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Short Story Unit - SchoolNotes

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Short Story Unit - SchoolNotes

Tone/Mood. Figurative Language. You must read and complete the activities for each story. ... Day 3: Quiz “Seventh Grade” Watch . Harlem, 7 minutes Smart Board.

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Literary Terms Worksheet - teacher web

Literary terms to choose from: Climax . Foreshadowing . Flashback . Imagery . Metaphor . Mood . Narrator . Personification . Setting . Symbol . Theme . Tone. Fill in ...

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Designing a Lesson Plan

describe how tone and mood are used/establish [Scary Mary review] ... Quick Quiz: What is tone (as in the literary device)? How can you create mood in a text?

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Author's Tone , Purpose and Bias

THE AUTHOR’S TONE, PURPOSE, AND BIAS. The following suggested activities can be adapted to the readings that support the content of your course, but you might ...

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Quiz #1 - Cambridge

Quiz #2. 1. concrete. 2. conflict. 3. connotation. ... mood. 13. moral. 14. motif 15. myth. Quiz #6. 1. ... 7. tone 8. total effect 9. tragedy.

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Tone and Diction Test Review Sheet - Humble Independent ...

How does she utilize ethos, pathos, and logos? What is her conclusion? How does diction convey her tone? Look at the questions on page 288 of LOC for more review.

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QUIZ “It gives the ... mood tone style rhythm voice Bottom of Form The following adjectives are used in ..... Humorous- joyous -playful- hopeful - tragic . Top of ...

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Ray Bradbury “The Pedestrian” Study Questions

Bradbury uses repetition of words and images to establish the tone or mood of the story. What is the . tone? ... Ray Bradbury “The Pedestrian” Study Questions Author:

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Elements of Fiction Worksheet - Caitlin Hanzlick

Tone: _____ Mood: Motifs: Symbols: Theme: Title: Elements of Fiction Worksheet Author: Hanzlick Last modified by: Hanzlick Created Date: 4/30/2008 12:43 ...

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Elements of a Short Story Quiz. ... Tone is the way the reader feels and Mood is the way the author wants you to feel. Author: Lindsey Davis Created Date:

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“Dark They Were and Golden Eyed” Questions - RossEnglish

What is the mood of the story? Find a quote that proves this. 10. What is the tone of the story? ... “Dark They Were and Golden Eyed” Questions Author:

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Time - teacher web

Point of View Quiz. Tone and Mood Notes Visual Roots and Prefixes PowerPoint. RPS Binder. Homework Sheet. Homework Quiz. POV Quiz. Symbolism practice, PowerPoint, Prezi .

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold - St. Monica Catholic High School

... imagery, dramatic irony, bathos, motif, significance of names, tone, mood . Use Study Guide to take quiz on Parts I and II ... Chronicle of a Death Foretold ...

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Literary Device Quiz Review. Define the following literary devices. Diction: Tone: Mood: How are Diction, Tone, and Mood all related? Provide an example:

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Curriculum Map for Thematically-Linked Multi-Genre Unit on

Mood/Tone Annotation. 2A. Mood/Tone Quiz. 2B. Elie Wiesel Socratic Sem. 2B. Setting Quiz. 2B. Photographic Analysis. 3A. Transitions Quiz . 3A. Narrative Paragraph. 3B.

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Poetry Quiz Study Guidelines –

Poetry Quiz Study Guidelines ... Know the tone and mood of each of the poems. Understand the speakers of the poems and who was addressing whom.

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Literary Terms Test - Wikispaces

mood, theme, beginning, middle, end. ... a. tone b. rhythm c. structure d. voice. II. Literary Devices, Figurative Language & Poetry.

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RATIONALE: - Portland Public Schools

Art Quiz Tone Assessment Submit. Concepts Relating to Tone Writing . ... 9.18.8 Introducing Tone and Mood Using Song Standards: 9.10.8, 9.10.10.

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Gatsby : Tone and Mood Analysis - Wikispaces

Period 3 and 4. English. 11 4.0 Literary AnalysisExercise Objective: Students will identify and analyze the tone and mood of three selections using contextual clues.

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Worksheet/Quiz for “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

What are the changes in the setting and how does this effect the mood? ... How does the poem shift in tone? ... Worksheet/Quiz for “Rime of the Ancient Mariner ...

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First Day Quiz

Mood = Tone = Conflict = Climax = Exposition = Title: First Day Quiz Author: Roger Kintish Last modified by: User Created Date: 9/11/2008 3:34:00 PM Other titles:

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7th Grade English Literary Terms Practice Test Answers

Title: 7th Grade English Literary Terms Practice Test Answers Author: jennifer schmitz Last modified by: jennifer schmitz Created Date: 5/11/2008 2:05:00 PM

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Skills-based Quiz #1 (Author’s Purpose, Tone/Mood, Resources of Language) Dialectical Journal Assignment Distributed and Explained (PAP) 10/22 10/23 10/24. 10/25.

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Poetry Terms Test

Poetry Terms Test. Section I: Match the ... _____ 9. Tone i. nonsense words; ... _____ 21. Mood u. repetition of vowel sounds followed by different consonants in 2.

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AP Literature – Literary devices to help answer the HOW

tone – Similar to mood, ... Title: AP Literature – Literary devices to help answer the HOW

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Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado”

What is the tone of the story ... How does the author use concrete details to reinforce the effect on the reader (mood)? ... Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado”

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Literary Terms Pretest - Yourhomework

satire simile style theme tone ... etc., used by authors to convey emotion, mood, theme and more narrative A literary representation of an ... Literary Terms Pretest ...

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Literary Elements Worksheet

Literary Elements . Worksheet. What point of view is the story told from? Describe the setting. Mood. Place. Time. What is the initial problem introduced in the ...

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FE English I Sem I Syllabus.docx - Digital Learning Solutions ...

· Interactive Table: Tone, Mood, and a Jumping Frog · Multiple Choice: ... Quiz · Begin What Have I Learned? Section · Begin Learning from Others Lesson

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Lesson Plans of Linda Robinson: Week #1 9/4/07-9/7/07

In preparation for tomorrow’s quiz on literary elements and characterization terms, ... point-of-view, setting, protagonist, theme, style, tone, mood, symbolism, ...

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Mood/Tone:_____ Country: _____ Ethnicity: _____ Occupation: _____ Favorite Food: _____ How Favorite Food Is Best ... MySpace.Com Profile Quiz. Directions: ...

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Name: _________________________________________________ Date

Literary Terms Quiz. ... tone climax setting conflict symbol theme allusion metaphor. ... the author’s way of expressing attitude or conveying a mood

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Daily Lesson Plan - Wikispaces

Mood and Tone Unit Quiz. Vocabulary Quiz on Friday. Closure/ Assessment (how will you end the lesson and measure learning): HW- MISS/MITT quiz on Friday.

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English 9: Poetry Test Review - Weebly

imagery speaker mood. tone Part 5: You will have to know how to analyze a poem you have never seen before in terms of: ... English 9: Poetry Test Review ...

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The Cask of Amontillado - murphspage | Just another WordPress ...

In “The Cask of Amontillado,” the mood is related to the different settings of the story. As the setting changes, the mood changes too.

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Name_____Period _____ Literary Devices Pre-Assessment 11th Grade. Directions: This is an informal assessment to determine your understanding us common Literary ...

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Explain what each example means, and then explain its effect on the tone and mood. ... and then feel free to use this handout to help you complete your quiz.

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CLASS - Punxsutawney Area School District / Overview

*4 point quiz on mood, tone, imagery, and style. E-Observation, writing, discussion, quiz. L: Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed. Act:

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Hamlet Portfolio - Ms Acla's English Classes

Hamlet Portfolio. English II. ... Describe the mood that Shakespeare creates in the opening ... The tone of a work of literature reflects a writer’s attitude ...

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August 20-24 - Anderson County Schools Home

3. Quiz review 12-12-13. Reading Targets: 1. I can analyze a story’s setting and its impact on tone and mood. 2.

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Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado” - Fort Bend ISD

What is the tone of the story ... (mood)? II. Write your own ... Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado” Author: alaine.butz Last modified by: april.thurman

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-QUIZ on stories from Tone & Mood unit-revise and print ‘Under the Rug’, turn in-none. 11/11. No school- Veteran’s Day.-none. 11/12-Read fiction and analyze the ...

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Short Story Unit Plan - Mr. Furman's Web Pages

Short Story Unit Plan. By: ... Short Story Elements Quiz Name(s): ... They want you to create a mood that best captures the mood and building tension of the story.

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Literary Terms: Beginning of the Year Diagnostic Test ...

Literary Terms: Beginning of the ... A writer’s attitude toward the subject or audience Tone. ... The way a story makes you feel Mood. 31. A true story Non-fiction ...

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The Multiple Choice Component for Pre-AP and AP English Classes

tone. and . mood - how does diction (word choice) contribute to tone and mood. ... AP Multiple Choice Test – Identifying the main components in each question.

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Macbeth ACT I Comprehension Questions - WCDSB

ACT I Comprehension Questions. Act I, scene i. 1. How does the play Macbeth open up in the first scene? What tone/mood/atmosphere is created? 2. The last line “Fair ...

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Weekly Syllabus: AP Literature & Composition

11.3.3 Analyze the ways in which irony, tone, mood, ... Go over weekly syllabus 3QQ from yesterday’s notes HW check ~ poetic devices in poems Reading check quiz ...

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Writing on Poe - Miller Middle School

You will write a literary analysis of the works of Edgar Allan Poe, ... or mood/tone in his ... response paragraphs from your Poe quiz and “Raven” worksheets ...

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January 2005 - Norman Public Schools

Elements of style 18 Notes: STYLE: diction, syntax,tone/mood, figurative language, dialect. 19 Begin Call of the Wild. ... 20Vocabulary Quiz: Chapter 1 Call of the Wild.

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