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U.S. Air Force energy STrATegic PLAn - AF

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U.S. Air Force energy STrATegic PLAn - AF

DoD Operational Energy Strategy, and the Air Force Strategic Plan, and reflects the ... conservation initiatives, the Air Force is making great ... Ê Foster support of Air Force energy program and

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Air Force Contracting Strategic Plan 2009-2013

Air University Review, “Military ... Force Contracting has been working on strategic sourcing initiatives for more than 10 years. While strategic sourcing and our use of commodity ... continuous learning hours in support of Air Force Contracting

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DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE - Welcome to Armed Forces Crossroads

support of the Air Force Community Action Information Board and the Air Force Family Readiness ... of collaborative community initiatives. ... This program is open to Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve during training weekends and annual training.

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The Air Force Strategic Environment Assessment offers broadly categorized implications that will impact Air Force strategic planning, namely:1 Potential adversaries ... and installations support. Organizations include: Ogden Air Logistics

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The Air Force Suicide Prevention Program - New York

— Actively support suicide prevention. — Promote protective factors. ... tional initiatives to fill any real or imagined gaps in knowledge regarding suicide and ... The Air Force Suicide Prevention Integrated Product Team ...

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Attendees worked to identify initiatives to support the larger concept of Air Force family, which includes Airmen, spouses, children, parents, friends and ... STRATEGIC INITIATIVES . Air Force Services is focused on transforming our operations to ensure that we meet the

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in the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget support U.S. defense strategy and are ... Navy to 319,500 (down 6.2k), and Air Force to 328,600 (down 4.2k). There will be more-limited reductions ... funding is included for FY 2013 for high-priority initiatives including Special Operations Forces ($ ...

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Director's Message - SAPR

Air Force SAPR Coast Guard SAPRO National Guard SAPR Page 1 of 5. ... tasks defined in the Joint Chiefs of Staff's Strategic Direction to the Joint Force in May 2012. By clearly defining priorities, objectives, ... noteworthy care and support to survivors of sexual assault. The honorees include:

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Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO) - Palmetto ...

Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO) The overall classification of the brief is ... (11) initiatives of the Air Force Suicide Prevention Program ... support the goals and objectives suicide programs

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Losing the Battle - Center for a New American Security ... U.S. Air Force, The Air Force Suicide Prevention Program: A Description of Program Initiatives and Outcomes, AFPAM 44-160 (April 2001).

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• Sustained investment in the Air Force’s strategic infrastructure. ... The chapter will contribute $50.00 of the evening’s proceeds to the Air Force Aid Society as one of our Air Force Support Committee’s initiatives. ... AIR FORCE SUPPORT

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Air Force World

Tragically, there were no survivors, ... Air Force Space Command and US Strategic Command found deficiencies in several areas. A repeat inspection ... Support Area Anaconda. The Air Force also awarded Bronze Star Medals to: Capt. Carl Close at

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Military & Defense Sector

Defense in Achieving its Strategic Initiatives. (WMA Report) Denny Miller ... Active Duty Reserve National Guard Civilian Workforce* Family Members Retirees Survivors TOTAL 69,124 19,474 8,000 39,355 90,246 71,451 10,901 308,551 Fairchild Air Force Base $461M Dept. of Energy Pac NW Nat’l Lab $1.2B

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... plus their families and survivors. ... Air Force Women Officers Associated . AMVETS (American Veterans) Army Aviation Association of America . ... • Oppose initiatives that would “civilianize” the military retirement system, ...

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family members and survivors of active duty, reserve component, ... Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. ... Association’s programs and initiatives that serve the families of the Uniformed

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Defense in Achieving its Strategic Initiatives. (WMA Report) Denny ... Air Force Base 461 Dept. of Energy Hammer ... Yakima Training Center (JBLM S) Impacts of military installations and defense related assets Retirees 71,451 $1.2B Survivors 10,901 TOTAL 308,551 People Impacti Active ...

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In August of 2005, deep in the harsh hinterlands of Iraq ...

sensors provided accurate and timely battle damage assessment to Air Force ... guiding rescuers to waiting survivors. ... Former Chief of Staff of the Air Force PROVIDE SAFE AND SECURE STRATEGIC DETERRENCE

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Statement for the Record Reserve Officers Association of the ...

was intended to provide a series of assessment initiatives to improve efficiency and reduce costs. ... Support warriors, families and survivors . ... as the Air Force and Marine Corps are doing.

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Veterans Benefits Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs

the back of the backlog” and pursue other important initiatives that will improve service to ... significant programs that provide crucial support for Veterans, their families and survivors. ... I have focused on strategic and transformation planning, ...

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Department of Defense - Military OneSource

STRATEGIC PLANNING ON MILITARY FAMILY READINESS 4 ... who live too far to take advantage of support resources available on military installations. To ... U.S. Air Force • Assistant Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps

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Air Force News Issue 102 April 2009 - RNZAF - Royal New ...

royal NEW zEalaNd air forcE // iSSuE #102 // april 2009 wiseowl in wanaka. ... initiatives. But above all else, we have the ability ... recognising a brilliant opportunity to support one of the strategic goals of learning and growing our

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The Challenge and the Promise: Strengthening the Force ...

... (including suicide attempt survivors) ... Strategic Initiative 4D: Support and incorporate ongoing research to inform evidence-based suicide ... Current Initiatives The Air Force has actively enhanced its program since the development of the original 11 elements ...

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PRESS RELEASE United States Senate Carl Levin, Michigan ...

serve to reduce our Nation’s strategic risk by helping to restore the readiness of the military ... support this procedure in order to achieve an authorization law for fiscal year 2009,” Senator ... • Requires payment of previously authorized bonuses to the survivors of members who die on

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ROA’s Legislative Agenda for 2014 - Reserve Officers ...

ROA STRATEGIC AIMS o ... o Support warriors, families, survivors and retirees. Issues to help FUND, EQUIP, AND TRAIN ... The Army, Naval Services, and Air Force Affairs Directors provide service specific legislative

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Strategic Insight

Strategic Insight A Strategic Response ... Smith is Director of the United States Air Force Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), located at the US Air Force Academy (USAFA), where he is also a Professor of ... the attack by rescuing survivors, providing medical assistance to the ...

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FY13 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military DoD ...

Initiatives and interventions throughout military ... Air Force : 1047 . 635 . 412 . 15.6% : 76 . 488 : 167 (122 RR, 45 UR) FY13 Total (±% change) 5061 (+50%) 3768 ... support, response, and reporting options Effectively standardize, measure,

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SECVA 2013 SPFI - United States Department of Veterans Affairs

... VA has made progress on all three major initiatives. ... Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, ... Servicemembers,their families, and their survivors. Strategic Goal 2: Enhanceand Develop Trusted Partnerships

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strategic communica-tion Deliver Services & Programs ... Respite Care Support Survivors Multiple SOS services U n i t B r i e f H i g h l i g h t s Garrison Commander COL Robert F. McLaughlin Deputy Garrison ... Army and Air Force Exchange Services AAFES Manager ...

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2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

Treatment and Support Services . Strategic Direction 4: ... of the U.S. Air Force Suicide Prevention Program (AFSPP) (see box) ... leaders to take action by promoting suicide prevention initiatives, policies, and programs. Describing

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CNO Posture Statement - U.S. Navy - The Official ...

about 30 percent of the close air support missions in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. ... over 280 tons of relief supplies to beleaguered survivors as part of Operation TOMODACHI. ... the Defense Strategic Guidance. The force structure assessment will also indicate what ships

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Department of Defense - Military OneSource

• The senior enlisted advisors of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps shall ... Military Family Association, the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, and the Armed Services YMCA. ... Create a strategic map of all existing programs, ...

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DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Update

All SAPR initiatives lay a foundation for the advancement of a culture of sexual assault ... Screened and moderated chat room to help connect survivors all over the world . ... Air Force. Sexual Assault ...

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Acquisition - DoD-IG

Support at (703) 604-8937 (DSN 664-8937) or fax (703) 604-8932. ... and the Air Force and supplements them with purchased care contracts that provide direct health care ... DoD and the Military Departments had ongoing initiatives regarding the acquisition of

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Structure of the Air Force: The Administration strongly objects to Title XVII, ... The Administration appreciates the support for DOD's air and missile defense ... theater-wide strategic capability.

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Department of Defense Service Updates

Army Suicide Rate Air Force Suicide Rate Marine Corps Suicide Rate ... - Provide support to Services’ Stigma Reduction Campaign ... • Contextualizing all on-going initiatives within Air Force Eleven Core Elements of Suicide Prevention

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Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations ...

• Harold Barton, Air Force Association • George Coker, American Ex-POWs ... Ms. Katie Murphy, Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Northern Virginia Technology Council ... continue to support the work of the JLC.

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VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans Membership Profile

of Women’s Health Research Initiatives and Clinical Practice Guidelines Coordinator ... Quarles was mobilized in support of both Desert Shield Storm (Assistant Officer in Charge of the Mobilization/Demobilization ... at the Air Force Security Police Academy, Lackland Air Force Bases ...

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Where Are Special Operations Forces? T - DTIC

National Defense University,Institute for National Strategic Studies,Fort Lesley J. McNair ... search, development, and acquisition initiatives to improve SOF contributions to ... and Air Force furnished all logistic support for SOF before Congress created SOCOM. They still provide ...

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Mission - Washington Headquarters Services

We help survivors find appropriate services and support initiatives to improve victim and survivor care through our ... US Army four-star general and director for strategic plans and policy of the Joint ... Naval Air Test Center, ...

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The Challenge and the Promise - DTIC

... 4 Air Force. Why? A Growing Problem 007 . Trends 400 co DoD Total Suicides By Year DoD Suicide Rate By Year ... Installation support services not well coordinated ... Develop strategic communications that promote life, ...

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2012 - Bell Helicopter

Air Force Aid Society American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum ... Local Initiatives Support Corporation Lucy’s Hearth ... for Survivors United Methodist Open Door United Way USO Veterans Airlift Command Veterans Memorial Air Park Washington State

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BEYOND THE HORIZON - United Nations Development Programme

US AIR FORCE BOMBING DATA DISTRICTS IDENTIFIED AS POOR IN LAO PDR MYANMAR ... survivors who require support. The number will be multiplied when their families are included. Moreover, the proportion of the toll involving children

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2013 NASAA Mid-Winter Training and Business Meeting ...

As the Director of the Air Force’s Future ... of strategic planning, mission development, public and congressional affairs and program and resource implementation for more than 140 new Air Force units. ... and its special programs and initiatives. During Borggren’s tenure, ...

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Corporate Responsibility Report - Bell Helicopter

Air Force Aid Society ... Local Initiatives Support Corporation Lucy’s Hearth ... for Survivors United Methodist Open Door United Way Washington State University Foundation WaterFire Providence Wichita Aero Club Golf Classic Wichita Festivals Inc.

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2004 in Texas - Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA)

Laughlin Air Force Base Jodi Park, LMSW-ACP, LPC Disability Policy Consortium ... strategic planning process led by the Bureau of Women’s Health at ... and current resources cannot support those who suffer the many A Strategic Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women in Texas was

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The Afghanistan Experience: Democratization by Force

The Anglo-American strategic air campaign had caused 600,000 civil-ian deaths and wounded 900,000. Münster, ... and the recently liberated survivors of Nazi camps. The German population was weary, dispirited, ... the US Air Force conducted 2,700 sorties against Tokyo and Yokohama, ...

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The National Center for PTSD

Such initiatives support system-wide efforts by the De ... ries out strategic planning, directs the overall operation of the National Center, ... in Vietnam as Army nurses and another 20 Air Force and Navy nurses.

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Fort Sam Houston – Home of Army Medicine July 7, 2005 ...

They heard key Army leaders explain initiatives and ... Air Force Personnel Center News Service) ... The 418th Med. Log. Co. pro-vides direct support for medical supplies, fabrication and repair of optical lens and medical equipment and maintenance to division and medical units. (From left) ...

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The ATA program’s policy formulation, strategic ... PROGRAMS AND INITIATIVES . Page | 2 communities that are resistant to violent ... also works to amplify the voices of survivors and victims of terrorism. Counterterrorist Finance (CTF): ...

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Office of the Adjutant General

... as a result of these initiatives, cannot be under-stated. In short, the RING and the RIEMA remain ready, relevant ... to meet organizational strategic objectives. ―The joint force of the future will have more robust and coherent ... to support Air Force requirements in computer special-

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