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The Long Thirteenth Century of the Chachnama - Academic Commons

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The Long Thirteenth Century of the Chachnama - Academic Commons

The Long Thirteenth Century of the Chachnama Manan Ahmed Columbia University The multi-genre Persian text Chachnama, written in Uch in 1226, represents a unique formula-

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Conflict and Cosmopolitanism in “Arab” Sind

the Chachnama, a thirteenth-century Persian history of the campaigns in Sind apparently based on a lost Arabic original.5 Subsequently, governors administered ... Sind under the impact of Indic artistic and numismatic conventions reminds us

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Hindu-Buddhist Conflict in the Chachnama: Fact or Fiction?

Hindu-Buddhist Conflict in the Chachnama: Fact or Fiction? Dileep Karanth (This paper was published in the ... No. 9, 2008, pp. 49-52.) § Introduction The single most importance historical source for the medieval history of Sind is the Chachnāma, a thirteenth-century Persian text, written by ...

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Cousens, antiquities of Sind,Calcutta 1929, pp, 71, clearly states that form the scattered copper coins and lack of precious ... Chachnama (841 A.D) Brahmanabad or Bananwah p. 15, 32, 59-60. (d) Tahiri, (1621 A.D.), Babanwah pp 25.27.

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HISTORY Paper – II fifty (50) two - Examrace

Chachnama is a history of Sind and was originally written in (A) Persian language (B) Hebrew language (C) Arabic language (D) Sanskrit language 8. Mohd bin Tughlaq and Emperor Akbar used to drink the water of which of the following rivers ? (A) Yamuna ...

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work, the Chachnama , which is a Persian translation made in 1216-17 by 'Ali Kufi, ... Sind, "held the Brahmans in esteem and ordered that they be reassured. In all their affairs, there was no restriction or prohibition. He appointed each

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Reviews of Books

of the Chachnâma, missing from the notes and bibliography, for example, pp. 204-5); sources are cited for areas to which they do not refer ... Reviews of Books 537 urbanism and Buddhism in the Sind, pp. 149, 175); while numerous broad and unsupported statements are introduced.

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Chachnama Mirza Kalichbeg Fredunbeg (Tr), The Chachnamah-An Ancient History of Sind CIS CSSAME CSSH Dabistan ED i-viii EI EPW IA IESHR IHR IHS IJAS JAAS JAS JESHO JIH JMU JPS MI MJLS PIHC QJMS SEAS Contributions to Indian Sociology

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X-12 Ins. Page (Paper-II) - University Grants Commission - NET

1. Write your roll number in the space provided on the top of this page. 2. This paper co nsists of fifty multiple-choice type of questions. 3. At the commencement of examination, the question booklet

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11.‘Passages on the Jats in the Chachnama, Zain-ul-Akhbar and Tarikh-i-Baihaqi – Text and translation’, Published in a Book The Jats, Vol. II, Delhi, 2006. ... 16.‘The Jats of Panjab and Sind: Their Settlements and migration’, Published in a Book, The Jats, Vol.

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Sufis, Rebellen, Untertanen. Geschichte(n) aus dem Sindh ...

III.II.6 Araber und das Chachnama III.II.6.1 Kommentar III.II.7 Nach der Eroberung III.II.7.1 Exkurs Shia III.II.7.2 Arabische Geographen ... sind die Wasserscheide, Schluchten mit kleinen Wasserläufen ermöglichen etwas Anbau,

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