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HiMedia Products Catalogue 2011-12 - Romvac

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HiMedia Products Catalogue 2011-12 - Romvac

HiMedia Products Catalogue 2012-13 HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Limited HiMediaLaboratories TM expect only Quality from us TM Ready Prepared Media Dehydrated Culture Media, Bases


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Bacillus Medium - HiMedia Labs

HiMedia Laboratories Technical Data 1. Rey M. W. et al, 2004, Genome Biol., 2004, 5(10). 2. Catalogue of Bacteria and Bacteriophages, 1992, 18th Edition, American Type Culture Collection.


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BG11 Broth - HiMedia Labs

3.ATCC Catalogue of Bacteria & Bacteriophages 18th edition, 1992. Revision : 1 / 2011 HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. ... HiMedia™ Laboratories Pvt Ltd reserves the right to make changes to specifications and information related to the products at any time.


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Price List 2014 20 15 - S D Fine

Price List 2014‐20 15. Laboratory Reagents / Speciality / Research Chemicals / Lab Instruments / Labwares / Life Science / Molecular Biology Reagents


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Kadapa, AP-516 003 Department of Zoology Dr. N. Venkata Rami ...

# Name of the chemical Quantity Make Catalogue # 1 DMEM/F12 (1:1) 500ml Invitrogen 31330-038 2 Biotin 1g Sigma B-4639 3 D ... 13 DMEM 500ml Himedia AL007S 14 HiSep 500 ml Himedia LA001 . Author: Dakshayani Lomada Created Date:


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Date: 25/11/13 NOTICE FOR RATE CONTRACT - University of Burdwan

It is hereby notified to submit annual rate contract proposal on respective catalogue ... Himedia 6. SRL 7. Spectrochem 8. Sigma Aldrich 9. Borosil 10. Tarsons 11. Invitrogen 12. Qiagen 13. Biobharati 14. Chromas biotech 15. IDT


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NOTICE FOR CALLING QUOTATION To, M/s - Aligarh Muslim University

... HiMedia, Tarson, Ajay Kumar & Co.etc. 4. Autoclave : Different make / model & size . 5. BOD Incubator ……………….do ... Catalogue / Brochure and certificate for after sales service. Mention Rebate / Discount (if any) on Current Price List for Branded items / equipments ...


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m-ENDO LES AGAR - Dalynn

m-ENDO LES AGAR - For in vitro use only - Catalogue No. PE54 & PE55 Our m-Endo LES Agar is a selective membrane filtration medium used for the


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HIMEDIA LABORATORIES Ltd. (Mfg. Culture Media, Plastic Ware & Chemicals) BOROSIL GLASS WORKS Ltd., (Mfg. Scientific & Laboratory Glassware) JAIN SCIENTIFIC GLASS WORKS (Mfg. all types of Glass Fabricated Items) M.K. SILICONE PRODUCTS Pvt. Ltd.


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Price List - Chemicals & Solvents - University of Houston

Price List - Chemicals & Solvents e-mail: researchstores @ uh.edu Orders: 713.743.2638 SKU (click for more info) Description Supplier 03-Mar-2011 03-Mar-2011


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Codes ME I MU I MB The dehydrated culture media prescribed by European pharma, US pharma and British pharma appearing in HiMedia catalogue / price list under the code


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Product Catalogue 2012-2013 Ready Prepared Media

Product Catalogue 2012-2013 Ready Prepared Media Scored Petri plates Prepared Petri plates w/β lactamase Prepared media in Biplates DriFilter™ Membrane Nutrient Pad Media HiTouch™ Flexi Plates ... Microsoft Word - himedia catalog_edit_new_


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Protocol for Comet Assay

ITRC: THE SCGE/ COMET ASSAY PROTOCOL 2 Add ingredients to about 700 mL dH 2O and begin stirring the mixture.


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our E-Catalogue. pricelist 2011-12 on IS t May 2011 hence new pricelist will be applicable from IS t May 2011 only ... HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Limited A-406, Bhaveshwar Plaza, Mumbai - 400 086, India. . (022) 4095 1919 / 2500 3747


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Description of Leifsonia kafniensis sp. nov. and Leifsonia ...

tion kit (catalogue no. KB003; Himedia) and parts A, B and C of the HiCarbohydrate kit (catalogue no. KB009; Himedia), according to the manufacturer’s protocols. For quantitative analysis of whole-cell fatty acids, cells of KFC-22T and SPC-20T were grown on tryptic soy agar


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In vitro antimicrobial activity in certain plant products ...

1Antibiotic susceptibility profile was generated in our lab by disc diffusion assay using antibiotic discs from HiMedia. Organism MTCC no. 1Remarks (with inputs from MTCC catalogue) Pseudomonas syringae 673 Resistant to Cefaclor and Cefadroxil


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Comparing Hand-hygiene Measures in a Neonatal ICU: A ...

Methods Agar with Tween 80 and Lecithin (Catalogue No. M302, HiMedia Labs, Mumbai, India)]. The plates were incubated under aerobic conditions for 48 hrs and colonies counted. Bacterial contamination of the hand was assessed in terms of colony forming unit count


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Chapter 3

from Himedia Laboratories Pvt., Copper sulphate from SRL Pvt Ltd. Total protein standard ... Diagnostics, Baroda. Heparan sulphate (catalogue no H760), DMB (catalogue no 341088) and all other chemicals were purchased from Sigma Aldrich. Human IgG, Anti


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A Simple and Efficient Method for High Quality DNA Extraction ...

(Sigma, Catalogue No. H6269) Absolute and 70 % Ethanol Sodium Chloride (Himedia, Cat# RM853) RNase A (Fermentas, Cat# EN0531) Polyvinyl polypyrrolidone (Himedia, Cat# RM10324) Sodium acetate (Himedia, Cat# MB048) Safe ...


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2.2 Media - INFLIBNET

Catalogue no. 521010) and microfuge tube (Tarsons Catalogue no. 500010) (200μl) cut into diameter of 1 mm. ... (Himedia, India, melting point 58.5°C). Myristic acid was melted and applied with the aid of a small loop of bent tungsten wire.


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Greater Noida, G.B. Nagar (U.P.) - Gautam Buddha University

Name of chemicals Brand Catalogue No. Qty. Reqd. Price Tax @ G. Total (Rs.) 1. L-LISAmTOR Merck CBA104 01 2. Peptone Himedia RM006-500 G 01 3. Agar Himedia RM201-500G 01 4. EDTA (Tetrasodium Salt) Himedia RM4918-100G 01 5. TORIN2 TOCRIS 4248 ...


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SN Name of the chemical Catalogue number Brand name ... 19 DMSO TC185 Himedia 20 Cardboard cryobox 524021 Tarsons 21 cryogloves 381110 tarsons ... 43 CytoSpin* 4 Cytocentrifuge A78300003 Thermoscientifics


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Deinococcus indicus sp. nov., an arsenic-resistant bacterium ...

catalogue no. PHWP02500) and added to the medium at a final concentration of 5 g l21 before plates were poured. ... HiMedia. SDS-PAGE was performed according to the method of Laemmli (1970). Isolation of DNA and deter-mination of its G+C content were performed as described


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In Vitro Phytochemical Analysis for Combating Urinary Tract ...

against standard antibiotics (Himedia, Mumbai) to get the antibiotic sensitivity pattern. Antibiotics which have ... S.No. Name of antibiotics Abbreviation Concentration/disc Catalogue number (Himedia) 1. Ampicillin A 5mcg SD002 2. ...


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Molecular Typing and Probiotic Attributes of a New Strain of ...

The ATCC catalogue contains one deposited strain ... All the chemicals and culture media used in this study were from Himedia, Difco and Sigma chemicals and were of analytically pure grades. Isolation and presumptive identification: ...


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Assessment of Pathogenic Bacteria from Ice Cream and Ice Pop ...

Marcy-1’Etoile, France) and API-20E catalogue to confirm presence of E.coli. The presence of E.coli was an indication of faecal contamination. The MPN table was used to determine the num- ... (HiMEDIA). The plates were incubated at 35 °C for 24 - 48 hours. Colonies that were jet black


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International Journal of Research in Chemistry and ...

used in these investigations were either from Himedia laboratory Ltd. Mumbai (India) or from E. Merck Ltd. Mumbai (India) and were used without further ... Catalogue of strains-2000 (5th edition), Microbial Type Culture Collection and Gene Bank Institute of Microbial Technology ...


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Greater Noida, G.B. Nagar (U.P.)

Catalogue No. Quantity required . Price : Tax @ G. Total (Rs.) 1 L-LISA mTOR (recombinant) activity kit Merck CBA104 01 . 2 . Agarose (100gm) Himedia : MB080 . 01 : 3 . Tris base . Himedia : MB029-1kg . 01 :


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Multigene sequence-based identification of Colletotrichum ...

trose agar (PDA), potato carrot agar (PCA) (Himedia, India) and synthetic nutri-ent agar (SNA, Nirenberg 1976) media and grown at 20 °C for 7 days. ... (Zymo Research, USA, Catalogue number D6005) and stored at –20 °C. Morphological characterisation. Morphological characterisation


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NOTICE - University of Burdwan

Please note that you shall have to execute the order on the basis of catalogue prices operative on the date of issue on the formal order. Thanking you Yours sincerely, (A. K. Ghosh) ... Himedia 6. SRL 7. Spectrochem 8. Sigma Aldrich . Title: To


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Engyodontium album, a new species of microscopic fungi for ...

Engyodontium album, a new species of microscopic fungi ... (Himedia, Bombay). The pure culture was kept on MEA and SAB agars in the dark at room temperature (22{25 C). ... Catalogue of Filamentous Fungi. Novit. Bot. Univ. Carol., Praha, 120 pp.


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... CDH, Merck, HiMedia T arson, Borosil, Polylab do S.N0. B. i. ii. iii. iv. vii. viii. ix. i. ii. iii. iv. vii. Item Glassware Branded items Ordinary (as given below): ... Catalogue / Brochure with your quotation along with 'Authorization Certificate' in case of authorized dealer of the firm.


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Synthesis of an Active Antimicrobial Packaging Material Based ...

ISSN: 2319-8753 International J ournal of Innovative R esearch in S cience, E ngineering and T echnology (An ISO 3297: 2007 Certified Organization)


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राष्ट्रीय पशु जैव ...

Plastic ware / Consumables on Catalogue /Price List basis with discount offered for the following Manufacturer’s products. I Chemicals / Media / Kits / Consumables Qualigence Fine Chemicals / Himedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Genei Pvt. Ltd / Fisher Chemicals / TakaRa ...


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Rate Contract for the supply of Chemicals & Glassware Item No. 29

MAKE: Axygen, BDH, HiMedia, Sigma-Aldrich, Merck, S.R.L. S. D. Fine, Labscan, Rankem, Promega, Bangalore Genei, Spectrochem, Chromous Biotech, Stratagene, MoBio, Biogene ... Price mentioned in catalogue . Title: TENDER FOR Author: BATU-VIP


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Copy EMERGENCE OF - International Journal Of Science

distilled water and streaked on UTI agar plates (Himedia DT001), incubated at 37 0C overnight. The ... Classified group Catalogue number 1 Cefpodoxime CPD 4µg 16 µg 3rd gen. cepham SD725 2 Cephalexin CN 0.24µg 0.96 µg 1st gen. cepham HX035 3 ...


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Meth I Oran e Indicator (Himedia 1006-125mI Laur I Sul hate Broth(Himedia) M080-l k Brillant Green Bile Broth Himedia) MI 21-100 m EDTA AR Himedia ... Catalogue, test certificate and MRP of respective company etc. if any.


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Short Communication Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of ...

nutrient agar (Himedia) table 1. Extraction procedure: Leaf was washed under running tap water, excess ... List of tested bacterial strains and their catalogue numbers Bacteria Catalogue number Bacillus subtilis 2545 Enterococcus faecalis 2356 Escherichia coli 2641


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Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya

catalogue number positively. The Purchase Committee reserves the right to reject any or all quotation without assigning ... Himedia 1 Kg 4 UV -Tube, Philips, TL8W 6 5 Ammonium Metavandata, EM, 101226, 100g 100g 6 Ammonium heptamolybdate tetrahydrate,


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TENDER DOCUMENT FOR - Home: National Centre for Antarctic and ...

Axygen, HiMedia, Sigma-Aldrich, Merck, I.V, SD Fine, Promega, Spectrochem, Chromous Biotech, MoBio, Invitrogen, Fermentas Life Sciences, Imperial Life Sciences ... CD of your catalogue/Price List in the prescribed format given below should be


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Infraspecific diversity of Beauveria bassiana from India ...

(PDA, HiMedia) and incubated at 25 °C for 5–8 days. ... (Catalogue number D6005, Zymo Research, USA). The quality and concentration of DNA extracted was assessed by 0.8% agarose gel electrophoresis and Nanodrop Spectrophotometer ND- 1000 ...


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Grimontia indicaAK16T, sp. nov., Isolated from a Seawater ...

inoculation on Marine agar 2216 (MA; HIMEDIA, India) in ... on marine agar plates at 30uC. The DNA of the bacterium was isolated using DNA isolation kit (Zymo Research, California; catalogue number D6005). All reagents ... tion of Vibrio hollisae as Grimontia hollisae gen. nov., comb. nov ...


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Could the Miraculous Springs in the Pardubice Region Be Used ...

Tergitol 7 Agar (HiMedia, Mumbai, India) (CSN EN ISO 9308-1:2001). For the determination of col-iform microorganisms, the CSN ISO 75 7837:2010 ... tion of chlorides (catalogue number 114401), iron (cat. No. 114403), phosphates (cat. No. 114445),


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RESEARCH ARTICLES Identification and establishment of genomic ...

garh (http://mtcc.imtech.res.in/catalogue.php), which is the national repository of microbes in India. Chat-topadhyay and Mukhopadhyay21 reported bacterial wilt of ... (HiMedia, Mumbai, India) concentration was used in the media. Twitching motility study


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In vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity of crude ...

and were maintained in nutrient agar (Himedia). —————— ... catalogue numbers Bacteria Catalogue number Bacillus subtilis MTCC B2274 Enterococcus faecalis MTCC B0439 Escherichia coli MTCC B9637 Klebsiella pneumoniae MTCC B2405 Micrococcus luteus MTCC B1538 Proteus vulgaris MTCC B0426


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Himedia Laboratories Imset InVitrogen & Aìplied Bios stems Pvt. Ltd. JT Baker Labex Corporation Life Technologies Loba Chemie Merck Merck Millipore Mettler Milan ... At least two copies of Catalogue should be enclosed, along with quotation.


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Guwahati Biotech Park

/Sigma/Ranbaxy(RANKEM)/BDH/Himedia/SRL/Spectro chem/CDH/SDF/Fluka/Aldrich/ Lancaster/Acros/Armor for their Indian & Imported agent LR/AR/HPLC ... (Soft copy) of your catalogue/Price List for the year 2011-2012 should be submitted along


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Synthetic quercetin inhibits mycobacterial growth possibly by ...

Quercetin (Catalogue No. Q4951) and resazurin were obtained from Sigma Aldrich & Co (USA). Bovine Serum Albumin, ... HiMedia & Co (India). DMSO from Rankem (India).The M. smegmatis mc2 155and M. tuberculosis (H37Ra) were purchased from Microbial Type Culture Collection (MTCC), Chandigarh, India.


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Purification and characterization of laccase from ...

either from Himedia Laboratory Ltd., Mumbai (India) or from E Merck Ltd., Mumbai (India) and were used without further purification. ... Catalogue of strains-2000 (5th edn), Microbial Type Culture Collection and Gene Bank Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, p. 60


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Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical ...

... (Human monocytic cell lines) was cultured in RPMI 1640 [HIMEDIA] media, supplemented with 10% heat inactivated FBS, antibiotics ... //www.researchgate.net/publication/36447396_Catalogue_of_Siddha_medici nal_plants?ev=prf_pub. [9] S Gurudeepan, K Satyavani, T ...


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