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American National Standard for Electric Meters

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American National Standard for Electric Meters

ANSI C12.1-2008 American National Standard for Electric Meters Code for Electricity Metering Secretariat: National Electrical Manufacturers Association

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ANSI C12.20-2010 American National Standard

ANSI C12.20-2010 Revision of ANSI C12.20-2002 American National Standard for Electricity Meters— 0.2 and 0.5 Accuracy Classes NOTICE OF ADOPTION

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ANSI C12 Certified Meter Worksheet - NJ Clean Energy

A revenue-grade kWh production meter certified to the ANSI C12.1-2008 standards is required for all projects. This meter is in addition to the bi-directional utility meter. All solar energy systems eligible to earn SRECs must report system production based upon readings from a revenue-

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The ANSI C12 protocol suite - updated and now with network ...

1 Abstract--For ten years, the utility industry has been using optical port communications, defined by ANSI C12.18, and telephone modem communications, defined by ANSI C12.21, to

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Working committee notes for updating ANSI C12

Working committee notes for updating ANSI C12.1-2001 Section Statistical Sampling Plan 31 March 2006 Existing verbiage in ANSI C12.1-2001

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A high accuracy standard for electricity meters

The current revision of ANSI C12.20 requires a list of 38 separate tests that must be passed before a meter manufacturer can claim compliance.

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ANSI C12.19/IEEE 1377 to IEC 61968-9 Mapping

Grid-Interop Forum 2010 ANSI C12.19/IEEE 1377 to IEC 61968-9 Mapping Edward J. Beroset Elster Solutions, LLC 208 S. Rogers Ln Raleigh, NC 27610

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Smart Meter Performance Testing - UL

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or visit • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) • AS/NZS (Australian and New Zealand Standards) ... ANSI C12.1 ANSI C12.20 General Mechanical Requirement Protection against Penetration of Dust and Water, Terminals

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Smart Grid Standards Information

Number of the standard : C12.1-2008 . 2. Title of the standard . American National Standard for Electric Meters Code for Electricity Metering : 3. Name of owner organization

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ANSI C12.22 in Context - GridWise® Architecture Council

ANSI C12.21 was an extension to ANSI C12.18 to provide for remote access to table data via modem.[3] Read and ... C1222-MESSAGE consists of various pieces of header information, followed by the user-information which ...

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Provisional In-Service Testing Standard 03-01-08

ANSI C12.25 Provisional American National Standard for In Service Testing of Electricity Meters 8 April 2008 A. Background and reason for a Provisional Standard

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ANSI C12.1-2008 American National Standard

ANSI C12.1-2008 American National Standard for Electric Meters Code for Electricity Metering Secretariat: National Electrical Manufacturers Association

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Standard Meter Data Profiles - National Institute of ...

0 What: Standard Meter Data Profiles (6.2.5) 0.1 Abstract: NIST should work with NEMA to utilize ANSI C12.19-2008 data models to represent one or

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ANSI C12.22, IEEE 1703, and MC12.22 Transport Over IP

ANSI C12.22, which is an application level messaging protocol, may be transported over any underlying transport network. This RFC defines the requirements governing the transmission of ANSI C12.22 Messages via the TCP and UDP transports in IP networks (whereby the OSI

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Recommendations for new ANSI C12.1 Standards for In-service ...

Current ANSI C12.1 Section 5 Issues • Acceptance testing of new meters is not mentioned. • Statistical sampling plans are not adequately

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Working papers for proposed ANSI C12.1 Section 5

Working papers for proposed ANSI C12.1 Section 5 5 Standards for in-service performance 5.1 Watthour meter 5.1.1 Purpose The purpose of this section is to establish accuracy limits, test plans and inspection procedures

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ANSI C12.19-2008 Load Profile Implementation Guide

ANSI C12.19-2008 provides for great flexibility in End Device programming, which leads at times to an increased complexity for the back-end system (an ANSI C12.19-2008 Standard design objective). The standard’s flexibility is also exploited by some

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ANSI Type 2 Optical Probe with DTR switch - Specification

ANSI Type 2 Optical Probe with DTR Switch and USB connector for desk-top and lap-top computers. A9U-P-U04M-2A ... ANSI C12.18-1996 compliant Switching: DTR positive: Siemens compatible mode Fastening: Magnetic adhesion Optical: Compatible with ANSI C12.18-1996

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ANSI Watthour Meter Testing & Certification Programs

Metering Accreditations and Recognitions • A2LA accredited to test to ANSI C12.1 and C12.20 • First Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)

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Harmonizing the ANSI-C12.1(2008) EMC Tests - ANSI ASC C63® Home

3 3 Accredited Standards Committee C63® - SC1 & SC5 Task Group ANSI-C12.1(2008) Surge Tests IEEE-C62.41.2 is notfor finished equipment: Needs performance requirements

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AmericanNationalStandardsfor Electric Meters - SGIP: Welcome

ANSI C12, IEEE 170x, IEEE 1377 Standards For GB Review Standard Description PMO Recommendation ANSI C12.1-2008 American National Standard for Electric Meters—

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CSWG Standards Assessment - first 4 - SGIP: Welcome

Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Cyber Security Working Group (CSWG) Standards Review CSWG Standards Review Report ANSI C12.22-2008 May 10, 2011

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CIM and C12 - PointView

ANSI C12.19/IEEE 1377 Scope and Purpose • C12.19 “provides a common data structure for use in transferring data to and from utility End Devices, typically meters.”

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AUDIT TRAIL IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE FOR ANSI C12.19 / IEEE 1377, UTILITY INDUSTRY STANDARD TABLES This is the guide for implementing Measurement Canada “Interim

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Smart Metering Data Exchange Tools - PointView

Overview • Objective: To develop tools and documentation of the tools that shows how ANSI C12.19-2008 data tables can be accessed using IEC Common

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A Power Meter Reference Design Based on the ADE7756 ...

The goal for this meter is to comply with the ANSI C12.16 specifications. The reference design is for a single ele-ment, Class 100 meter in a form 2S designation. This designation complies with the wiring arrangements as defined in ANSI C12.16-1991.

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Description - Sensus

An optional remote disconnect switch allows commands from the Regional Network Interface™ (RNI) ... • Accuracy exceeds ANSI C12.20 (Class 0.2) ADvAnceD technology • Superior accuracy • Reliable, integrated construction • Complete DC immunity

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New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

install an ANSI C12.1-2008 meter to comply with this rule amendment. If the proposed rule amendment is adopted by the NJBPU Board, this requirement would go into effect six months from the date of the adoption by the Board.

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Demonstrate Common Semantic Model Translations for End Device ...

IEC 60256 COSEM object model for ANSI C12 – permits ANSI C12 Tables to be viewed through specific objects defined in the COSEM standard. 0.6.2. Task Descriptions Identify key use cases [OB1] AMI-NET TF, AMI-ENT TF, CIMug, WHEN

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Section I: Use and Application of the Standard

Communication : ANSI C12.21-2006, Protocol Specification for ANSI Type 2 Optical Port . ANSI C12.22-2008, Protocol Specification For Interfacing to Data Communication

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OpenWay - Itron

OpenWay ® CENTRON® Meter The ... » ANSI C12.22 - 2008 (consult Section 9 of the standard) » ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2002 (Characterization of surges on Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits) » ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2-2002 (Characterization of surges on Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits)

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Metering with higher accuracy, power quality and flexible ...

1 - Energy metering accurate to IEC 62053-22/23 0,2S; ANSI C12.20-1998 American National Standard for Electricity Meters 0.2 and 0.5 Accuracy Classes, for current Classes 2, 10 and 20. 2 - Selectable block, sliding, or thermal (exponential) demand calculations

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EPM 1000 - 01 - GE Digital Energy

g Multilin 466 • Revenue certifiable metering • Meets ANSI C12.1 and C12.16 accuracy • Local LCD viewing • Easy to use energy/demand data logging meter, suitable for

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Accuracy of Digital Electricity Meters - Silver Spring Networks

2 Data from Metering Standards ANSI C12.1-1988 and ANSI C12.20-2002 Figure 2 – Accuracy Class Comparison. Accuracy of Digital Electricty Meters 4 May 2010 An EPRI White Paper Accuracy of Digital Electricity Meters Factors in How Digital Meters May Be

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SmartGrid/AEIC AMI Interoperability Standard for ANSI C12.19 ...

SmartGrid/AEIC AMI Interoperability Standard Guidelines for ANSI C12.19 / IEEE 1377 / MC12.19 End Device Communications and Supporting Enterprise Devices,

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kV2c/kV2c+ Meter Equipped with Itro n 53ESS ERT fact sheet

This GE meter moves beyond revenue metering to real-time instrumentation, true power quality monitoring and real cost of ... •ANSI compliance: Meets or exceeds ANSI C12.1 St a n d a rd s With three SCM messages in the 53ESS ERT, you can now re t r i e ve

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Energy Measurement Products Family Overview - Analog Devices

IEC 60687/62053-22, ANSI C12.16, and ANSI C12.20 • Active energy measurement with less than 0.1% error over a dynamic range of 500 to 1 at 25°C • Power consumption as low as 15 mW (typ) for single-phase products and 30 mW (typ) for

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Historical Appendix C12 1 - Workspaces - Home

ANSI C12.1-2008 APPENDIX F (Informative) Historical Background F.1 Preface to the First Edition (1910) In undertaking 2 years ago to formulate a meter code, it was the ambition of the Meter Committee of the

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Plug into power and energy monitoring with a cost effective ...

Offering ease of use, a wide voltage range, ANSI C12.20 class 0.2 accuracy and advanced self-diagnostics, it is an ideal choice for a wide variety of commercial and industrial submetering and energy efficiency applications.

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Utility/Current Transformer Metering - Cooper Industries

• UL 414 listed, complies with ANSI C12.7 STANDARDS • ANSI 61 gray acrylic electrocoat finish FINISH • For remote metering when main service is 201-800 amps • For use with utility supplied bar type current transformers that meet ANSI C12.11

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A Division of Mercury Instruments DCM-200

Pulses collected, digital alarm inputs, and/or ANSI C12.18 & .19 device RS232 serial data are transmitted over any commercially operated and supported GSM cellular network by either Circuit Switched Data (CSD) or General Packet Radio Service

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A3 ALPHA meter - Elster solutions

In support of open architecture standards, the A3 ALPHA meter fully supports ANSI C12.18, C12.19, and C12.21. Interval data recording and self reads

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A Comparison of In-Service Statistical Test Programs

ANSI C12.1-2001, American National Standard for Electric Meters, Code for Electricity Metering. ... percent nonconformance given in Table B-3. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - NC Electric Meter Statistical Testing 6-30-04 Author: Dean Created Date:

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ANSI C12.19-2008 American National Standard

ANSI C12.19-2008 American National Standard For Utility Industry End Device Data Tables Secretariat: National Electrical Manufacturers Association

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Elster Announces Support for ANSI C12.22 Open Communication ...

Press release Elster Announces Support for ANSI C12.22 Open Communication Standard Newly ratified standard to enhance smart metering technology interoperability

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Does the Utility Industry Need a Standard for Data ...

Due to the hard work of a group of dedicated individuals in the ANSI C12.17 working groups, a set of five standards for data communications with Commercial and Industrial metering devices have been developed. Three of these standards have been released;

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Proposal for the creation of a C12.19/C12.22 Registry.

ANSI C12.19-1997,IEEE 1377-1997, MC12.19 Title: Proposal for the creation of a C12.19/C12.22 Registry. Author(s): Dr. Avygdor Moise Name: Avygdor Moise Organization: Future DOS R&D Inc. Address Line 1: #303, 6707 Elbow Drive S.W. Address Line 2:

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AEIC Guidelines for Implementation of ANSI C12.19-1997 ...

Final Draft 9/21/98 1 AEIC Guidelines for Implementation of ANSI C12.19-1997 “Utility Industry End Device Data Tables” September 21, 1998

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Direct Access Standards for Metering and Meter Data

ANSI C12.1 and C12.20 Standards to cover issues that are not currently addressed in the ANSI C12.1 and C12.20 Standards. Some of these issues are: 1) duplication of the field electrical and environmental conditions is necessary to

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New York State Electric Meter Engineers’ Committee Guide ...

purposes by the NYPSC and meet or exceed all applicable ANSI C12 Series (Code for ... (ANSI C12.13). In cases where revenue data is retrieved by a translation system through remote dial up or ... d. ANSI: American National Standards Institute . NYSEMEC Guide for Uniform Practices in Revenue ...

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