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Extension Cords & Power Strips - Compliance

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Extension Cords & Power Strips - Compliance

Office of Compliance Safety and Health FAST FACTS Examples of Improper Extension Cords and Power Strips To the right is a common example of improper


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Office of Compliance fast facts

fast facts Temporary Extension Cords and Power Connectors Should Not Be Used for Permanent Wiring January 2010 Office of Compliance advancing safety, health, and workplace rights in the legislative branch


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Electrical Safety For General Industry

Are Extension Cords Allowable by OSHA ... OSHA requires that live electrical parts be deenergized before the employee works on or near them, unless the employer can demonstrate that deenergizing introduces additional or increased hazards or is infeasible due to equipment


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OSHA FACTSHEET Elect.Safety - Occupational Safety and Health ...

Extension Cords Normal wear on cords ... rent. • Use only equipment that is approved to meet OSHA standards. • Do not modify cords or use them incorrectly. • Use factory-assembled cord sets and only exten-sion cords that are 3-wire type. ... • Visually inspect electrical equipment before ...


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SAFETY MEETING TOPIC: Extension Cords - EHS Compliance

SAFETY MEETING TOPIC: Extension Cords . OSHA Standard: 1926.400-415 Electrical . We use extension cords almost every day both at work and at home.


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Cal/OSHA Guide to Electrical Safety - California Department ...

Cal/OSHA Guide to. Electrical Safety. Cal/OSHA Consultation Service. ... Worn/damaged electrical cords Improperly used extension cords Overloaded outlets No warning signs Working under wet conditions


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Extension Cord Safety FactSheet - Texas Department of Insurance

Extension Cord Safety FactSheet HS04-014A (1-06) Employers and employees need to consider an important element of electrical safety in the workplace — safe use of extension cords. The most important thing to remember is that extension cords are for


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Toolbox Talks Extension Cord Safety - Painting Contractors ...

OSHA www.Oshasafety-pias.com/toolboxtalks The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that each year, about 4,000 injuries associated with electric extension cords are treated in hospital emergency rooms.


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ExTENsION CORDs - Imperial Supplies LLC

ExTENSION CORdS • All-weather cord with blue rubber-like jacket for increased flexibility in cold weather. ... IMPERIAL® HEAVY-dUTY ExTENSION CORdS • Meets all OSHA requirements. SJTW-A orange UL listed. • Volts: 125, Color: Orange


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Extension and Flexible Cords: Safety Guidelines & OSHA Standards

Extension and Flexible Cords: Safety Guidelines & OSHA Standards. Flexible extension cords are widely used at marinas, construction sites, yacht clubs, homes, businesses, and more.


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Guidelines for Extension Cord Use - Georgia Tech ...

Guidelines for Extension Cord Use Extension cords are only to be used for temporary purposes. They do not replace the need for installation of outlets and proper wiring where necessary.


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Electrical Safety and Lockout/Tagout for Construction

Electrical Safety and Lockout/Tagout for Construction . To remember electrical hazards, think BE SAFE: • Burn • Electrocution • Shock ... • Improper use of extension and flexible cords Protecting Yourself from Electrocution Hazards


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Is it Ok to Repair Electrical Cords ? - Wyoming Department of ...

Is it Ok to Repair Electrical Cords? Even heavy duty extension cords become damaged. Because they can be expensive, you may be asked to make a repair, rather than get a new cord.


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extension cord safety - SFM

Extension cords are commonly used in construc-tion. They enable workers to use electrical tools away from a power source. You’ll hear the term, “temporary power.” It comes from the OSHA 1926 Construction Standards, ... Extension cord safety. Title: extension cord safety.qxp


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Name of Company: Date of Inspection: Extension Cords (up to ...

Extension Cords (up to four on form) Length of cord inspected (example -25’ – 50’ – 100’) ... You should refer to OSHA standards for specific guidance that may apply to your work situation. Author: OSHA-USER Created Date:


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Electrical Extension Cords - Mine Safety and Health ...

MSHA's Accident Prevention Program Safety Tip Electrical Extension Cords Category : Electrical Mine Type: All Mines Electrical extension cords can be a source of fires and electrical shock when misused at the mine or at home.


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Risk Safety Services - UC Agriculture & Natural Resources

extension cords, killing 50 people and injuring about 270 others. The most frequent causes of such fires are short circuits, overloading, damage and/or misuse of extension cords. Here are some guidelines to follow when using an extension cord:


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ELECTRICAL$SAFETY Introduc7on - APCA Web Site | An ...

ELECTRICAL$SAFETY Introduc7on: OSHA’s’General’Industry’Standards’for’Electrical’Safety’in’the’workplace’are’found’in’29’CFR ... • Extensioncords,’portable’tools,’and’trouble’lights’should’be’plugged’into’GFCI


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Compliments of Extension Cord Safety – Important Facts to ...

The use of unapproved extension cords is a violation of both OSHA and National Fire Protection Association codes. The OSHA Code of Federal Regulations 29CFR1910.303 (a) states that conductors and equipment are acceptable for use only if they are approved by rec-


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University of Tennessee Extension Cord Safety

University of Tennessee Environmental Health and Safety March 2012 Safety Newsletter Extension Cord Safety


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extenSion cordS

extenSion cordS IMpERIAL ... IMpERIAL® HEAVy-duty ExtENSION cORdS • Meets all OSHA requirements. SJTW-A orange UL listed. • Volts: 125, Color: Orange Part No. Wire size aMPs Watts volts leNgtH Qty. 71137 12/3 15 1,875 125 50' 1 71138 12/3 15 1,875 125 100' 1


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The Standards and Technical Resources Section of Oregon OSHA produced this fact sheet to highlight our programs, policies, or standards. ... extension cords and equipment (plug connected) for external defects before using them. Conduct


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Consumer Product Safety Commission Extension Cords Fact Sheet

Extension Cords Fact Sheet CPSC Home > Publicalions >Current Consumer Product Safety Commission Extension Cords Fact Sheet CPSC Document #I6 ... OSHA's standard at 29 CFR 51910.303(b)(2), Installation and use, requires that "Listed or


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Top 10 Ways to Ensure a Successful OSHA Audit

To join our free monthly OSHA e-newsletter, click here. OSHA Compliance Essentials Top 10 Ways to Ensure a Successful OSHA Audit Presented By ... Extension cords are a major cause of tripping and fall hazards and therefore are under a


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(OSHA 29CFR 1926 Subpart K) - Navajo County, Arizona

(OSHA 29CFR 1926 Subpart K) Cable Damage Flexible cords may be damaged by door or window edges, staples and fastenings, abrasion ... • Extension cords must never be fastened with staples, hung from nails or suspended by wire.


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Extension Cords - Partsmaster

M M.21 Extension Cords Shop Extension Cords 300-volt Extension cord with bright orange for high visibility, which improves safety. The plugs and connectors are heat-sealed and molded to


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Extension Cord Safety We use extension cords almost every day both at work and at home. These are very useful devices, but they can present a fire or shock hazard when either worn out or used


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Factsheet: Extension Cord Facts - NYCOSH

Page 1 of 1 | Extension Cords Factsheet: Extension Cord Facts . With the wide use of power tools on construction sites, flexible extension cords often are necessary.


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OSHA Region 1 Cooperative and State Programs Electrical ...

OSHA Region 1 Cooperative and State Programs Electrical Training/Inspection “Roll Up” Extension Cords GFCIs Power tools


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Some Do's and Don'ts of Office Safety - Main Menu

OSHA Office of Training and Education OFFICE SAFETY/offisaft/1-95 7 SOME DO'S AND DON'TS OF OFFICE SAFETY 1. ... Extension cords should not rest on steam pipes or other metallic surfaces. Better still, do not use extension cords. U.S. Department of Labor


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Extension Cords and Nyloc Safety Grip Plugs and Connectors

Extension Cords and Nyloc Safety Grip Plugs and Connectors Applications • Heavy-duty industrial grade cords withstand rough use. Features • Yellow thermoplastic SJTW ... • Meets OSHA requirements Applications • Ideal for fast, easy wiring. Features


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Extension cords – who can repair them? - Oregon Home ...

Extension cords – who can repair them? When a worker at a construction site inspects an extension cord and determines that it needs to be repaired, who can repair it?


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Extension Cord Safety - College of William & Mary

Extension Cords Also referred to as “ Extension Cord Sets ” Any length of flexible, multi-conductor cord – Having a male “attachment plug” at one end for plugging


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Those Helpful, Hazardous Extension Cords - Union College

Those Helpful, Hazardous Extension Cords If you leave an extension cord on the floor long enough, one of several things will happen to it: It will be stolen, tripped over, or damaged.


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SAFETY BREAK - California Department of Public Health

Cal/OSHA does not allow extension cords to be passed through holes in walls, floors,ceilings,or through windows or doors unless properly sleeved.


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d-fault protection standards when extension cords are plugged ...

employer could avoid the requirements simply by powering tools by means of extension cords from permanent receptacle outlets. G enerally, extension cords are equipment used as temporary wiring ... OSHA requirements are set by statute, standards and regulations.


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Extension Cord Program - Ferguson Enterprises

Extension Cord Program Outdoor Extension Cords All-Weather Extension Cords Twist-to-Lock Extension Cords Adapters RAP31205 25ft 12/3 SJEOW Triple-Tap Lighted End BU/OR 8 30.0 15.9 13.8 9.4 1.19 14401-5


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OSHA - WI Author: David Burtt OSHA - WI Question 1: Section 1926.405 Electrical: Wiring Methods, Components and Equipment for General Use ... Extension cords cannot be fastened to the wall or hung from nails. Question 8: Which of the following electric cords may be used?


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Extension cords – who can repair them? - Building Central ...

Extension cords – who can repair them? When a worker at a construction site inspects an extension cord and determines that it needs to be repaired, who can repair it?


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Be Wary of Extension Cords - Union College

Be Wary of Extension Cords Fires, shocks, and electrocutions are potential perils that can accompany the misuse of extension cords—or the use of cords with faulty wiring and loose connections.


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THE BREHMER AGENCY Electrical Safety

OSHA has pretty strict requirements for electrical safety in the construction stan-dard. The electrical standard is easy to comply with, but takes some work.


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Extension Cord Facts - General Cable

extension cords are 16 AWG, 14 AWG, 12 AWG and 10 AWG. The smaller the AWG number, the larger the size of the copper wire and wattage rating. What do the amp and watt ratings mean? Never plug more than the ... Extension Cord Facts. Created Date:


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Electrical Safety White Paper - IAAPA - The International ...

“Mixed Daisy Chain”, with the improper interconnecting of power strips and extension cords, which is a direct OSHA and NEC violation because doing so can cause them to become overloaded, ... Un-acceptable combinations of extension cords and power strips.


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OSHA Consultation's Construction Industry Series: Electrical ...

Electrical hazards are 1 of the 4 main hazards in construction causing serious ... OSHA requires employees not to work near any part of an electrical power cir ... • Use only extension cords that are marked with a designation code for hard or


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OSHA Region 1 Cooperative and State Programs Electrical ...

OSHA Region 1 Cooperative and State Programs Electrical Training/Inspection "Roll Up" Extension Cords GFCIs Power tools


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ToolBox Talk - CoffeeCup Software

Flexible extension cords are often necessary to provide electricity to the tool. Due to the very reasons they are used ... What will we do here at the worksite today to prevent injuries from extension cords? 1. 2. 3. OSHA REGULATION: 1926.404-405 ©2013, CPWR – The Center for Construction ...


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Tool Box Talk: Electrical Safety - swrionline.org

Tool Box Talk: Electrical Safety Electric shock can cause burns, shocks, ... Extension Cords: Extension cords are convenient ways to provide power to portable equipment. ... Through the OSHA and SWRInstitute Alliance, ...


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Safety Orange Extension Cords - General Cable

OSHA Acceptable Occupational Safety and Health Administration Outdoor Extension Cords 2 ® Outdoor Powr-Center® Extension Cords 3 Conductor Grounded • Type STW, SJEOOW and SJTW • -40ºC to 60˚C • 300 and 600 Volts


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Summary of Comments and Agency Decisions Title: Division 2 ...

Extension cords are typically used to extend the length of the power supply cord on a tool or device to reach a nearby receptacle outlet. Oregon OSHA considers the extension cord set to be a temporary wiring installation.


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Power Strips & Dangerous “Daisy Chains”

“mixed daisy chain,” which is interconnecting extension cords and power strips. ... • Extension cords are sometimes used to energize power strips in locations far ... • OSHA’s regulations allow extension cords to be used only as temporary wir-


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