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Vol. 3, No. 1 2010 “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

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Vol. 3, No. 1 2010 “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Oral Roberts tent meeting Tampa, 1951 ... now that you are in Christ: Romans 8:1 says, Therefore, ... every book of the Bible.

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... (see Oral RobertsChrist in Every Book of the ... Read your entire Bible. Every Christians ... Christ Alive Kingston LIFE DISCOVERY SERIES Christ Alive ...

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If You Need Healing Do These Things By Oral Roberts

Every person who has been seriously ill ... bring his board of elders out to Oral Roberts University and have ... contact with Christ. The Bible says When she had ...

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Oral Roberts Ministries • Vol. 6 No. 5 • 2013 Merry ...

insights about each book of the Bible and how ... ways to plan for your future and make the most of every gift you give into the Oral Roberts ... Oral: Well, there ...

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Christ in Prophecy Interview 32: “Roberta Potts on Bible ...

Christ in Prophecy Interview ... Did you know that one of the daughters of Oral Roberts has been a ... And that’s one of the characteristics of the book is that ...

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When is Christ Received? - Grand Old Book

When is Christ Received? ... asks this question often does not understand exactly what the Bible teaches on how Christ ... referring to Oral Roberts, ...

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The BOOK of - Revelation: Mysteries

... now president of Oral Roberts ... and that existence is revealed in every book of the bible. I ... “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, ...

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SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRAYERS - Welcome to the WOFMI Official Website

Oral Roberts University School ... spiritual warfare. It is not meant to be a book of generic prayer ... “I take refuge in You Lord Jesus Christ this day and every ...

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Healing the Broken Heart and Wounded Spirit

Oral Roberts University ... The Bible is clear in pointing out that man has a fallen nature, ... and healing “in Christ Jesus Name.”

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THE - Tyndale House

... and provided that a complete book of the Bible is not quoted. ... of the Bible for every person in the world. ... Roy Hayden, Oral Roberts School

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Television - Programs - Transcript - Interview 33: Roberta ...

1 Christ in Prophecy Interview 33: "Roberta Potts on Oral Roberts and Faith" © 2012 Lamb & Lion Ministries. All Rights Reserved. For a video of this show, please visit

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What’s Wrong with the Faith Movement? - Christ Bible Church

What’s Wrong with the Faith Movement? ... of the scams pioneered by Pentecostal preachers such as Oral Roberts ... As I thoroughly demonstrate in my book ...

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S urely the mo st infamo us is Oral Roberts ... today perhaps has a vision of God, of Christ, ... the words of t he Bible are the words of God Himself. Every word ...

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Grace to You :: Unleashing God's Truth One Verse at a Time ...

prophecies such as those received by Oral Roberts, Linda Fehl, Jack Hayford, Larry Lea, and Kenneth Hagin. J. ... Every NT book had to be written by an apostle or a

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THE 103 Spirit-Empowered Living - Oral Roberts University

© Copyright Oral Roberts University ... what Christians believe and say but also for what Christians do in Spirit-empowered living ... to which Christ calls every ...

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The Truth About Faith Healers - Church of Christ | Zion ...

of Jesus Christ ... Simon himself ... Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts or Benny Hinn. ... Faith (or Fake) Healers Keywords: free bible tracts, healers, pentecostal, ...

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Question There is a very popular Charismatic TV program that ...

tape, GC 70-1, titled "Bible ... Every year a Jew ... it shows how he publishes the book and then sells it to the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association ...

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A Destructive Gospel

... a young associate of Oral Roberts, ... Kenneth Copeland on page 51 of his book, The Laws of Prosperity , ... A Destructive Gospel

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Hear the Word of the Lord, O ye women, Hear My voice, ye ...

Biblical doctrine of equality for women, please, see my book In the ... Bible Institute Program at Oral Roberts ... of Women is the full Gos pel of Jesus Christ!

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DIVINE HEALING: A Biblical and Practical Study Guide

Campus Oral Roberts University ... ministry is discussed in this book. The basics of healing the mind, ... and read a Bible verse every day.

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THE CATHEDRAL BIBLE INSTITUTE CATALOGUE ... every semester. ... Cathedral Bible Institute and Oral Roberts University School

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Your Rights In Christ [Revised] - Yola

are indebted to T.L. & Daisy Osborn and Oral & Evelyn Roberts, ... because I saw every reason in the Bible why I should ... your rights in christ 58 grow out.

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CURRICULUM VITA Mark Randall Hall - OralRoberts University

M.A., Biblical Literature (Advanced Languages concentration), Oral Roberts University, 1995 . ... (Bible), Oral Roberts University, ... “The Book of Job,” August 2010

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Charis Bible College of Colorado

This is a sample of the courses offered and does not include every required ... Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Bob ... Andrew Wommack, The American Bible Society, the ...

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addressed every major doctrine of the Christian faith. ... now the Bible didn’t say ... didn’t say it’ll follow Oral Roberts only; ...

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Walking In His Goodness

God’s goodness is displayed throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Oral ... The Book of James says, “Every good and ... Body of Christ are only looking ...

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th Pastor/Teacher Jim Bryant - Grace Bible Chapel - San ...

... the supernatural ability to heal every ... By the late 1940s Oral Roberts was ... (on the website “”) “Jesus Christ did not come with a life ...

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You Make the Difference - Bible Institute of Hawaii

even if you had no other book of the Bible ... First Chinese Church of Christ (Rm. 207) 1054 S king Street, ... oral Roberts University; ...

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The Eschatology Wars - Pre-Trib

THE ESCHATOLOGY WARS Brutal War Against Bible Prophecy ... Grace Halsel wrote a book that ... Lindsey, W. A. Criswell, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts ...

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Healing; Receiving the Holy Spirit (with and the Second ...

... such as Oral Roberts and the ... based on the Bible approach to the origins ... believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that every thing in ...

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BIBLE STUDY UPPER HALL TOP LEFT ... 196 Daily Blessing Devotional (365) Oral Roberts Ev. ... 189 Labor of Christ Through Us - Every Mbr.Minister L. Deason

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A person can search every history book all the way back to ... Coming of Christ ... (Oral Roberts, ...

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The Acid Test Of Faith

BIBLE BOOK: 1 John€ ... There were the hippies of the sixties who rejected Christ, ... from Nebraska a number of years and decided we wanted to see Oral Roberts ...

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Friday Church News Notes

often said that it is God’s will to heal every sickness. ... Oral Roberts Dies, Proving That His ... last days/Book of Revelation scenario prior to Christ’s

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Song of Solomon - Sonic Light

purpose of every other book of the Bible, ... referring to the girl having oral sex with Solomon.83 ... with Christ. For guidelines for utilizing the Song of ...

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The False Apostles and Prophets Movement

And while evidence is readily available for every- ... Bible believing contenders for the ... TBN (11/23/90); and so say Oral Roberts and many others. 2 Kenneth ...

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and friends by the Oral Roberts University Alumni ... “in every person’s world.” ... and challenges in his new book. 19

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Perry B. Cotham - International College of the Bible

It was my privilege to attend every session of the Cotham- ... book reagarding Oral Roberts. ... So the Bible is a miracle book.

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Charismatic Confusion 2

It is essential that every Christian be thoroughly settled ... Oral Roberts University ... knows nothing about the Bible or who Christ is or what

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A person can search every history book all the way back to ... (Oral Roberts, ... Bible open, reading the context ...

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The Word/Faith Movement - Jesus Chapel

This was passed down to such men as Oral Roberts, ... talk to the life in every part of my body and have it do just what I ... Oral Roberts has written a book ...

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Literacy & Evangelism International

Rural evangelism Bible Institute ... Birth of Literacy & Evangelism Oral Roberts University ... “Would that this one book were in every language, ...

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Grace to You :: Unleashing God's Truth, One Verse at a Time ...

What do you think of Oral Roberts? ... I am so tired of hearing these people say that God wants every Christian to be well. There is a book God ... Bible doesn 't ...

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by Roberts Liardon T - GeoCities

by Roberts Liardon 6 Spirit Life Bible College ... Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. John ... can go to every Bible School in every nation and graduate,

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Official Catalog 2007-2016 - Welcome to the Alpha & Omega ...

... which is made up of every ... The Oral Roberts University, ... The Holy Bible should be the Supreme Text Book of every Bible School and the steadfast

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Agenda: for tonight –October 25th, 2009

6 Controversial Doctrines, Practices, & Passages The Gift of Healing By Oral Roberts (on the website “”) “Jesus Christ did not come with a life ...

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How to Book Speaking Engagements

How to Book Speaking engagements ... ters of Divinity at Oral Roberts University. ... It studies every Bible verse that talks about seedtime and harvest, ...

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Jack Hughes Calvary Bible Church WORLD RELIGIONS

polyandry with him.6 Oral Roberts, ... The book of Mormon is a large book, like the Bible. ... World Religions, and You: “The book ...

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