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Short Story Unit - SchoolNotes

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Short Story Unit - SchoolNotes

Short Story Strategy. Setting R-Restate the Question Fiction. ... Theme. Point of View. Tone/Mood. Figurative Language. You must read and complete the activities for each story. ... Quiz “Seventh Grade” Watch . Harlem, ...

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Literary Terms Worksheet - teacher web - TeacherWeb ...

Literary terms to choose from: Climax . Foreshadowing . Flashback . Imagery . Metaphor . Mood . Narrator . Personification . Setting . Symbol . Theme . Tone. Fill in the blanks: The object of this exercise is to match the word with the definition provided.

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Designing a Lesson Plan - Ithaca College

describe how tone and mood are used/establish [Scary Mary review] explain how the tone and mood are established in the text [QQ] Assessment: ... Quick Quiz: What is tone (as in the literary device)? How can you create mood in a text? (Name one way.)

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Author's Tone , Purpose and Bias

THE AUTHOR’S TONE, PURPOSE, AND BIAS. The following suggested activities can be adapted to the readings that support the content of your course, but you might rather use the exercises as they are presented in the books listed on the bibliography sheet.

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Quiz #1 - Cambridge-Isanti Schools

mood. 13. moral. 14. motif 15. myth. Quiz #6. 1. narrator. 2. naturalism. 3. novel. 4. oxymoron. ... Quiz #10 . 1. sonnet. 2. stereotype. 3. stream of consciousness. 4. structure. 5. style. 6. theme. 7. tone 8. total effect 9. tragedy. 10. tragic hero. 11. transcendentalism. 12. understatement ...

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Tone and Diction Test Review Sheet - Humble Independent ...

Anaphora anecdote Tone Diction Connotation Denotation Simile Foreshadowing Imagery asyndeton. Asyndeton Polysyndeton Syntax Juxtaposition. Some of the words from the Tone Words vocabulary (The first three sections) may appear in questions on the test.

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Ray Bradbury “The Pedestrian” Study Questions

Bradbury uses repetition of words and images to establish the tone or mood of the story. What is the . tone? What specific words or images does Bradbury repeat to help establish the tone of the story? ... Ray Bradbury “The Pedestrian” Study Questions Author: RITCHIE Last modified by: adaigle

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Elements of Fiction Worksheet - Caitlin Hanzlick

Tone: _____ Mood: Motifs: Symbols: Theme: Title: Elements of Fiction Worksheet Author: Hanzlick Last modified by: Hanzlick Created Date: 4/30/2008 12:43:00 AM Other titles: Elements of Fiction Worksheet ...

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Elements of a Short Story Quiz. Use the five types of conflicts to answer the first five questions. (Character vs. Character, ... Tone is the way the reader feels and Mood is the way the author wants you to feel. Author: Lindsey Davis Created Date:

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Time - teacher web

Point of View Quiz. Tone and Mood Notes Visual Roots and Prefixes PowerPoint. RPS Binder. Homework Sheet. Homework Quiz. POV Quiz. Symbolism practice, PowerPoint, Prezi . Tone practice, PowerPoint, Prezi . Symbolism. Tangible. Intangible 8.5 a September 16, 2013.

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“Dark They Were and Golden Eyed” Questions

“Dark They Were and Golden Eyed” Questions. 1. Why do the Bitterings come to Mars? ... What is the mood of the story? Find a quote that proves this. 10. What is the tone of the story? Find a quote that proves this. 11. The ending of the story is ironic.

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Poetry Quiz Study Guidelines –

Poetry Quiz Study Guidelines ... Know the tone and mood of each of the poems. Understand the speakers of the poems and who was addressing whom. Be able to identify figurative language (literary devices) from lines of the poems.

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold - St. Monica Catholic High School

Syllabus. Day One: Jan.10 Powerpoint presentation. Key terms: satire, parody, allusion, magic realism, postmodernism, epigraph, imagery, dramatic irony, bathos, motif, significance of names, tone, mood .

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Moss Point High School

... The students will Analyze the functions of stylistic elements in traditional and classical literature ( Mood ) Mods ... Quiz-Quiz-Trade. Formative Assessment ... SHARED READING: Lightning Thief. LESSON: CLOSING ACTIVITY:: Explain the meaning of tone and why it is important in a story ...

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Bell ringers for the week:

Identify the mood using one of the words from the Tone/Mood vocab sheet. 3. Take quiz on Capote biography and terms from review sheet. Formative Assessment:Graphic organizer for “A Christmas Memory” excerpt. Wednesday, 11/28. DLT:1.

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Curriculum Map for Thematically-Linked Multi-Genre Unit on

Mood/Tone Annotation. 2A. Mood/Tone Quiz. 2B. Elie Wiesel Socratic Sem. 2B. Setting Quiz. 2B. Photographic Analysis. 3A. Transitions Quiz . 3A. Narrative Paragraph. 3B. Graphic Organizer – Parallel Structure . 4A. Parallel Sentence Fix-up.

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Skills-based Quiz #1 (Author’s Purpose, Tone/Mood, Resources of Language) (.33)Dialectical/Assertion Journal Check #3. 28 entries due Expository Essay/Rhetorical Analysis Rough Drafts (1) Unit 2 Multiple Choice Exam. Grammar Quiz #2 . Skills-based Quiz #2.

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Literary Terms Test - Wikispaces

mood, theme, beginning, middle, end. ... setting, theme, tone, irony. beginning, middle, resolution. beginning, problem, character introduction, conclusion. ... Numbers 37-47 are examples of literary devices. Please use these for your answers:

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RATIONALE: - Portland Public Schools

Introducing Tone: Mood through Music……………………………………………… ... Art Quiz Tone Assessment Submit. ... A writer’s style includes all of the following elements except ...

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Gatsby : Tone and Mood Analysis - Wikispaces

Period 3 and 4. English. 11 4.0 Literary AnalysisExercise Objective: Students will identify and analyze the tone and mood of three selections using contextual clues.

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Worksheet/Quiz for “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

What are the changes in the setting and how does this effect the mood? ... What tone is established at this point of the poem? ... Worksheet/Quiz for “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” Author: Windows98 User Last modified by: Student

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Bedford County Public Schools. LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE. Course. Core English 10_ Grade. 10. Lesson Topic/Title. Tone and Mood . SOL and Learning Intention. 10.4 – The student will read and analyze the tone and mood of a short story.

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Daily Lesson Plan

Mood and Tone Unit Quiz. Vocabulary Quiz on Friday. Closure/ Assessment (how will you end the lesson and measure learning): HW- MISS/MITT quiz on Friday. Review words each night. Reading project due on Friday.

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7th Grade English Literary Terms Practice Test Answers

Tone. Anecdote. Internal Conflict. Free Verse. Antagonist. Fable. Informative Nonfiction. Protagonist. Autobiography. Satire. Mood. Limerick. Fiction. Cause & Effect. ... Couplet. Epic. Genre. Hyperbole. Dialect. Literary Nonfiction. Meter. Title: 7th Grade English Literary Terms Practice Test ...

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AP Literature – Literary devices to help answer the HOW

tone – Similar to mood, tone describes the author’s attitude toward his material, the audience, ... Helpful terminology Quiz: Title: AP Literature – Literary devices to help answer the HOW

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Poetry Terms Test

Poetry Terms Test. Section I: Match the following terms to their definitions. ... Tone i. nonsense words; specifically used for an occupation ... Mood u. repetition of vowel sounds followed by different consonants in 2.

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Elements of a Short Story Quiz #3. Use the following words for questions 1-5: Symbol, Epiphany, Oxymoron, Hyperbole, Simile, Metaphor. He is as skinny as a toothpick. Jumbo shrimp . Her home was a prison. ... (tone, mood) put me in a terrified

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Name: _________________________________________________ Date

Literary Terms Quiz. ... tone climax setting conflict symbol theme allusion metaphor. antagonist dialogue characterization ... _____ 9. the author’s way of expressing attitude or conveying a mood ...

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Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado”

Re-read lines 173-198. How does the author use concrete details to reinforce the effect on the reader (mood)? III. Bonus Assignment ... highlight 2 examples of imagery of the setting that contribute to your tone. ... Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado” Author: alaine.butz Last modified by ...

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-QUIZ on stories from Tone & Mood unit-revise and print ‘Under the Rug’, turn in-none. 11/11. No school- Veteran’s Day.-none. 11/12-Read fiction and analyze the mood and how it’s created-none. Author: Brad Petry Created Date: 11/07/2010 21:51:00

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Literary Terms Pretest - Yourhomework

satire simile style theme tone climax. falling ... etc., used by authors to convey emotion, mood, theme and more narrative A literary representation of an event of a story-the text itself diction Choice of words analogy A comparison of two like things, ... Literary Terms Pretest ...

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Rhetorical Strategies and Literary Analysis

Rhetorical Strategies and Literary Analysis. Vocabulary for the AP English Language & Composition Exam. QUIZ: Thursday, September 3rd . The AP Exam you will take in May will have at least one prompt that requires you to analyze how writers use language to convey some message or judgment.

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Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado” - Fort Bend ISD

I shall not die of a cough.” “True – true,” I replied. (p. 375…hilarious!) ... Re-read lines 173-198. How does the author use concrete details to reinforce the effect on the reader (mood)? II. ... Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado” Author: alaine.butz Last modified by:

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Literary Elements Worksheet

Literary Elements . Worksheet. What point of view is the story told from? Describe the setting. Mood. Place. Time. What is the initial problem introduced in the exposition?

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The Cask of Amontillado - murphspage

In “The Cask of Amontillado,” the mood is related to the different settings of the story. As the setting changes, the mood changes too. Complete the chart to examine how the setting affects the mood.

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FE English I Sem I Syllabus.docx - Digital Learning Solutions ...

· Interactive Table: Tone, Mood, and a Jumping Frog · Multiple Choice: Discussing "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" · Bongo Bingo: ... Quiz · Begin What Have I Learned? Section · Begin Learning from Others Lesson · Bucket Game: ...

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Mood/Tone:_____ Country: _____ Ethnicity: _____ Occupation: _____ Favorite Food: _____ ... MySpace.Com Profile Quiz. Directions: Imagine you are the narrator for “A Modest Proposal” and you’ve decided to create a MySpace profile.

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August 20-24

Quiz review 12-12-13. Reading Targets: 1. I can analyze a story’s setting and its impact on tone and mood. 2. I can analyze a story’s use of description of setting and connotative diction in order to recognize foreshadowing in a story.

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Complete the following chart in preparation for your quiz in Lesson 3.04 and 3.05. First, identify whether the example uses literal or figurative language. Explain what each example means, and then explain its effect on the tone and mood.

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Name_____Period _____ Literary Devices Pre-Assessment 11th Grade. Directions: This is an informal assessment to determine your understanding us common Literary Devices.

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Lesson Plans of Linda Robinson: Week #1 9/4/07-9/7/07

Quiz Thursday on literary elements and characterization terms – practice quiz tomorrow (6) ... setting, protagonist, theme, style, tone, mood, symbolism, allegory, etc. Students will then complete a practice quiz using all terminology ...

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*review mood, tone, imagery, and style in literature *analyze mood in literature *read “Dark They Were, ... *4 point quiz on mood, tone, imagery, and style. E-Observation, writing, discussion, quiz. L: Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed. Act:

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Hamlet Portfolio - Ms Acla's English Classes

Hamlet Portfolio. English II. September 30, 2011. Authored by: Leigh Acla. Hamlet Portfolio. ... Describe the mood that Shakespeare creates in the opening scene of Hamlet, ... The tone of a work of literature reflects a writer’s attitude toward his or her subject.

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State Vocabulary Quiz~Fable #2. Name: Date: *Fable *Resolution *Exposition ... *Theme *Tone Mood Style _____: occurs when a character is opposed by some character or force. _____: a fictitious story or tale ...

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The Great Gatsby – Comprehension Questions Chapter 1-3

What is the tone/mood of the scene where Daisy and Tom ate at the kitchen table? ... The Great Gatsby – Comprehension Questions Chapter 1-3 Author: Chicago Public Schools Last modified by: Chicago Public Schools Created Date: 3/15/2012 1:47:00 PM

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Short Story Unit Plan - Mr. Furman's Web Pages

Short Story Unit Assignments. Journal Writing. ... Short Story Elements Quiz Name(s): Match the following definitions with the terms from II. ... They want you to create a mood that best captures the mood and building tension of the story.

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NAME:_______________________________________ DATE ...

Literary Terms Quiz. Directions: Place the number of the literary term that best matches the definition in the ... 6. Climax. 7. Resolution/ Denouement. 8. Imagery. 9. Point of View. 10. Theme. 11. Style. 12. Atmosphere/ Mood/Tone. 13. Foreshadowing. 14. Flashback _____ How the story is narrated ...

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Literary Terms: Beginning of the Year Diagnostic Test ...

A writer’s attitude toward the subject or audience Tone. 30. The way a story makes you feel Mood. 31. A true story Non-fiction. 32. A type of literature Genre. 33. A type of non-fiction ... Literary Terms: Beginning of the Year Diagnostic Test – Answer Key Author:

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The Great Gatsby – Comprehension Questions Chapter 1-3

The Great Gatsby – Comprehension Questions for Chapter 6-9. Answer the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES in your notes notebook. ... What is the tone/mood of the scene where Daisy and Tom ate at the kitchen table?

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Macbeth ACT I Comprehension Questions - WCDSB

ACT I Comprehension Questions. Act I, scene i. 1. How does the play Macbeth open up in the first scene? What tone/mood/atmosphere is created? 2. The last line “Fair is foul and, foul is fair” appears paradoxical.

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