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SAMPLE POLICY ABC ENTERPRISES, INC. POLICY ON USE OF COMPANY OWNED VEHICLES The assignment and use of a Company Vehicle is a privilege and it is ABC

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TIGSP10 Company Vehicle Usage Policy - Turner Industries

TIGSP10 Company Vehicle Usage Policy Page 2 of 5 A. Purpose / Scope Specifically designated employees of the Company are allowed to operate and use Company

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COMPANY VEHICLE POLICY - Middleton and Company

Company vehicle policy Page 6 of 6 As a driver of a company vehicle or my own vehicle on the company’s behalf, I understand that it is my responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner and to drive defensively to ...

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Personal Use of Company Vehicle Sample Policy

Sample Personal Use of Company Vehicles Policy It is the policy of this company that the company vehicles provided for employees be used only for

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Sample Company Vehicle Fleet Policy - Travelers Insurance

Sample company vehicle fleet policy The Travelers Indemnity Company and its property casualty affiliates. One Tower Square, Hartford, CT 06183$FILE/780%20sample%20co%20vehicle%20policy.pdf

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Loss Control Information Bulletin - Farmers Insurance Group

51-1340 7-01 Loss Control Information Bulletin NUMBER 27 Personal Use of Company Vehicles Policy Personal use of a company vehicle is a concern for a wide

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12-E Sample Motor Vehicle - Michigan Municipal League

Michigan Municipal Workers’ Compensation Fund Safety and Health Resource Manual Sample Motor Vehicle Safety Policy and Program –12-E-2 Vehicle Inspection Procedure

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Driver & Vehicle Policy - Automotional

The company vehicle allocated to you represents a substantial investment in you and your job. You ... The company policy is absolute regarding approval to drive. 18 [ ] UK Ltd 08 . Road fund licence / MOT ...

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VEHICLE USE AGREEMENT-COMPANY VEHICLES . All employees operating a company owned vehicle agree to operate the vehicle according to the following guidelines.

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SAMPLE DRIVING-RELATED POLICY DOCUMENT. VEHICLE AND DRIVER POLICY 1.0 POLICY STATEMENT Driving is the greatest risk faced by our employees in the UK and this policy covers the use of all

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NAME OF COMPANY - The Silver Lining

The following pages contain _____ policies and procedures regarding the operation of a company pool vehicle, which has been furnished to provide you with adequate, safe and economical

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Risk Control Bulletin Policy on Personal Use of Company Vehicles

Risk Control Bulletin Policy on Personal Use of Company Vehicles Introduction A company’s primary reason for a written policy on personal use of a company vehicle is to set company

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Company Car and Car Allowance Policy - Pilgrims Hospices

1 COMPANY CAR AND CAR ALLOWANCE POLICY GENERAL It is the intention of Pilgrims Hospices to move progressively towards providing a car allowance for

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Sample Driving Policy Checklist ALLIANTIZED

Sample Driving Policy Checklist Your Driving Policy Should Cover the Following Topics as Applicable BACKGROUND INFORMATION AND PURPOSE ... or a private vehicle while on organization business? 5. Do you allow organization-owned vehicles to transport alcoholic beverages? Under what

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Vehicle Use Policy - United Fire Group

Vehicle Use Policy This policy has been prepared as an orientation on what is expected of you in the operation and maintenance of your company vehicle.

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[Company Name] Texting and Talking on Hand-Held Cell Phones ...

[Company Name] Texting and Talking on Hand-Held Cell Phones While Driving Policy Of increasing concern to [Company Name] are the dangers of distracted driving.

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Sample Driver Handbook against driving a vehicle, ... under the company’s motor insurance policy you will, in circumstances where you are clearly . ... company provided vehicle, to vary, suspend or withdraw your vehicle entitlement.

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Fleet Safety Program - Precast concrete

MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY POLICY 1. Policy Many employees operate company owned, leased, rental or personal vehicles as part of their jobs. Employees are expected to operate vehicles safely to prevent accidents which

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Vehicle Use Policy 050404 - Ghilotti Construction Company

Vehicle_Use_Policy_050404.doc ForemPage 1 of 2 an Procedure Manual – Section 6.2 Ghilotti Construction Company Vehicle Use Policy Purpose Company owned vehicles are used daily in our operations. In order to protect our employees, clients and the

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Driver Safety and Motor Vehicle Use Policy

Driver Safety and Motor Vehicle Use Policy Canadian driver's license at all times when operating a vehicle as a UVM employee, student, or volunteer.

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Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Policies - Norman-Spencer

The MVR policy should outline who is covered under the policy. Generally, any staff member who operates a vehicle for organizational business should be covered.

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Sample Written Program For Vehicles/Fleet

Policy III. Responsibilities IV. Training V. Vehicle Inspection VI. Driving Safely VII. Reviewing Drivers . 3 Vehicle Safety Program (COMPANY NAME) I Purpose This program covers safe operation and maintenance of all company vehicles

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1 COMPANY VEHICLE POLICY † The following is a guide of what to include in a Company Vehicle Scheme. † This can be used as a template by you to construct

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Distracted Driving: Sample Company Policy - WorkSafeBC

Page 1 of 3 Distracted Driving: Sample Company Policy Occupational motor vehicle incidents (MVIs) are the number-one cause of traumatic worker deaths in British

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Personal Use of Company Vehicle Policy - Keith D. Peterson

Best Practices Commercial Auto #202 a Personal Use of Company Vehicle Policy Many company vehicle fleets involve, to some extent, personal use of a company’s

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Sample Policy Document - UK Global Road Safety

Sample Policy Document: Ref: Sample Policy Document/09-06/2011/Ver01 This document is a sample of a typical company vehicle policy. Its intended use is to give guidance for

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State of Maryland Policies and Procedures for Vehicle Fleet ...

State of Maryland . Policies and Procedures . for . Vehicle Fleet Management . July 2010 Department of Budget and Management

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Sample Policy Cell Phones and Company Driving

Sample Policy . Cell Phones and Company Driving . Distracted driving is a major cause of vehicle crashes and incidents. Distractions take both the eyes and the driver’s concentration off of the road.

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Sample Travel Policy - Casto

Sample Corporate Travel Policy Purpose This document defines the specific policy to be followed when traveling on Company business, as well as employee accountability for Company funds.

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VEHICLE USE AGREEMENT 010412 - Atkins North America Recruiting

VEHICLE USE AGREEMENT This Vehicle Use Agreement signifies that the driver has been given a copy of the Atkins Fleet Vehicle Management Policy and the Motor Vehicle Operation Policy and agrees to comply with all requirements which

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Motor Vehicle Policy - Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

Motor Vehicle Policy Approved By: NNC Board Date: 3.2.09 Review Date: February 2012 1 ... The name of the owners insurance company 4. The make, model and registration number of the vehicle • Contact the Project Coordinator or Manager who will provide assistance

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KEY AND LOCK POLICY - University of Florida

Page #1 University of Florida Key and Lock Policy A. Objectives 1. To achieve maximum security while maintaining reasonable usability of University

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Sample Safety Belt policy - National Safety Council

Sample Safety Belt policy Use or adapt this sample text to create your company’s policy on safety belt use for driving or riding in a motor vehicle on and off the job.

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Insert logo Company here Name - Alabama Municipal Insurance Corp

The purpose of this Vehicle Fleet Safety Manual is to provide our employees and managers with tools ... 3. Exchange vehicle identification, insurance company name and policy numbers with other driver. 4. Take a photograph of the scene of accident if possible. 5.

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Sample DefenSive Driving policy - National Safety Council

moTor veHicle SafeTy policy acKnoWleDgemenT I have received a written copy of the [insert COMPANY NAME] defensive driving policy. I fully understand the terms of this policy and agree to abide by them. Sign and print your name, add today’s date, and

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B. 1 COMPANY SAFETY POLICY Parker Towing Company, Inc ...

B. 1 COMPANY SAFETY POLICY Parker Towing Company, Inc. is committed to safety in all phases of our operations. We fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Sample Company Policy - AT&T

The dangers of texting and driving are clear, but people are still doing it. ... Safe operation of any vehicle in the performance of company business is the responsibility of the driver and must be given ... Sample Company Policy Copy and paste below to share with your HR and legal departments.

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Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy - Pamela A. Mainini ...

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy ... Meals including only company employees, unless travelling on company business or ... to the employee renting the vehicle and reimbursement will be made at the compact or mid-sized rate as appropriate.

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Employee Use Of Vehicles On Company Business

consider an endorsement to provide excess coverage above the employee’s policy. If the employer does not own any vehicles, but asks employees to use their vehicles on ... " If you are injured while driving a vehicle on company business, your injuries may be covered under workers’ compensation.

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RoSPA Driving for work: Safer Speeds - Accident Prevention ...

Company Speed Policy As part of our overall health and safety policy, _____ is committed to reducing the risks which our staff face and create when driving or riding for work.

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G&H Training Limited (G&H) Company Policy & Procedure Manual 2012 Edition Page 7 PTE Registration Policy Policy It is the policy of G&H Training Limited (G&H) to uphold the legislative and policy requirements required for ongoing

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Sample Motor Vehicle Safety Policy - Insurance Bureau of Canada

Policies and Procedures Sample Motor Vehicle Safety Policy Purpose: To reduce costs related to the purchase, maintenance and repairs of, and accidents involving,

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CELL PHONE USAGE POLICY & GUIDE Included: Overview Dos and Don’ts Checklist Cell Phone Usage Policy Instructions Sample Cell Phone Usage Policy

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INTENT OF POLICY 6. CODE OF CONDUCT (RULES & REGULATIONS) -3-1. ... - Driving, alighting upon or tampering with a company motor vehicle without proper authorisation - Intentional interfering with or obstructing other employees in the performance of

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SAMPLE VEHICLE LEASE AGREEMENT - BC Transit: British Columbia ...

SAMPLE VEHICLE LEASE AGREEMENT THIS VEHICLE LEASE AGREEMENT dated the _____ day of _____, 19__BETWEEN: BRITISH COLUMBIA TRANSIT, a corporation incorporated pursuant to the British Columbia

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Municipal Vehicle Policy 7 between the temporary assignment and the regular work location, whichever is less. e. In order to be reimbursed for personal automobile use, employees shall complete the Personal Automobile Travel Expense Form.

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Required Seat Belt Use - LWCC

Seat Belt Usage Policy (SAMPLE) Required Seat Belt Use: We value the lives and safety of our employees. ... business travel in a vehicle owned by the company, in a rental vehicle and in a vehicle owned by an individual employee, regardless of whether the

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DEPARTMENTAL VEHICLE CHECK-OUT FORM . Department Name: Vehicle Number: My signature below acknowledges that I have read and understand the information in the University policy “Use of Vehicles for University

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Company Vehicle Policy Acknowledgement Form

Company Vehicle Policy Acknowledgement Form CDS may provide a company vehicle to you to be used solely for the purpose of transacting CDS business.

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Construction Safety Policy - Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance

2 1910, 1926 Construction Safety Policy The following safety policy is provided only as a guide to assist employers and employees in complying with the requirements

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