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HOME INSPECTION CHECKLIST - CLTA TitleWizard(tm) - Title ...

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HOME INSPECTION CHECKLIST - CLTA TitleWizard(tm) - Title ...

condo alone. Common features such as roofs, plumbing, hallways, and stairs; elevators; shared heating and cooling units; and swimming pools must also be assessed. ... Home Inspection Checklist before the inspection, be sure to discuss any

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Total Home Inspection Checklist

TOTAL HOME INSPECTION INSPECTION CHECKLIST v.1.0 CALL US AT: 203-966-8801 2 ____ Visible foundation in good condition - appears straight, plumb, with no significant

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Rental Inspection Checklist - AF

Rental Inspection Checklist Complete this inventory checklist as soon as you sign the lease. Do not move anything into your apartment till after you have filled this out.

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Condominium Inspection Report - Cornerstone Inspection Group

immediately. Some of these items will be the responsibility of the homeowners' association. The following checklist should ... inspection, these items would ... Condo.doc Author: Chuck LeCraw Created Date:

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Inspection checklist completed on (date) _____ at (time)_____and approved by: Owner / Manager: _____ Tenants: _____ Title move-in-inspection-checklist Created Date: 8/6/2008 12:00:00 AM ...

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CMJ ENGINEERING, LTD. - Professional Engineer, Structural ...

Do-it Yourself Home Inspection Many homeowners can perform a basic walk-through home inspection on their own. We have provided a condensed checklist for you to print and use if would like to “Do-It Yourself”.

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UCSC: Condition of Rental Property Checklist

move-in checklist during the pre-move out inspection and again when determining if any of the tenant’s deposit will be retained for cleaning or repairs after move-out. BE SPECIFIC and DETAILED when filling out the checklist. Property Address Landlord/Manager Name (Print)

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Rental Inspection Checklist - BALANCE

Rental Unit Address: _____ Inspection Date: _____ Living Room Floors_____ Walls ... We agree that the defects noted in the Rental Inspection Checklist were present before the undersigned tenants moved in.

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Checklist for Condominium Homeowners

Checklist for Condominium Homeowners . ... - Copy of the Condominum Association's System Inspection Form for common septic system currently on file with the municipal Board of Health (if applicable) These additional documents are also needed: a.

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New Home Inspecition Checklist - Lowe's

New Home Inspection Checklist Sponsored by Advantage Inspection As a buyer, a thorough home inspection is your first step toward protecting your investment in your new home.

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Condo & HOA Smart Inspection & Due Diligence Checklist

Condo & HOA Smart Inspection & Due Diligence Checklist 1-800-572-2360 The purchase of real estate in a Condominium or Homeowners Association is one of the

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Ellington Vacant Unit Inspection Form

Vacant Unit Inspection 2801 First Avenue • Seattle, WA 98121 • (206) 443-9599 • (206) 443-1672 – fax • [email protected] ... Vacant Unit Inspection Checklist DATE/TIME COMPLETED BY ITEM LOCATION Toilets Leaking ...

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Professional Home Professional Home Inspection Checklist ...

Professional Home Professional Home Inspection Checklist Inspection Checklist For the Home Buyer For the Home Buyer From Foundations to RoofsRoofsRoofs and

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Your Complete Guide to Home Inspections - Chase

The Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers: • Allow 2-2½ hours for a home inspection (1-1½ for a condo). • The buyer (client) should accompany the home inspector--for educational value. • Contact the property owner to confirm the date, time (during daylight

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Self-Inspection Checklist - Homeowners Association Services

8‐2011 Concord Village Community Association Self­Inspection Checklist Purpose The purpose of this self‐inspection checklist is to educate Association members on what items will be covered in

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Final Walk-Through Checklist - All Aspects Home Inspections Inc

Final Walk-Through Checklist The final walk-through gives homebuyers an opportunity to inspect a property before closing on the sale of a property. During the walk-through, buyers can determine if the repair work they requested in the sales agreement has

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Landlord/Tenant Walk-Through Checklist GENERAL CONDITION OF ...

© 2004 Nolo Landlord/Tenant Walk-Through Checklist Page 1 Landlord/Tenant Walk-Through Checklist GENERAL CONDITION OF RENTAL UNIT AND PREMISES _____ _____ _____ Street Address Unit Number City Condition on Arrival Condition on Departure ...

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Inventory Checklist for Residential tenants

INVENTORY CHECKLIST FOR _____ You are being provided with two copies of the Inventory Checklist. You should complete one checklist, noting the condition of the rental property, and return it to the landlord within 7 days after obtaining ...

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Move-In Inspection Report (Condition of Apartment)

Move-In Inspection Report (Condition of Apartment) Windows & Locks Doors & Locks Screens Outside Entrances Air Conditioner Water Heater

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Annual Rental Inspection Checklist - New Paltz Property ...

Annual Rental Inspection Checklist 2012-INTERIOR Village of New Paltz, Department of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement property address apt. no.

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U.S. Department of Housing Inspection Form and Urban ...

Inspection Form and Urban Development (exp. 04/30/2014) Housing ChoiceVoucher Program Office of Public and Indian Housing ... If it is a complaint inspection, fill out onlythose checklist itemsfor which complaint is lodged. Determine, if possible, ...

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Home Inspection Checklist - Invis West Coast Mortgages

Home Inspection Checklist Print this checklist and take it with you when you’re taking a close look at a home before making an offer on it. Use it to

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INVENTORY CHECKLIST - Stony Brook University

INVENTORY CHECKLIST This inventory form is for your protection. It helps establish the condition of your apartment at the time of your arrival, and should ... Date of Arrival Inspection Date of Departure Inspection Tenant Signature ...

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NEW LEASE PACKET CHECKLIST The Newberry Plaza Condominium Association requires that the following items be submitted to the Management Office thirty (30) days in advance of new tenant occupancy. ALL FUNDS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN THE FORM OF CERTIFIED CHECKS, CASHIERS

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Standard Home Inspection Checklist - Real Estate Inspections

This Standard Home Inspection Checklist, Summary Report, Notes and Photos may not address every problem that may exist with this property at the time of the inspection. CPM Real Estate Inspections, Inc. makes no warranty that there

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Helping Families Make, the Right Move since 1985

Helping Families Make, "the Right Move" since 1985 New Home Inspection Checklist… Your builder will likely start the inspection inside the home and proceed from room to room.

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Condo Approval Checklist - Veterans Benefits Administration Home

inspection (Low/High Rises and Conversions only) ... Mail completed condo packages to: Department Of Veterans Affairs ... Cleveland, OH 44199 Condo approval may take up to 4 weeks. Faxed or E-mailed submissions cannot be accepted. For detailed information see VA Pamphlet 26-7 Chapter 16.

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BUYER’S CHECKLIST - | Foreclosures ...

1 Home Buying Checklist Step-by-step guide: Top tips for buying a first home or your next investment property Home Buying Checklist BUYER’S CHECKLIST

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Home Inspection Checklist - Edgecombe County, North Carolina

Home Inspection Checklist - Check List On the interior, begin your inspection in the basement and then follow the system throughout each floor in the

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FHA INSPECTION CHECK LIST - International Association of ...

FHA INSPECTION CHECK LIST (Prepared for use with FHA/HUD Handbook 4150.2 ) Cliff Odom, RAA Birmingham, AL VC-1 Location Hazards And Nuisances Inspection Check List

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LANDLORD INSPECTION CHECKLIST This list is provided to help the landlord prepare for the unit inspection. We have listed "basic" conditions that provide a

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Sample Maintenance Checklist - BC Housing

Sample Maintenance Checklist YEAR: _____ GROUNDS FREQUENCY INSPECTION/MAINTENANCE DATE REFERENCE SERVICE (See Note 2) PROCEDURES (3) (4) CONTRACT (5) Playground Annually Inspect for loose cracked parts, sharp 02880 (6) Equipment edges, rot and fall protection.

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FHA Inspection Requirements Webinar - HUD/U.S.

Welcome to the FHA Appraisal Inspection Requirements Webinar Scheduled Start: 9:00 AM Mountain - We will be underway shortly – All audio for this webinar If you have any technical or

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Appraisals In-Depth Checklist - RMIC

Appraisal Checklist Loan # Borrower Name ... § Condo or Co-op – Appraiser must indicate that ... is allowed, using the exterior inspection and knowledge of current market conditions. FHLMC § If appraisal is over 120 days – the appraiser

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Self - Inspection Recommendations Apartments & Condominiums

Self - Inspection Recommendations Apartments & Condominiums State law requires that the local fire department inspect all multi-unit apartments ... Microsoft Word - Apartment-Condo Self Inspection Checklist.doc Author: anissa.hance Created Date:

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Homeowners Association Checklist - HOA Community Solutions

Homeowners Association Checklist These days there are many things to “remember” regarding your HOA. Here are a few things you may

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Apartment Damage Checklist - Penn State Berks

Apartment Damage Checklist Please list below any items which require cleaning or repairs. List also and existing damages to the unit, such as floor

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Home Fire Life Safety Inspection Checklist

375 Printers Parkway y Colorado Springs, CO 80910 Home Fire & Life Safety Inspection Checklist Thank you for participating in the Colorado Springs Fire Department Home Fire and Life

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Applicable Checklist (see Appendices F-1 through F-3) ... completed as evidenced by an engineering or architectural inspection (dated within 12 months of work / repair completion). ... condominium project listed on the FHA approval list that includes the Condo ID

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APPRAISAL REPORT CHECKLIST. Reconciliation } 42] Is the appraisal made “as is”? Yes No 43] Is the appraisal less than four months old? ... Is the project a conversion of an existing building(s) into a condo? Yes No 66] Are units, common elements and recreation facilities complete?

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Type: Condo [ ] Townhouse [ ] Single Family [ ] High Rise [ ] CONDITION ACTION TO BE TAKEN DATE COMPLETED (Condition: G = Good, F = Fair - but Watch, P= Poor Needs Immediate Action, C = Check Next Inspection) ... Microsoft Word - Inspection checklist.doc

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Condominium Sales Checklist Rev. 5/14 (WASHINGTON)

Condominium Sales Checklist (WASHINGTON) Please Print Clearly Realty Pro Broker Represents ... _____ Condo Resale Certificate NWMLS Form 27 (Rev. 7/10) ... _____ Inspection Response Form 35R (Rev.7/08) Required

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Realtor Checklist - Classic Settlements

Realtor Checklist Home Inspection Radon Inspection Lead/Mold Inspection Well/Septic Inspection/Certifications Condo/HOA Documents - Delivered to Buyer

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Date of Inspection: ... Type: Condo [ ] Townhouse [ ] Single Family [ ] High Rise [ ] CONDITION ACTION TO BE TAKEN ATE CDOMPLETED (Condition: G = Good ... A. Safety Checklist _____ _____ B. Slides ...

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Property Inspection Form Sample - Landlord e-Guide

PROPERTY INSPECTION FORM Review the following items for cleanliness and functionality. Acceptable items may be marked with an “X” (if left blank, it will be assumed they

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Apartment Checklist - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of ...

APARTMENT CHECKLIST It is in your best interest to request a walk through your new apartment/property rental with your landlord within 15 days of your

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Property Management Checklist - Century 21 Aadvantage Gold ...

Property Inspection Report (Walk-In) R Cleaning Requirement at Move-out R House Rules and Regulations R Co-Signer Application IA Credit Report R ... Property Management Checklist IA = If Applicable - R = Required Document Address: V a c a t e

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Condominium (Condo) Conversion Checklist

PHONE NUMBERS: Fire Inspection, Fire Department: 847-866-5928 Housing Planner, Planning Division: 847-866-2928 Permits/Inspections, Building Division: 847-866-2932 . Title: Condominium (Condo) Conversion Checklist Created Date:

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Checklist for setting a home inspection 2012 (2)

CONDO ! GUEST UNIT !POOL Condition: ! Excellent !Good! Fair! Poor _____ !OCCUPIED!VACANT ... Microsoft Word - Checklist for setting a home inspection 2012 (2).doc Author: jason Created Date: 8/1/2012 6:57:42 PM ...

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Worksheet)4:)Home)inspection)checklist - Maxxum Investment ...

Worksheet)4:)Home)inspection)checklist Propertyaddress Realtor/Builder)Notes Asking)price Taxes UtilityBills Excellent Heattype Good Condition/age*of*furnace Fair Plumbing ... Condo/townhouse*common* areas Skylights Total*number*of*rooms Foyer/hall Kitchen Washer/dryer Livingroom Garbage*disposal

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