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SAMPLE RECOMMENDATION OF SUSPENSION. PENDING INVESTIGATION LETTER. ... Suspension Pending Investigation - (Employee’s Name) I am recommending a suspension pending an investigation for (employee) into events that took place on ...

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SAMPLE NOTICE OF SUSPENSION WITH PAY. HAND DELIVERED. PERSONAL AND ... Dear (Employee): Suspension with Pay. I have received a recommendation that you be suspended with pay pending investigation into events that took place ... SUSPENSION PENDING INVESTIGATION Author: yvonne Last modified by: JB ...

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Sample Letter - Disciplinary Suspension Without Pay

Sample Letter - Disciplinary Suspension Without Pay Author: Kathryn Webb Evans Last modified by: Kathryn Webb Evans Created Date: 12/13/2004 5:54:00 PM Company: NC A&T State University Other titles:

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Sample Letter of Suspension - MRSC of Washington

SAMPLE LETTER OF SUSPENSION Mr. ... This action follows an investigation by_____, Department Head and_____, Associate Director. Specifically, on _____at approximately 3:45 p.m. you were observed stumbling as you got off the elevator. You fell into your chair at ...

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Suspension With Pay Sample Letter - TCSG | Technical College ...

This letter serves to notify you that effectively immediately, you will be placed on suspension with pay pending investigation for alleged misconduct. ... If a meeting date and time is established to discuss the investigation, ...

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This letter serves to notify you that effectively immediately, you will be placed on suspension with pay pending investigation for alleged misconduct. ... If a meeting date and time is established to discuss the investigation, ...

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Discipline, Adverse Actions, and Alternative Discipline

The temporary removal of an employee from work and pay status pending an investigation, ... and consideration of the employee's reply or after expiration of the time allocated for the employee's answer to the Letter of Proposed Suspension. ... Letters of reprimand and suspension of 14 days or ...

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Sample Letter - Investigatory Status With Pay

Date. Employee Name . Address . Address. Dear _____: This letter is to inform you that effective (date) you are being placed in Investigatory Status With Pay (with no charge to your leave balance) pending the investigation of reports concerning your grossly inefficient job performance (or ...

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DATE: (Insert Date) - Iowa

Sample Notice of Status of Investigation. For AFSCME Covered Positions. DATE: (Insert Date) TO: (Insert Local President’s name) SUBJECT: Investigation Status Report. On ... (insert language from original suspension with pay letter).

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... he/she will receive pay for the period of suspension. ... Before the accused employee is advised of the pending case, ... The employee should be given a letter containing all the relevant points covered in the discussion and a copy should be kept in the employee’s personnel file.

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Add new sample policy - Georgia Association-Chiefs

Letter of Commendation: ... Suspensions that exceed 10 days must be approved by the Chief with an administrative hearing to be held within three days. Suspension - Pending Investigation of Charges or Trial: ...

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Model Procedure for - Barford School

See Appendix B for an invite to an investigatory meeting sample letter. ... Letter to confirm suspension pending investigation. Dear [name of employee] Further to the meeting today regarding alleged gross misconduct, ...

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I am not under a suspension of favorable personnel action, under investigation, pending charges, or being considered for elimination. 3. I (have/have not) ... SAMPLE FORMAT REQUEST FOR UNQUALIFIED RESIGNATION ...

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Add new sample policy - Georgia Association of Chiefs of ...

Letter of Commendation: ... Suspension - Pending Investigation of Charges or Trial: The placing of an employee on administrative leave with pay pending investigation of charges and/or trial for job related offenses. Demotion: ...

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Sample letter: Notice of intention to suspend. ... The employer intends to conduct a further investigation into this matter. The employer believes that your suspension pending the outcome of further investigations and possible disciplinary action is justified.

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Chapter 13 Sanctions Against Program Participants

... Based on Violations of Equal Housing Opportunity Laws 13-33 13.14 Discrimination Complaints 13-35 Exhibit 13-A Sample Letter Imposing Limited ... as a temporary measure pending investigation or legal or debarment ... what respects the charges in the notice of suspension, ...

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CATHOLIC EDUCATION SERVICE. MODEL DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE (All Workers at the school) FOR SCHOOLS WITH DELEGATED BUDGETS (2004) 1. SCOPE. 1.1 This Procedure will be used in all cases where misconduct or omission is such to warrant

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Sample Policy for Threats and Violence - Corporate Alliance ...

CAEPV SAMPLE POLICY FOR WORKPLACE THREATS AND VIOLENCE* Introduction ... premises pending the outcome of an investigation into the incident. ... evaluation by (Company Name) Employee Assistance Professionals and/or external professionals, suspension and/or termination of any business ...

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USA HOCKEY BYLAW 1O. PROCEDURE FOR SUSPENSION AND DISCIPLINE OF MEMBERS ... (letter to Party advising of suspension and right to a hearing); ... [If an investigation has occurred add the following: ...

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SAMPLE POLICIES - Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy

... which are symptomatic of incorrigible and intolerable behaviour, should, when recognized, result in suspension without pay pending investigation. Such acts, include, ... In case of suspension, ... usually with a covering letter, ...

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MISCONDUCT - Business Catalyst

It should be noted that an officer suspended without pay will accrue salary during the period of suspension. ... Other people may also have to be interviewed as part of the investigation process (see Sample letter 3). ... Pending the outcome of the investigation I place you on alternate ...

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DERBYSHIRE LA - Amazon Web Services

Management Counselling 18 4. Suspension 20 5. Management Investigation 23 6. Formal Disciplinary Procedure 27 7. Appeals Procedure 30 8. Employee Absence during Hearing 31 9. ... 39 Specimen Letters ... 4 Suspension ...

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Where action of a learner is deemed to be Gross Misconduct, the Centre will in the first instance suspend the learner pending a formal investigation. ... In all circumstances a letter will be issued to the learner notifying them of the decision taken.

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We understand the Corporation will have one year from its receipt of this letter and all of the accompanying information described below, ... (see MHC website for sample letter) 2. ... investigation or inquiry is pending or underway and copies of the findings of any final audits, ...

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1.01 -- Settlement Agreement Packet - Sarasota County Schools ...

ESE Designation: Total Days of Suspension this year (including this suspension): ... SAMPLE LETTERSUSPENSION WITH RECOMMENDATION FOR EXPULSION. OFFER OF SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT. ... Pending district approval, ...

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District Wellness Policy - Gadsden High School

Anti-Bullying Policy Sample ... or other school personnel pending the completion of an investigation. The investigation shall be completed as soon ... Students who are charged with violation of this policy shall be placed on short-term suspension pending investigation of the charge(s ...

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Conducting a Disciplinary Investigation

Conducting an Investigation. Process Guide. June 2014. CONTENTS. Purpose and Scope. 2. Role of . Nominated Officer. 2. Role of . Investigating Officer. 3. Role of Representative at Investigatory Interviews. 3. ... Sample Template. 11. CONDUCTING AN INVESTIGATION . PROCESS GUIDE.

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Suspension pending an investigation. If a student has been accused of gross misconduct, ... the formal meeting will be included in the letter (see Appendix 1 for sample letter). There is no right of appeal against a suspension. Investigations.

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Residential Care Services - Washington

Prepare summary suspension letter to family and residents ... send licensing or complaint investigation staff to verify status of ... about the Assistant Director/designee’s final decision and request that the Field Manager confirm the initiation of suspension and revocation of a ...

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... Get Doc - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

During the course of an investigation, an investigator may encounter evidence of larceny, fraud, ... A sample Charge Letter is provided in APPENDIX B of this Handbook. ... the AIB should suspend the interview pending resolution of the request; ...

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... on the basis of the report received and the necessary preliminary investigation made, ... 05.4 Suspension Pending Enquiry. ... During the period of suspension the contract of employment between the employer and the employee is said to be under suspension. The period of suspension should not, ...

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... Sample letter inviting a member of staff to attend an investigation ... I am writing to confirm your suspension from duty as from ……………….., pending the current investigation into the gross ... You are reminded that the act of suspension is not disciplinary action and ...

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DISCIPLINE POLICY. PRINCIPLES: Prevent problems by developing positive relationships with others. Be responsible. Treat others as people, not objects.

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Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). ... or any alcohol or controlled substance abuse will result in suspension of the permit pending legal action on the matter. ... SAMPLE APPROVAL LETTER FOR FIRST TIME APPLICANT Author: Sheriff's Office Last modified by:

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Model Policy - United States Office of Research Integrity

... the findings of the DO and a description of any pending or completed administrative actions are provided to ORI, as required by 42 CFR § 93.315. IV. General Policies and Principles. ... letter of reprimand, special monitoring of future work, probation, suspension, salary reduction, ...

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Guidelines on Disciplinary Issues relating to a Child ...

For further information on speaking to children during an initial assessment or a disciplinary investigation see. The possible outcomes of the ... a period of precautionary suspension may be helpful or necessary while a concern is ... In all cases of suspension the welfare of children will be ...

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... Fetch Document - SHRM Online - Society for Human Resource ...

Should the results prove to be negative, the employee will receive back pay for the times/days of suspension. Confidentiality . ... Company Name] may suspend employees suspected of workplace violence or threats of violence, either with or without pay, pending investigation.

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7.7a VFC ADVERSE ACTION SAMPLE LETTER. ... the County Fire Chief may authorize an investigation, ... In some situations, the Battalion Chief or the VFC President may impose a temporary suspension pending a full review and/or investigation of the circumstances.

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Sample Letter to the Harasser. December 7, 1988 . Edgar Eager . SIUC . Carbondale, IL 62901 . Mr. Eager: ... Suspension with pay pending investigation of an alleged violation. 6. Termination of employment for cause. (see below) C.

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Department of Technical and Adult Education

G. Suspension With Pay Sample Letter ... being suspended with pay pending investigation for alleged misconduct and is being temporarily . relieved of duty. This conversation is immediately followed the delivery of written notification

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Policy on Enter the Subject

No document will be destroyed or deleted if pertinent to any ongoing or anticipated government or legal investigation or proceeding. The President or Executive Director may issue a notice suspending the destruction of any document due to any pending, ... notice of suspension shall be destroyed ...

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Performance Guidelines for Criminal Defense Representation

Sources of investigative information may include the following: ... pending the results of further investigation; ... probation or suspension of sentence and permissible conditions of probation; restitution; fines; court costs;

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1 - MMIA

... (with or without pay) pending investigation. The employee will be interviewed during the investigation ... Suspension (with or ... a letter to the employee will document the problem and summarize the results of the investigation and hearing. The letter will detail the effective cause ...

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EPMACINST 5000 - United States Navy

Section 7 Personnel Pending Results of a Medical Board/Medical Board Processing. ... 10B Sample Letter from Navy Confinement Facility to . Warden, ... This includes the time it takes to obtain accompanying documentation such as Line of Duty Investigation (LODI) and Line of Duty Determination ...

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AGREEMENT - Montgomery County, Maryland

... If an employee is suspended, the Department Director must treat the period of suspension the same as a period of leave without pay for the purpose of the employee’s benefits, ... an employee who is relieved of duties pending: (1) an investigation of incidents or charges, (2) ...

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National Society/Church House Publishing - Church of England

... sample letter 1, p. 38); ... 4.1 In cases of misconduct or gross misconduct, it may be considered necessary to suspend an employee pending an investigation. ... 4.9 The period of suspension should be as brief as possible and investigations started immediately.

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Information Paper (Sample A) - Growth Enterprise Market

Date of suspension: 26 March 2007. ... It was stated in HLB’s resignation letter that information had come to their attention that materially impacts upon the reliability of the audited ... Investigation by authorities (5) Pending announcement of price sensitive information (6 ...

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Sample School Board Policy on Hazing

Limited disclosure may be necessary to complete a thorough investigation. Investigation/Resolution. If, ... requesting a letter of apology to the complainant; ... the accused employee shall be suspended pending the hazing of the investigation, ...

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The committee member may be suspended pending investigation. ... Temporary suspension of the Chapter Medical Director designation for a specified period of time. ... SAMPLE CONFIRMATION LETTER TO COURSE REGISTRANTS. Date:

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... or had a sentence imposed for, a crime? Yes No 2) Are there any criminal actions pending against you? Yes No 3) Have you ever ... whichever is shorter). Instructions for the out-of-state review, a sample letter of inquiry and a recommended form are ... DOH-155 A Schedule 2 ...

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