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Instructional manual of automatic laser level

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Instructional manual of automatic laser level

When the light is twinkling quickly, the laser level will not level when it is shaked. (6)Speeding-up: Circling knob. Speed of scanning includes 5-knots:0-60-120-300-6000 r.p.m (7) Directional scanning: Circling knob.

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Surveying Instruments - (주)소끼아코리아

Sokkia Series230RM. SET3230RM. SET4230RM. 자동 시준 무타겟 토탈 ...

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TIMELINE: Surveying Instruments

Surveying is believed to be the third oldest profession in the world. To a surveyors, the link chain symbolizes a rugged era, ... Image Courtesy of Sokkia Total Station Beginning in the 1970's, a virtual plethora of short range EDMI, ...

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Title: SOKKIA TOTALSTATION SERİLERİ TÜRKÇE KULLANIM KİTABI Author: DidoOoOo Last modified by: By DoomsDay Created Date: 2/20/2007 8:46:00 AM Other titles

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Topographic Surveying with the Total Station - HCGL Resources

Topographic Surveying with the Total. Station. Purpose. The purpose of this lab is to work on a real-world application of the total ... with which you are familiar; and one 1 Sokkia SET 3. Each group will be issued with one set of the following equipment: Total station, with accessories. Prism ...

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RESUMEN DE OPERACIÓN DE LA ESTACIÓN TOTAL SOKKIA SET 610k/630Rk. Coloque la brújula y la batería cargada. Monte, nivele y centre el aparato en el punto de arranque que deberá ser señalizado apropiadamente.

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Alt Hot Keys - Carlson Software - Software for Land ...

(The Sokkia SDR8100 is an exception. This device uses the ‘=’ symbol.) Title: Alt Hot Keys Author: Carrie Morton Last modified by: carlson Created Date: 7/18/2005 2:27:00 PM Company: Carlson Software Other titles:

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Introduction to the Total Station - Ohio State University

Once again we will be using the Sokkia SET-3 and SET-5 total stations. 1. To reinforce the student with correct operation of a theodolite/total station as applied to land surveying techniques. 2. To familiarize the student with correct data recording procedures. 3.

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Instrumentation used : Leica TPS, Leica GPS-500, Sokkia, MicroStation (CAD), GADOURY & NEVEU (Land Surveyors) Joliette, Canada 2002 Field works and drafting, data analysis. Instrumentation used : Leica TPS, MicroStation (CAD) QUÉBEC TRANSPORT MINISTRY.

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GeoTracker Survey_XYZ - California

... NRT2 Novatel DL-RT2 with L1/L2 or GPS-600 antenna 2cm + 1ppm SA3 Sokkia Axis3 <1m SS Sokkia Stratus 10mm + 2ppm SL Sokkia Locus 10mm + 2ppm http ...

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安全使用注意事项. 安全注意事项 5 使用注意事项 8 1 使用仪器前 12 1-1 部件名称 12 1-2 开箱装箱 14 1-3 标准配置 14 1-4 电池安装及充电 14 1-5 sd卡的安装与取出 18 1-6 usb线连接 20 2 显示屏和键盘 21 2-1 显示屏和键盘 21 2-2 操作键 21 ...

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Topcon Tools v

Sokkia *.pdc support. Import/Export. Import Sokkia raw GNSS data. Import Sokkia SDR coordinates. RINEX 3.0 and 2.11(to support L2C) Export to KMZ format. Export Digital Level data to Topcon *.lev format. Google View/KML. Added options to customize Google View .

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Jim Mohanan

Level works proficiency with Total Station (Sokkia, leica, Trimble and . Pentax). And GPS (Trimble R3) Experience 6 Months experience in Survey based Auto Cad Works (3 Dimension Construction And Land Survey Consultant Company, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala )

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... GPS Equipment, Bags and Cases, Roll Flagging, Sokkia Surveying Instruments, Theodolites, Transits, Grade Rods, Tansit Levels, Seco Surveying Supplies, Survey Stake Supplies, PK Nails, Mag Nails, Abney Levels, Land Surveyors Hand Levels, Magnetic Locators, ...

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A & I Products - 404(Ce)

Sokkia - 368(Ce) Southland - 71(B) Spear’s Chardon Tractor Sales - 123A(B) Spectra Precision - 16(B) Spinks Seed Co. - 244(V) Stabl Wall - 22(B) Stanadyne - 49(B), 139(B), 354(Ce) Stanley Products - 354(Ce) Star Electric Vehicles - 150(B), 162(B)

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Sokkia Set3C& Set 4B& Set510&Set510&Set 610& Set 330RK Topcon GTP7000. Topcon GTS 230. Auto Level C310 Topcon. Digital Level Topcon DL-101. Laser Levels . Tilt meter. Inclinometer. Calculator’s used CASIO FX880P, CASIO FX750P, CASIO FX4500P, CASIO FX4200P, CASIO FX5800P.

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TOPCON Eye Care Business Unit: Research Note (YT)

Sokkia acquisition in Positioning BU was a sizeable deal which TOPCON won among several suitors. But TOPCON had a great advantage as a Japanese company to be a preferred suitor by the target.

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1 - LIGO

The prism used in LIGO1 is a Sokkia AP01 40mm offset prism. Historical Notes: None. ICD Verification Matrix. TBD. ICD: SUS/UK – AOS E050169-01 (chapter of E030647) 3 Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory . E050xxx-00 (chapter of E030647)

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Below are the SDR status codes - Defense Logistics Agency

SDR status codes. Status – The status codes used to define the selections should be table driven and not hard-coded into the program to allow for changes in the future without the need to change the program.

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... Document Retrieval - TotalTrack - Home

Topics of this course include creation and management of Total Station surveys, laying out points in the field using a Sokkia Total Station, as well as synching a TopCon or Sokkia Total Station to Benchmark. Contact San Jose Training Coordinator Chris Valverde for More info.

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Геодезические приборы Электронные тахеометры Тахеометры Sokkia Технические Серия CX Наименование Описание Цена ...

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Survey Manual - Colorado Department of Transportation

The following feature code library is available from CDOT for Sokkia SDR data collectors, however it is not being support or maintained by CDOT and may not include all of the standard attributes : CDOT Feature Code Libraries.

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索佳(SOKKIA)SET - 精品课程

Title: 索佳(SOKKIA)SET Author: 雨薇 Last modified by: 雨薇 Created Date: 5/20/2004 5:30:00 AM Company: 雨薇在线

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GPSeismic® is a suite of survey, mapping and data management ...

SOKKIA. CGG (CHE and JOB) Trimble V7 - 10. Nikon. Carlson RW5. DCO. GSI. Multitrex 3DL. PGG. SDR (20/33) SEG P3. Swift. Topograph . Zupt Inertial. Applanix Inertial. NavPac Inertial. Benco Inertial. Gipsi Inertial. GPS Exchange Files. Eagle Navigation BIF Files. Leica Raw Observation Files.

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ESTACION TOTAL SOKKIA Author: MEXICO Last modified by: publi care Created Date: 11/21/2008 10:09:00 PM Company: MEXICO Other titles: ESTACION TOTAL SOKKIA ...

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Confidential Résumé of Medhat sonbol - Contech Websites

Total station model SOKKIA, leveling and quantity account. Management skills course. Communication and sales skills training. ADDITIONAL SKILLS. Excellent Knowledge of Auto-cad land, Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet. Auto-cad drawing and treatment.

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Compatible con todos los instrumentos SOKKIA (estaciones totales, receptores satelitales y niveles digitales). Se activa con cualquier instrumento SOKKIA (estación total o nivel digital). Reduce las coordenadas obtenidas de datos de campo.

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We use surveying instruments such as Robotic and two man Leica and Sokkia total stations. We will also cover topics such as foundations, ground works, temporary works, basement construction, retaining wall structures, piling, ...

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16:50pm Presentation by Sokkia Singapore. 17:10pm Discussion Forum / Questions Close of Day One. 18:00pm Cocktail Reception . DAY TWO Thursday, MAY 27, 2010. SESSION 1 . 08:00am Registration. 09:00am Chairperson: Joyce R. Aryee,

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CURRICULUM VITAE - Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia

Production of Manual Using Sokkia Set 5F Total Station and SDR Mapping & Design Software for Automation in Topographical Survey, Prosiding Seminar Penyelidikan KUiTTHO. Nawawi Jusoh, Sulie ak Slat & Sahidin Ghazali, (2005). Application & Assessment of Self-Directed Learning Manual ...

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Sokkia Pty Ltd . ACN: 002 141 424 . D-U-N-S: 751593203 . ABN: 27002141424 Year Established: 1981 Street Address: Unit 29 Rydalmere Metro Centre 38-46 South St Rydalmere NSW 2116 Postal Address: PO Box 410 Rydalmere NSW 1701 Registered Office:

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Nikon AP-7, SOKKIA B21, Zeiss Ni2 SOKKIA C300, TOPCON AT-G4 Permissible Misclosure (Cp) (km) 5.8 x 10-7 km 7.72 x 10-7 km Diagram 3: Circuit for Spirit Leveling. Table 4: 1st Traverse of the Circuit Loop.

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College of Arts and Sciences-Resource Needs

2 Total Station – Sokkia SET500 Total Station with Data Collector, tripod, batteries, etc. The infra-red technology of the Total Station has made the optical transits currently used in our terrestrial archaeology field school obsolete.

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You will learn to use a range of surveying instruments such as Leica and Sokkia competently and with confidence.

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Новинки 'Sokkia'

Новинки "Sokkia" Author: 1 Last modified by: 1 Created Date: 11/10/2009 10:29:00 AM Other titles: Новинки "Sokkia" ...

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Некоторые рекомендации по ...

Некоторые рекомендации по использованию электронных тахеометров set600, set500, set300 производства фирмы sokkia (“Автоматизированные технологии изысканий и ...,%20%D0%9C%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%BA%D1%88%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%B4%D0%B5%D1%80%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%B5%20%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%BE/43426_rekomendacii_po_ispolzovaniyu_elektronnyh_taheometrov_sokkia.doc

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... Sokkia #6651-01 VENDOR: Coastal Instrument & Supply Co., Inc. Commodity No. 305-560 BDC25 Battery $240.00 30% $168.00 (25 Brand: Sokkia #6460-02 VENDOR: Coastal Instrument ...

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平成11年度 仕様書 - NICT

3.1 SOKKIA NET2B / Leica TC2002 Inspection Reports. 3.2 Certificate of Verification. 3.3 Offset of Surveying Points. 3.4 List of Instruments Used. 3.5 Table of Telescope’s Attitude Data During its reference Point Observation.

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CG-FieldPlus Version 5

Sets: With the Sokkia 4M driver, you can turn sets automatically, just like the robotic instruments. If you select sets, the instrument will automatically be shifted into SEARCH and FINE measurement modes.

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Madame, Monsieur, - Bigmat Cataldo, achat de matériaux de ...

Mercredi 9 décembre 2008 à 18 heures 30 : Niveaux lasers SOKKIA : Démonstration des différents types de niveaux lasers de haute précision. *Fiche à compléter et à déposer au magasin au comptoir professionnel ou à renvoyer par courrier, ...

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كــيفية اِستدام جهــاز النوتال ...

نضغط [ESC] حتى نتحصل على الشاشة الرئيسية Sokkia page. نضغط [MEM] F3 – تظهر شاشة بها عدة خيارات نختار منها JOB وبعد نضغط ( ...

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Full Name

SOKKIA :- (510 SET, 310 SET) GLOBAL POSITION SYSTEM (I.e. G.P.S) 1. SOKKIA (G.S.R.-2700 IS) GPS Garmin:-Gps 276 c. Spotract megellin . Summary of experience in India:-SEKAR CONSTRUCTION . KALPAKKAM – 603 102. Project Details:-CONSTRUCTION OF 3-C QUARTERS.

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MySEC'05 Format of Paper - MysCad

Enhanced compatibility with most brands survey products (TOPCON, LEICA, NIKON, HORIZON, SOUTH, SOKKIA, TRIMBLE). Import and export ASC11, DXF, DWG, DGN, VDI, VDF, JPG, WMF, BMP and other industry standard formats. Design Desktop.

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Employed as APPLICATION ENGINEER at TOPCON SOKKIA IND PVT LTD.JOB includes marketing,application,demonstration of survey instruments like Totalstation,auto/digital level etc. Employed as a Sales Engineer(Survey) at Aimil Limited-Principal:-TRIMBLE.

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GALVESTON ISLAND’S WEST END: - Texas Coastal Erosion Data ...

Galveston Island has experienced rapid shoreline erosion in recent decades, ... The device then emits a laser beam/infrared light that is reflected off a SOKKIA prism mounted on a scaled rod.

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CIVL 102 - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

A Concise Guide for Sokkia SET5F Total Station. Setting up the instrument: Center and level the instrument as usual. Refer to the theodolite setting-up procedures. Never put the total station directly on the ground (to avoid scratching bottom of tribrach).

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Current Contract Information Form - Seattle

Part Number Description Price 3300 SERIES MECHANICAL TOTAL STATION 003306-4114-202 Trimble 3306DR (5") Total Station, DR EDM, Standard ... Part Number Description Price 3300 SERIES MECHANICAL TOTAL STATION 7512-52 GeoLine/Sokkia Wood extension legs $195.00 NEW ITEM TRIPOD ...

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Are You suprised ?

SUPPLY OF “SOKKIA” AUTOMATIC LEVEL: MODEL B40 With aluminium folding stand in canvas cover & Aluminium Levelling Staff 4 M . Shr. Shambhu Azad ,Chief Engineer (WRD) WAPCOS Ltd. (A Government of India Undertaking) 76-C, Sector-18, Institutional Area, Gurgaon (Haryana)

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William A

Sokkia Technology) 1996-2002. Wrote desktop and handheld applications for Surveying. This included GPS surveying as well as theodolite surveying. Redesigned data communications interface. Programming was in C and C++. COM and ATL were used. Left ...

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