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The Relevance of Confucian Philosophy to Modern Concepts of ...

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The Relevance of Confucian Philosophy to Modern Concepts of ...

The Relevance of Confucian Philosophy to Modern Concepts of Leadership and Followership Sujeeta Dhakhwa and Stacey Enriquez Faculty Sponsor: William Ahrens

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A Fresh Look at Followership - IBAM

In spite of its obvious relevance to leadership, followership is rarely discussed when corporations seek to better themselves ... charismatic leadership suggests that followers’ self-concepts may also be relevant in determining their motivations to follow certain leaders (Howell and ...

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The Ten Rules of Good Followership - AF

to be bought at the price of followership. If a subordinate ... Concepts for Air Force Leadership. Col Phillip S. Meilinger, United States Air Force, is dean of the School of Advanced Airpower Studies, Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

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THE INFLUENCE OF LEADERS’ IMPLICIT FOLLOWERSHIP THEORIES ON EMPLOYEE OUTCOMES Submitted by Uma Kedharnath ... Leadership is arguably one of the most heavily researched areas in psychology ... categorization process is based on the cognitive concepts of schemas and prototypes.

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Teaching Followership in Leadership Education

Teaching Followership in Leadership Education Deana M. Raffo Assistant Professor of Management ... objective for this lesson is that the students will identity and explain followership concepts and characteristics in contemporary society.

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Perspectives on Integrating Leadership and Followership

Perspectives on Integrating Leadership and Followership Wendelin Küpers University in Hagen, Germany ... Further concepts or theories are only partially true. The challenge is to figure out how to fit these partial truths together.

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Followership to Leadership L-280 - Wildland Fire Leadership ...

Followership to Leadership L-280. NWCG TRAINING WORKING TEAM ... • To expose firefighters to the basic concepts and theories supporting leadership in high risk work environments and add these concepts to the firefighter skill set.

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DOCUMENT RESUME ED 416 547 - ERIC - Education Resources ...

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 416 547 CS 509 746. AUTHOR Smith, Robert M. TITLE Defining Leadership through Followership: Concepts for. Approaching Leadership Development.

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Introduction to Followership - American Woodcrafters Supply

It is fundamental to remember that effective leadership requires effective followership so ... better leader is mastering the concepts of followership. Works Cited. Brown, Tom. "Great leaders need great followers." [Interview with Ira Chaleff, author of

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Leadership / Followership - CRM Devel

Leadership / Followership Recurrent Training Instructor Manual Prepared by: Joseph H. Dunlap Western Michigan University Susan J. Mangold Battelle Memorial Institute ... • Tie CRM concepts and techniques to operational issues. Put CRM into practice.

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Promoting a Positive Organizational Culture Through a ...

The literature review was conducted to understand and analyze the myriad of leadership and followership concepts affecting the culture of an organization but more importantly to ... followership and organizational culture. However, ...

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Development of the Biblical Follower Profile

The Development of the Biblical Followership Profile Leadership studies often concentrate on the traits of leaders rather than those of followers ... major categories of concepts: (a) relationship concepts, and (b) responsibility concepts.

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Leadership and Followership - SAGE Pub

Leadership and Followership Learning Objective To recognize the importance of leadership, its basic functions, qualifications ... leadership also requires being a good team member and maintaining the trust of others.

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Fellowship and Followership: Maintaining Creative Tension in ...

explores the concepts followership and fellowship and their relationship to leadership among Christians in Ghana. ... indicates the close relationship between followership and leadership. In this paper,

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The Followership Continuum: A Model for Increasing ...

The article highlights preliminary research that is used to confirm followership concepts presented by the author. The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, Vol. 9(1), 2004, ... leadership and concepts related to servant leadership.

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African Centered Leadership-Followership: Foundational ...

African Centered Leadership-Followership: Foundational Principles, Precepts, and Essential Practices by Uhuru Hotep, Ed.D. ... Concepts of leadership: The beginnings. In J.Wren, (Ed.). The leader’s companion: Insights on leadership through the ages. (pp. 49-53). New York: The Free Press.

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Followership and Leadership - Eastern Region IPMA

What‟s Ahead •Discussion of the symbiotic relationship between leadership and followership •Practical applications for both leaders and followers

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Disclosures the Flock

The Herd, The Pack, The Horde! Using the Concepts of Leadership and Followership to Separate Yourself from the Flock John Hertig, PharmD, MS Medication Safety Project Manager,

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Followership - American College of Healthcare Executives

Followership A Practical Guide to Aligning Leaders and Followers ... The New Leadership Mandate: Followership Changing Healthcare Organizations: ... should keep the following concepts about change in mind: • Change is a process ...

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Leadership, Followership and Socio-Political Development in ...

Leadership, Followership and Socio-Political Development in Post-Independence Nigeria Adegboyega Isaac, Ajayi ... The two concepts define and reinforce each other. “There can be no leading without following and of course, ...

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The Essential Interdependence of Leadership and Followership

concepts. The essential point of the IC model is that leadership is a dy namic ... Leadership and Followership: Social, Cognitive, and Organizational Perspectives," Ann Howard, Orga nizer and Chair, at the American Psychological So ciety ...

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An Investigation of Exemplary Acts of Followership: A ...

Concepts of Followership ... leadership and followership were not intelligence or character, but simply the roles played by each party. Chaleff (2003) appeared to agree, noting that when effective

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The Leadership Quarterly - Institute of Coaching

Followership Leadership A recent meta-analysis of leadership interventions revealed that the Pygmalion effect had the largest impact on improving ... (e.g., set higher goals) that are consistent with the activated concepts (e.g., Bargh, 1997; Bargh et al., 1996).

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LAMS design for diversity leadership, followership and awareness

LAMS design for diversity leadership, followership and awareness Paul Carden Business, Computing and Information Management, ... Leadership and Followership Key concepts in diversity management are leadership and followership. Both are necessary for

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A Leadership Development Program - Joseph C Thomas and Robin ...

Become familiar with basic leadership concepts Feel like a leader Influence leadership behaviors in projects. Informal and engaging Dialogue not lecture ... Definition of Leadership Followership Participative Leadership Traits, Skills, and Competencies$8.pdf

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mystery surrounding leadership concepts and the fact that they are necessary for maintaining followership. Schilling (2009) further asserts that it is what managers ... context of leadership-followership interdependence, this research used a qualitative

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Change and Followership - Leadership Institute

Change and Followership By: Amy Seiberlich, MA. RID CI, CT One of the premises of leadership from both a leader and a follower perspective is that leaders will be courageous enough, on some level, to challenge the status quo, ... Note two important concepts embedded in this premise: ...

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Leadership and followership

short of explaining leadership and followership comprehensively. For example, and rather ironically, contemporary research rarely ... concepts of attention. It further points out the key elements that interactive system design needs. The book captures the

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TEAM LEADERSHIP: CONCEPTS, ROLES, STRATEGIES & ATTRIBUTES by S.K. Bhatia, Deep & Deep Publications Pvt Ltd., ... leadership at the expense of followership is to whistle against the wind. Moreover subordinates with less power, authority

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Addressing a Problem of Employee Morale - U.S. Fire ...

training that will include concepts of followership and its meaning to the organization is also needed. - 71 - - 72 - TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE ... On the subject of management, leadership, and employee effectiveness, Goldbach (1995) observes:

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Leadership and Followership - University of Florida

University of Florida Levin College of Law UF Law Scholarship Repository Faculty Publications Faculty Scholarship 2013 Leadership and Followership

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Developments In Business Simulation & Experiential Exercises ...

concepts include the effect of group size on effectiveness, intragroup communication, trust/distrust ... competitiveness, leadership/followership, creativity, perception, and others. INTRODUCTION In a literature summary of business games, Joseph Wolfe identified 39 games in the various business ...

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CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP, FOLLOWERSHIP, AND THE ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE OF THE ORGANIZATION ... The concepts differ and have a lot in common. In many organizations there is both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, not either or.

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ii ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION Followership in the U.S. Federal Government: A Missing Link between Participative Leadership and Organizational Performance

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The Leader-Follower Relationship - Regent University

The Leader-Follower Relationship: ... described leadership and followership as intertwined concepts that cannot be separated from one another. In ... Unlike leadership, followership has no widely recognized theories providing a roadmap for followers to guide

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Inclusive Leadership - Baruch College

Chapter 1 Overview of Inclusive Leadership 3 ... Chapter 3 Applications and Implications of Inclusive Leadership 37 PART 2. LEADERSHIP-FOLLOWERSHIP ISSUES Chapter 4 What Is the Crisis of Leadership? 47 ... The new chapters integrate the material with up-to-date references and concepts

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HARVARD UNIVERSITY Harvard Kennedy School Spring 2014 General ...

(MLD-201B) Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change Spring 2014 ... followership, citizenship – to provide a practical and coherent theoretical framework. We ... Philosophy and biology provide the concepts of

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Exploring social constructions of followership: A qualitative ...

have important implications regarding a need to examine the construct of followership in leadership research, as ... (Manz, 1986; Manz and Sims, 1980). Grounded in concepts of self-control (Lovelace et al., 2007), self-management in-

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The Great Commission: Discipleship and Followership

... School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship | Regent University | Virginia Beach, ... Followership is defined as “the willingness to cooperate in working towards the accomplishment of the ... In the Great Commission, ...

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The Gettysburg Leadership Experience - Leading and Following

There are literally dozens of leadership concepts; our core leadership concepts are transactional and ... aspects of leadership, followership, or organizational dynamics. All of the case studies differ in terms of content; however, ...

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HARVARD UNIVERSITY Harvard Kennedy School Fall 2014 General ...

HARVARD UNIVERSITY Harvard Kennedy School (MLD ... the relationship among key conceptsleadership, ... power, influence, followership, citizenship – to provide a practical and coherent theoretical framework. We develop both diagnostic tools for analyzing the complexity of change in social ...

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The Servant Leadership - Regent University

perspective of social cognition because many of the model concepts are connected to an individual’s thought ... 2 The Servant Leadership - Followership Continuum from a Social Psychology Cognitive Perspective - Nixon Figure 1: ...

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authors approach the discussion of followership from a leadership perspective (Atchison, 2004) ... accurately describe the concepts of planning and followership. Two dissertation committee members provided expertise in planning and followership, ...

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No. Due to the nature of the leadership-followership dynamic in the military, it is ... Concepts for Air Force Leadership. Maxwell Air Force Base, AL: Air University Press, 2001. Lorenz, Maj Gen Stephen R. “Lorenz on Leadership.”

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Followers and the co-construction of leadership - ResearchGate

subjective systems of leadership concepts thus linking and unifying followers within a group (Meindl 1995). Lord and Brown (2004) ... leadership and followership, a broader understanding can be achieved of how these processes interact, are interdependent and, ...

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Leadership & Organization Development Journal

Leadership & Organization Development Journal To cite this article: ... expends considerable effort make difficult concepts understandable to the reader. ... Part 3 addresses leadership, followership, and the practice of adaptive leadership. Obolensky ...

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What is your leadership style? - Dallas IIA Chapter

Barbara Kellerman on “Followership” • While leadership has been studied extensively, ... • Some key concepts introduced in the article include: First who ... • Leadership code generally represents 60% to 70% of a

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CAP Professional Development Course College Credit Requests

CAP Professional Development Course Curriculum Review for College Credit Requests ... Leadership (concepts, principles, techniques, followership, mentoring, group dynamics, ethics, professionalism) 9 hours

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Air Carrier Training Research Review - FAA - Human Factors ...

Air Carrier Training Research The FAA Office of the Chief Scientist for Human Factors ... concepts, especially within ... Identifying Leadership and Followership Skills in CRM Performing Agency: Western Michigan University

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LEADERSHIP - De Anza College

Peter G. Horthouse, Introduction to Leadership Concepts & Practice. Leadership definition ... Leadership and Followership. There is no leader without followers. Good qualities in leaders and followers tend to merge. Leadership and Followership. Leaders

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