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Vol. 3, No. 1 2010 “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

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Vol. 3, No. 1 2010 “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Oral Roberts tent meeting Tampa, 1951 Dear friends, ... Oral shares how Jesus—revealed in every book of the Bible—will stand by you in the fiery furnaces of life. FEATURES ... whole man concept that Oral and Richard Roberts have been teaching

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If You Need Healing Do These Things By Oral Roberts

Every person who has been seriously ill and bedfast for months or years knows this feeling. ... bring his board of elders out to Oral Roberts University and have us share with them the healing ministry. ... contact with Christ. The Bible says When she had heard of Jesus . . . she said, I f I may

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Oral Roberts Ministries • Vol. 6 No. 5 • 2013 Merry ...

Jesus Christ of Nazareth was made to live as ... insights about each book of the Bible and how these scriptures can apply to your ... questions and helping you find ways to plan for your future and make the most of every gift you give into the Oral Roberts Ministries. 17 Christmas Gift Ideas It ...

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Christ in Prophecy Interview 32: “Roberta Potts on Bible ...

Did you know that one of the daughters of Oral Roberts has been a lifelong ... And that’s one of the characteristics of the book is that every chapter title is a song. Roberta ... Roberta Potts on Bible Prophecy Keywords: Christ in Prophecy, David Reagan, Roberta Potts, testimony, end ...

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When is Christ Received? - Grand Old Book: Large collection ...

asks this question often does not understand exactly what the Bible teaches on how Christ is to be accepted ... Let's consider for a moment just how it is that Christ is received. Every living person should be given the opportunity to ... referring to Oral Roberts, or Joseph Smith, or ...

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The BOOK of - Revelation: Mysteries

... now president of Oral Roberts ... and that existence is revealed in every book of the bible. I ... .Every believer in Christ has been removed from the earth at the 7th trump. The next 10 days bring the Wrath of God: The 7 Bowl Judgments.

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A BOOK On Spiritual Warfare Prayers - Welcome to the WOFMI ...

Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, Tulsa, ... Scriptural Basis For Spiritual Warfare 2. Understanding The Believer's Authority ... “I take refuge in You Lord Jesus Christ this day and every day to come and I believe and receive Your Word

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Healing the Broken Heart and Wounded Spirit

Oral Roberts University School of Medicine ... wins out in those persons who do not have a renewed spirit in Christ and who are not, therefore, ... the Holy Spirit uses every session to impart His Life and Word in some way to bring life to

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THE - Tyndale House

Tyndale House Publishers and Wycliffe Bible Translators share the vision for an understandable, accurate translation of the Bible for every person in the world. Each sale of theHoly Bible, New Living Translation, ... Roy Hayden, Oral Roberts School of Theology Andrew Hill, Wheaton College

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What’s Wrong with the Faith Movement? - Christ Bible Church

Every man who has been ‘born again’ is an Incarnation, ... Armed with a bag full of Bible-twisting tricks, he tells the unsuspecting that “a greater than a lottery has come. ... Oral Roberts University (ORU), ...

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Television - Programs - Transcript - Interview 33: Roberta ...

1 Christ in Prophecy Interview 33: "Roberta Potts on Oral Roberts and Faith" © 2012 Lamb & Lion Ministries. All Rights Reserved. For a video of this show, please visit

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S urely the mo st infamo us is Oral Roberts’ preposterous ... God’s anointing will rest upon this book and minister to every person who reads these contents. ... uniqueness and authority of the Bible. New revelation, dreams, ...

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THE 103 Spirit-Empowered Living - Oral Roberts University

Oral Roberts University, ... healing ministry to which Christ calls every believer. Last Revision: March 2012. ... Optional book reading response due 10 10/18&10/20 Spiritual Pathways The Gifts in Everyday Life Bring your questions from the

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The Truth About Faith Healers - Church of Christ | Zion ...

The Truth About Fake Healers Every generation has had to contend with flimflam men and con artists. ... Oral Roberts or Benny Hinn. ... Healers Keywords: free bible tracts, healers, pentecostal, fakes, frauds, miracles

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Grace to You :: Unleashing God's Truth One Verse at a Time ...

prophecies such as those received by Oral Roberts, Linda Fehl, Jack Hayford, Larry Lea, and ... publisher once told me he receives submissions every week from charismatics who claim God inspired them to write their book, article, song, or poem. 3

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Question There is a very popular Charismatic TV program that ...

... GC 70-1, titled "Bible Questions and Answers." A copy of the tape can be ... Every year a Jew had to give 10% of all of his crop and all of his produce ... it shows how he publishes the book and then sells it to the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association--sells them about two million ...

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Hear the Word of the Lord, O ye women, Hear My voice, ye ...

Spirit on all Christians of every land. The number of those attending the ... University), Oral Roberts University, Zion Bible College, Celebration Bible College, and Christ For the Nations Institute. He has authored

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The Cathedral Bible Institute has joined in partnership with Oral Roberts University School of Lifelong Education. ... recorded in the Book of Acts and the Pauline epistles. ... Cathedral Bible Institute and Oral Roberts University School

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DIVINE HEALING: A Biblical and Practical Study Guide

Campus Oral Roberts University ... and read a Bible verse every day. These well-intended suggestions will only add frustration to the recovery process. ... The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible.

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A Destructive Gospel

Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ; so that whether I come and see you or remain absent, ... a young associate of Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland , ... Kenneth Copeland on page 51 of his book, The Laws of Prosperity , says, ...

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of Jesus Christ, Dr. Billy Wilson shares these claims and their importance in mod- ... Wilson is a noted Bible teacher with a weekly television program “World ... By Oral Roberts University 7777 South Lewis Avenue • Tulsa, OK 74171 • USA

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CURRICULUM VITA Mark Randall Hall - Oral Roberts University

... (Bible), Oral Roberts University, 1987-1988 . Instructor of English, University of Central Missouri, ... held every September at the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK, ... “The Book of Job,” August 2010 “Heaven,” Spring 2010

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Your Rights In Christ [Revised] - Yola

are indebted to T.L. & Daisy Osborn and Oral & Evelyn Roberts, whose lives and ministries have affected us in a ... because I saw every reason in the Bible why I should believe it. 2 Timothy 1:10 says, ... to call on Jesus Christ? The Bible says that when Jesus got to where he was, He stopped.

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Walking In His Goodness

Oral Roberts said, “The ... We see God’s goodness revealed in creation and in redemption. Jesus is even called the good Shepherd. The Bible presents a clear picture that God ... The Book of James says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the father of lights ...

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Charis Bible College of Colorado

Charis Bible College of Colorado ... and theme of each book; special attention is given to some of the key passages. Course Title: Laws of the Kingdom Instructor: Barry Bennett Class Hours: 10 ... Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Bob Tilton, Andrew Wommack, ...

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for oral roberts university alumni and friends ... on a daily basis all over the globe – “in every ... that Jesus Christ is the same today as He was in Bible days, that He saves and heals and delivers and sets people free,

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th Pastor/Teacher Jim Bryant - Grace Bible Chapel

Bible Study on Hermeneutics – Handout Session 9 Controversial Doctrines, ... By the late 1940s Oral Roberts was well known, ... current popular faith healer Benny Hinn who has adopted some of her techniques and wrote a book

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You Make the Difference - Bible Institute of Hawaii

even if you had no other book of the Bible than Romans, ... only that every Christian should know it word for word, ... Biblical and modern Hebrew, oral Roberts University; tutor of Biblical and modern Hebrew, Ulpan, Israel; ...

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addressed every major doctrine of the Christian faith. ... 69 And Christ died for you, and you are transplanted from the world into ... now the Bible didn’t say these signs will follow William Branham; didn’t say it’ll follow Oral Roberts only; ...

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The Eschatology Wars - Pre-Trib

Grace Halsel wrote a book that makes ... Militant Evangelists on the Road to Nuclear War3 takes a shot at almost every prdminent Evangelical who teaches on Bible prophecy, from Billy Graham to Hal Lindsey, W. A. Criswell, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts, Richard De Haan, Chuck Smith ...

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Healing; Receiving the Holy Spirit (with and the Second ...

... such as Oral Roberts and the Missionary ... and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Jock’s family (the Duncan’s) heard the same message from the same group, ... based on the Bible approach to the origins of man and the Universe. Because God

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A person can search every history book all the way back to ... Coming of Christ (some of our best friends included among them), ... (Oral Roberts, How to be Personally Prepared For The Second Coming of Christ, page 34).

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A Study of the Book of Acts

God’s explosive power used a small group of Christ ... Portions of the introduction and scripture references are taken from the Holman Christian Standard Bible, God ’s Word ... Introduction The book of Acts provides a glimpse into the first three decades of ...

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222 Bible Trivia BOOK Lang 238 Message of 1st & 2nd Thessalonians Stott ... Oral Roberts Ev. Assoc. ok for Long-term loan 211 Meet Me Where I Am, Lord Emilie Barnes 267 Devotions for Moms Elwell ... 189 Labor of Christ Through Us - Every Mbr.Minister L. Deason

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The Acid Test Of Faith

BIBLE BOOK: 1 John€ 4 : 1 -3 AUTHOR: Johnny L. Sanders ... We Must Not Believe Every Spirit € B. We Must Test The Spirits Today II. ... from Nebraska a number of years and decided we wanted to see Oral Roberts University. We did not ...

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Friday Church News Notes

Famous Pentecostal “healing evangelist” Oral Roberts died of pneumonia on ... 15 at age 91. This act proved that his teaching was false, as he often said that it is God’s will to heal every sickness. For example, the ... last days/Book of Revelation scenario prior to Christ’s return.

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Song of Solomon - Sonic Light

... "Song of Solomon," in The Bible Exposition Commentary/Wisdom and Poetry, p. ... purpose of every other book of the Bible, ... have a hard time continuing on with Christ. This book also encourages us to view human love in the light of God's love for us, ...

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Perry B. Cotham - ICOTB

Perry B. Cotham's Final Speech ... book reagarding Oral Roberts. The name of that book is Give Me That Prime Time Religion, by Jerry Shoales, a close associate of Mr. ... confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God; every

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Charismatic Confusion 2 - Way of Life

... Oral Roberts University, Dayspring International, ... knows nothing about the Bible or who Christ is or what Christ did or what sin is or any of the basic truths of the gospel. ... Every Home for Christ International Exodus International

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A Glorious Church Fellowship, Inc. • Billye Brim Ministries ...

My mind went right to the Book of The Glorious Church — The Book of ... through Paul gave the glorious theology of who we are in Christ. That we are called to Glory. That we are even now seated in Him in the heavenlies at the right hand of ... Oral Roberts and Billy Graham, that the ...

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Are We Christian?

Woodland Hills Mall and outside of Oral Roberts University interviewing people of all ages and backgrounds asking, ... person who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior." Followed by: ... Many Christians used the Bible to defend owning slaves and supported Jim Crow laws.

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The Christian Daddy - Pastor Life

BIBLE BOOK: Ephesians€ 6 : 1 -4 AUTHOR: ... Bob Stamps is a member of the faculty of Oral Roberts University. ... Children are confronted by Christ when they are taught and nurtured by the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 3.

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Literacy & Evangelism International

Oral Roberts University Laubach co-teaches Rice ... arm of Wycliffe Bible Translators Reduce oral languages to writing & translate the Bible SIL training Norman,OK Dr. Sarah Gudschinsky ... Bible reference in every lesson

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The Word/Faith Movement - Jesus Chapel

This was passed down to such men as Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn, Gordon Lindsay, Lester Sumrall, ... talk to the life in every part of my body and have it do just what I wanted. ... Oral Roberts has written a book (“How I learned Jesus Is Not Poor”) ...

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Agenda: for tonight –October 25th, 2009

healing as -the supernatural ability to heal every and all afflictions of men ... a book about her. ... By Oral Roberts (on the website “”)

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almost every single one I paged through had much to say ... available in the Bible. This is actually ... the Christ? Or don’t these writers believe what the Scriptures say he said? Many have written and asked questions on Christ’s return. It fills my heart with joy to see some ...

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Grace to You :: Unleashing God's Truth, One Verse at a Time ...

Oral Roberts sends out in his mail and promises that if you invest in his ... never the purpose. Listen, I am so tired of hearing these people say that God wants every Christian to be well. There is a book God Wants You Well. I'm going to write a sequel, ... Bible doesn't teach that, ...

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Daniel King King Ministries International PO Box 701113 Tulsa ...

ters of Divinity at Oral Roberts University. ... In order to book speaking engagements at churches, you ... to win 1,000,000 people to Christ every year. Daniel has authored thirteen books including his best sellers Healing Power, ...

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by Roberts Liardon T

Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. John Avanzini, Peter Youngren, Bishop ... like Christ. SERVING GRACE The third kind of grace that God sends us is serving grace. Everyone ... can go to every Bible School in every nation and graduate,

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Pastor’s email: [email protected] Assistant to the ...

She will have a Bible story and craft or activity or sometimes music related to the lesson. ... reality of Jesus Christ and what He means to you. I encourage you to regularly do a Jesus study of Matthew, ... distorted, and restrictive. A fine book which may assist you in this study is by Phillip

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