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... the more sophisticated are the techniques required to perform the data processing. Modern reflection seismic surveys require large amounts of computer processing, often performed on supercomputers or on computer clusters.

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Curriculum Vitae - University of Texas at Dallas

Designed an interactive seismic data processing package, OMEGA. Implemented a control program that coordinates and efficiently delivers a large amount of data traces or gathers among components. ... Ing-Ray Chen, O. Yilmaz, and I-Ling Yen, ...

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... result in direct benefits to communities across the United States exposed to nearby faults thus resulting in reduced seismic risk as well as ... J., Sucuoglu, H., Erberik, A., Yilmaz, T., Inan, E., Durukal, E., Erdik, M ... (1998). A wavelet tour of signal processing, Academic Press ...

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... Wei Jin; Li ... "GRACE gravity data help constraining seismic models of the 2004 ... "Effects of Gaussian filter in processing GRACE data: Gravity rate of ...

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... your uploaded file will be virus checked and converted to PDF within the hour. However, ... such as radiation sources. Commercial application: Possible civilian sector applications include radiation sources, seismic probes ... The data from the near-field acoustic holography system will be ...

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LAB-TEC™ 1000 User’s Manual, 85, 1992

... and K.R. Kelts, Lake-level reconstruction and paleohydrology of Birch Lake, Central Alaska, based on seismic reflection profiles and core ... H. Hessenkemper, and A. Zawada, Processing of molten solid residues, Glass ... Magnetic data from rocks of the loess formation and their ...

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... Pereıra F.M; Verney J.C.K, Concretes Produced With Waste of Agate Processing: Assessment Of ... Kaplan H, et al., Prelımınary Seısmıc Rısk Assessment Based On Statıstıcal Data, (Kaplan H, Yilmaz S, Binici H, Yazar ... Perception and Communication of Seismic Risk: The 6 April ...

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... (and without any proprietary or data rights markings) ... N08-091 Middleware Specification for Low-Power Distributed Processing Devices. N08-092 Low-Overhead Software ... KEYWORDS: sonobuoy; air deployment; high ...

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На правах рукописи - Горный ...

... Liu, Bleisten, 1995; Tieman, 1995; Yilmaz, Chamber 1984; Yilmaz, ... Complexing of the reflected and refracted waves in the processing and interpretation of multichannel marine seismic data // 5th Saint-Petersburg International Conference and Exhibition, EAGE: ...

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2MIT Conference Schedule - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nonlinear time-history of long span seismic bridge design and retrofit, Session 73; ... A presumed PDF-ILDM model for the CFD-analysis of turbulent combustion. J.C. Ferreira, ... Data assimilation for an electro-mechanical model of the myocardium.

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2MIT Conference Schedule - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nonlinear time-history of long span seismic bridge design and retrofit, Session 73 Part I; ... A presumed PDF-ILDM model for the CFD-analysis of turbulent combustion. ... On the modeling of diffusion processes in detailed chemistry post-processing for CFD. T. Zschunke, U. Sénéchal, ...

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Citácie publikovaných prác - neskrátený zoznam autorov

... (Plainaki, C.); Sarlanis, C (Sarlanis, C.); Souvatzoglou, G (Souvatzoglou, G.) Athens Neutron Monitor Data Processing Center - ANMODAP Center ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, 44 ... 2009, ...

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Citácie prác v roku 2009 - Ústav Experimentálnej Fyziky . NASA ADS: NASA ASTROPHYSICS Data ... (Battiston, R.) Analysis of NOAA particle data and correlations to seismic activity NATURAL HAZARDS AND EARTH ... In Journal of Materials Synthesis and Processing, 2000, vol ...

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References - PANGAEA

... 19 pp. http://www. Mann KH, Lazier JRN (1996) Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems. Blackwell ... (2002b) Ocean Data View. Schulz HN, Strotmann B, Gallardo VA, Jorgensen BB (2000 ...

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序号 - 北京大学图书馆

序号 作者 题名 出处 地址 sci编号

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题名:Seismic damage assessment of reinforced concrete bridge ... See the schedule page (also in downloadable pdf form) ... and visualization to data storage and query processing and indexing. The conference is the premier annual event of the ACM Special Interest Group on Spatial ...

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