow That Map!for a reference). With your class, ...

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Go over the different types of symbols (refer to U.S. Geological ... C. Examples of projections (just a few examples) 1. Mercator ... c. a map has a legend d. a photo has directional markers. 4.

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The 3-D Map Project - University of Oregon

The 3-D Map Project Teacher: Jane Schneider Grade Level: ... ... to include examples and definitions of each color and symbol on your map, color it, ...

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... and it helps kids to see how math is all around them. LIFE IN A GEOMETRICAL TOWN © MATERIALS NEEDED Pencil, ... (Some examples are Optical Octagons, Triangular Tree Stands, Mathematical ... Add a map key or legend in the lower right hand corner of your map. It should

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4th Grade California Relief Map Project - Angelfire

4th Grade California Relief Map Project Students will design a wall relief map for their 4th grade social studies map project. This year we’ve read, ... _ A Legend to describe the 4 regions and state and country boundaries (for example, see map handout on reverse)

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Mapmaking Guide (6-8) - National Geographic Society

Author: Text identifying the cartographer or organization responsible for making the map. Legend or Key: A guide identifying what the map’s symbols and colors represent. ... Examples include road maps, classroom wall maps, political maps, physical maps, and topographic maps.

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Geography of Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

As a homework assignment before class, have students visit the Department of Energy: Energy Kids website to ... Provide examples of surprising products that contain oil, such as chewing gum ... , which has led to drilling at deeper sites. Ask students to use the map, including the map legend ...

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Constellation Legends - Tulare County Education Office

with the other constellations. The second story, which is the older ... went out into the hills and searched until he found her stranded on a rocky ledge with her two new kids. Placing her across his shoulders and carrying the two ... according to one legend, as Cronus fell to the ...

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Put Me in My Place: Using Alphanumeric Grids to Locate Places

questions will also prompt children to use the map legend! For example, say, “What is the location of ... alphanumeric grid ... several other examples). 3. Say, “Now you will read the questions on the

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Activity Extensions for Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Activity Extensions for Legend of Sleepy Hollow ... used in a map. Using some examples of maps have students point out map keys or legends and ... map symbols in a legend, geographic landforms (e.g., mountains, lakes, rivers), and location by interpreting simple maps.

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5 Themes of Geography Worksheet - Adair County Schools

5 Themes of Geography Name: _____ Date: _____ Part I: Directions: Using your ... Provide three examples for each theme of geography. ... 35. The legend of a map tells what the (symbols, cells) on the map mean.

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Instructional Map- Social Studies 1st Grade

First grade students will build upon knowledge of major historical events, holidays, ... We the Kids by David Catro The U.S ... places on a map? What is a map legend? Which 3 countries make up North America?

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Lesson 5: Agricultural Regions in Minnesota

The student will give examples that demonstrate how people are connected to each other and the environment. ... look for a map title, legend, labeling of neighboring states and province, and authors’ names. PArT ONE Agricultural Regions in Minnesota

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Christopher Columbus The Man the Myth the Legend - Core ...

Christopher Columbus, Kindergarten 2001 Conference 1 Christopher Columbus: The Man, the Myth, ... 3. map of world (Columbus’ perspective) with Spain, ... Show examples of Asian goods. 13.

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Second Grade Geography and Environment Unit

including a map key (legend), symbols, compass rose (directions), and labels. 5. Use the “Modifications” worksheet as needed for students who need scaffolding ... Title: Exploring Our Local Community Map . Grade Level: 2 . Unit of Study: Geography and Environment (community)

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Picture Your State - Census

Computer access to “State Facts for Students” <> OR copies of state pages from State Facts for Students ... (Examples: The name of the baseball team in Baltimore is Maryland’s ... Add this information to the map legend. 7. Locate the county where ...

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devise their own symbols and map legend. Have students dis- ... Original credit given to the Kids Neighborhood Workshop, “Part 1: ... (Examples are geographic fea-tures like rivers, forests, mountains or hills, ...

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Lesson 2: Working with Reference and Thematic Maps

Do not show the map title or legend. Discuss ... 2. Working in pairs, give a different thematic map to each pair in the classroom (or display on the overhead) ... Other examples: Corn 2007 (Map 3), Annual Frost Free Days (Map 29), Precipitation

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Locating the nearest park for an afternoon outside with your kids ... LEGEND Hickman Mills Neighbhorhood Asset Map Banks/Financial Institutions (#s 1-11) Child Care ... (doing work in Hickman Mills—not on map) Alliance for a Healthier Generation

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Based on the American Samoa quarter reverse

... (available at • 1 class map of the United States and its territories ... Show examples of products made in other countries and brought into the United ... map legend (key), and compass rose.

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HADDONFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS Curriculum Map for Social Studies ...

... 2000; H-M Teacher's Editions, Time for Kids, Scholastic News; Bookroom leveled trade books/informational text; internet sites, Audio CDs.; ... Understand how to read a map legend (key) (6.6A) Cross-curricular with LA: ... examples from read-alouds; discuss

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Matariki Teachers' Resource - Christchurch City Libraries

and the learning of whakapapa being some examples. Nowadays Matariki has become a time ... ... Create a map that spatially identifies which Pacific cultures have used the “Matariki*”

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Pourquoi Play: Practicing Oral Language Skills by Making up ...

... World Tales Kids Can Read and Tell (Hamilton and Weiss 1999). The book includes twenty-five pourquoi stories that you can use as examples. 2. Our blank template for How and Why Stories 3. ... pourquoi stories. A story map is not meant to be artistic; ...

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Unit/Lesson Plan Title: Subject: Fables and Folktales ...

Subject: Fables and Folktales Research Project ... • read some examples and discuss features • pull out central message/lesson • discuss location: continent, ... Select Kids Edition and enter the name of your country in the search bar.

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3: Let s Look at Legends - United States Mint

• 1 copy of an age-appropriate legend about the creation of Crater Lake, ... (see examples under “Materials”). ... Locate Oregon on a classroom map. Note its position in relation to your school’s location.

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Little Rock School District Social Studies 4 Grade

The Legend of the Blue Bonnet, Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie, ... Harcourt Social Studies —Use the map on pp 300 -301 to introduce the states in the ... Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.

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DRAFT 1 Lesson Title - Virtual Worlds for Kids - Safe Kids ...

Want your kids to reach for a healthy snack? ... Examples of aerial view garden maps 8 ½ x 11 unlined sheets of newsprint, 1 per student ... Add map symbols and a legend. Provide graph paper and have students draw the map to scale.

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Russia and the Czars - Core Knowledge Foundation

Discuss the use and design of a map legend and compass rose. 3. Show the transparency listing the geographic features and sites that students are to locate on their individual maps. 4. ... examples. Russia and the Czars, ...

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Native Americans Thematic Unit Upper Elementary/Lower Middle ...

listening to a guest speaker who is a Native American. The speaker will be fully ... (refer to examples on the map and word search) This activity will be done as homework. Application: ... Kids will have fun drizzling honey and dusting the

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Geo Town project checklist -

Geo-Town Project Checklist MATERIALS NEEDED Pencil, notebook paper, rulers, ... (Some examples are Optical Octagons, Triangular Tree Stands, Mathematical ... 11.Add a compass and a map key or legend in the lower right hand corner of your map.

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Physical Regions of Canada - Grade 4 - Wikispaces

... Click the down arrow by Look In and navigate to the “Physical Regions of Canada Map” file. 5) ... If the Print option is greyed out, Small Kids Mode is turned ON. ... knowledge into creating a legend for the map of the physical regions.

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Curriculum/Technology Integration Lesson Plans Dear Teachers,

Dub Cubs | PBS KIDS! The student will: Visit the website and play the ... simple maps, using title, map legend, and compass rose Locate the equator, the seven conti-nents, ... Harcourt Mega Math: Country Countdown, Harrison’s comparisons Level K: Compare <, > Numbers to

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Bring examples of natural resources to class Compare natural and human environments ... Make a map legend that explains the contribution. Recognizing Alabama participants ... World War II for Kids: A History With 21 Activities Richard Panchyk

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Writing and the Common Core for ELLs

Flowchart Storyboard Map Legend/key Cross section Cut-away Timeline TO DRAW ATTENTION TO IMPORTANT IDEAS AND ... reasons and examples 3. Details the need for closure ... •Kids need to share their writing

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Social Studies Curriculum Map - Wikispaces

You will also find examples of teaching resources and assessment. ... 6. What is a map scale, compass rose, and map legend used for? SS.B. ... Houghton-Mifflin online activities

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The Ballad of Mulan - Curriculum Companion

Legend “The Ballad of Mulan” • The story is written as if it were being told out loud. • So far the ... realistic and they face a realistic problem. • As you read, use the graphic organizer on the next slide to list examples of how Mulan is like a real person and how she is like a ...

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Design an Island Worksheet - sitesALIVE

Design an Island Worksheet ... Some examples might be trails, railroads, rivers, wetlands, parks, mines, ... one open corner of the map. The legend should include all of the topographic symbols used on the map and their meaning. Title: OceansandIslandsFINALTG.PDF Author:

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Maniac Magee By Jerry Spinelli A Teaching Unit - S&T Publications

Complete the following graphic organizer to map out the actions that make Maniac Magee a legendary character. . . . . . What makes Maniac a legend? ... What do little kids from all over bring to Maniac? ... c. to help create Maniac Magee as a legend d. to offer Maniac Magee a best friend

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Gallipoli Campaign - In search of a legend

Gallipoli Campaign - In search of a legend 1 ... Use the suggested examples to help you formulate your own answers. ... labuses and create a rubric or grid to map the appropriate outcomes students will achieve by completing the activities.

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Instructional Map - Social Studies Third Grade

legend (map key) compass rose country region mountain hemisphere ... TN History for Kids(Charleston, Chicago, Knoxville, Los Angeles, www.tnhistoryforkids.orgMemphis, ... Instructional Map- Social Studies Third Grade

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Topic 1 What Makes Something Alive ? - VDOE :: Virginia ...

What Makes Something Alive? TABLE OF CONTENTS TOPIC 1 ... map? (e.g., title, map legend, compass rose) -What kind of a map is this particular map? (e.g., road map) ... Collection of pictures/examples of living and nonliving things

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Session 9: Map Legend ... The Enhanced Scope and Sequence is organized by topics from the ... These materials are intended as examples of how the knowledge and skills

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Subject: Calendar: Timeframe: 3rd - Troup Independent School ...

... River, Valley, Volcano, Geography, Grid, Distance, Map Scale, Map Key, Legend, Symbol, Distance, Locate, Intermediate, Compass Rose, Cardinal ... Map Skills McGraw-Hill Time for Kids Readers: Geography Tools TA TEKS: 3.4A, B GT Modifications: ... Give examples of how a simple business works 8.

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Graphical Representation of Data - Wikispaces

Graphical Representation of Data Chapter 3 ... corresponding year is shown in the centre at the top of the map/diagram. • Legend or Index: The index must clearly explain the colours, shades, ... Examples which can be shown as polygraph are: • The growth rate of different crops like rice, ...

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Third Grade - Mrs. Saunders Classroom Website

questions activity under third grade science. ... map legend (key), compass rose, title, symbols and make it neat!! ... neighborhood or park, and find examples of mimicry, camouflage or another animal adaptation. Author: Jessica Created Date:

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Transitioning to the Common Core: 4th Grade Social Studies ...

map legend inset map map scale cardinal directions ... (provide categories, have students select categories, kids play guess my ... Create analogies, similes, or metaphors (provide sentence frames, examples, and modeling) *Students can create response cards evaluating group ...

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A Multidisciplinary Integrated Curriculum Unit for Grades 5–8

Describe and give examples of ways in which the Maya interacted with the physical environment, ... Create a Map Legend on your map. ... Mayan Kids http://mayankids ...

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Welcome to the world of Gumbo Island, where all of Louisiana ...

Give each group a map of Louisiana and a highlighter. 2. ... Britt took us to Natchitoches to see where Clementine Hunter lived, and to New Orleans where Edgar Degas once lived. Both Clementine Hunter and Edgar Degas were very ... Explain and identify what a map legend is and how to read one. 6.

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Activity 3.4 Plotting Temperatures on a Weather Map

Activity 3.4 Plotting Temperatures on a Weather Map ... The standard isotherm interval is 10 degrees. Colors can then be added to highlight each ten degree zone of temperature. Today, isotherm maps are ... include a legend on the side of the map.

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