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Entered Apprentice - Freemason

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Entered Apprentice - Freemason

May an entered apprentice receive his degree form another lodge? Yes, without the consent of the ... Yes, with consent of the master. Can an entered apprentice hold a Masonic office? Yes, as long as the lodge votes for him. Yes, if appointed by the master of the lodge. No. It would violate the ...

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Entered Apprentice - Freemason

Entered Apprentice Author: jbanta Last modified by: tmendez Created Date: 6/19/2008 4:57:00 PM Company: Masonic Grand Lodge of California Other titles:

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Entered Apprentice. Introduction. ... While studying Masonic symbolism, history and organization can be interesting and exciting, ... Lectures of an Entered Apprentice:

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... and 37.02 relating to failure of petitioner to present himself for E.A. Degree within six months are applicable also to Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Masons who fail to present themselves ... on which stripe shall be imprinted and impressed the lecture or lectures in which the ...

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As an Entered Apprentice, what does your obligation bind you to? ... Ritual and lectures – parts. Rules and regulations ... Name the three Masonic Brothers listed in the notice of the meeting to discuss obtaining a Lodge charter?

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ENTERED. APPRENTICE . PAPERS ... “It is probable that this peculiar part of the lectures goes back beyond the dawn of symbolic Masonry and that what we have is a distorted remnant of a much more meaningful ... Perhaps this is why they are introduced in the Entered Apprentice Lecture, ...

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Onondaga Masonic District Historical Society

The Deserter - A Masonic Tale . The Entered Apprentice Mason . The Fellowcraft Mason . The Great Seal of the United States . ... Includes pages on: Lectures of the Craft ; Lectures of the Holy Royal Arch ; Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite ; ...

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The Entered Apprentice degree is the first degree in Masonry and serves as an introduction to Masonic symbolism, teachings, ... You will also receive the working tools of a Mason and give your attention to two lectures on the degree. The first lecture is a historical lecture.[1].doc

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The - Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Colorado :: Website

David L. Salberg Grand Lecturer (#35) Chairman. James E ... the regulations of the Grand Lodge to be used in the lectures of the several degrees. This shall be by the use of either charts or projected images or both. CLOTHING. APRONS: Each Entered Apprentice shall be presented at his ...

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Freemasonry and the Boy Scouts

It is a secret society within the Boy Scouts of America called the ... and Vigil Honor. These correspond to the three Masonic degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason. In the OA, each ... and that Masonic rituals contain lectures and symbolic dramas that have no ...

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Freemasonry - Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Colorado :: Website

Each Entered Apprentice shall be presented, at his initiation, with a white leather apron. ... Fifteen mistakes is the maximum allowed to qualify on the candidates lectures. MASONIC FUNERAL SERVICE CERTIFICATE. To qualify for this certificate, ...

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Washington Masonic Code - Masonic Grand Lodge of Wa

E.A. Entered Apprentice . F.C. Fellowcraft . G.L. Grand Lodge. G.M. Grand Master. Gr. Sec. Grand Secretary. J.G.W. Junior Grand Warden. J.W. Junior Warden. ... CHAPTER 6 – MASONIC WORK AND LECTURES. Sec. 6.01 Const. – Standard Work. Sec. 6.02 B.L. ...

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Onondaga Masonic District Historical Society

Early Masonic Documents Compiled by Lee Miller . Educate! From The Master Mason ... Entered Apprentice by Carl H. Claudy . Invest Thought, Study, ... Lectures On The Degrees by Keith F. Walker .

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As the father of our Masonic lectures, ... The changes in dress from an Entered apprentice Mason to a Fellow Craft Mason ... What are the Three Theological Virtues? Which Virtues do they compliment from the Entered Apprentice Degree. 14. According to Masonic Tradition, who fashioned the ...

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Education Course -

Entered Apprentice “Tier One ... THE LECTURE OF THIS DEGREE . The Lectures given to the candidate by the Worshipful Master are intended to elaborate certain phases of the ritual, ...

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The Furious Fifth Masonic District - WebRing: Collaborate ...

This course will be conducted with lectures based on the text, the outline of the MWPHGL of Maryland, ... Masonic Ritual – First Degree (Entered Apprentice) Masonic Burial Ceremony. The Constitutions and By-Laws of the MWPHGL of Maryland. Mackey’s Jurisprudence of Freemasonry. 2nd Month (10 ...

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... the Lectures of the Three Degrees, ... The Florida Masonic Code Book or Grand Lodge Officers First Letter Cipher Code Book may be used for the instruction of a Brother and ... 38.15 The presentation of the apron as part of the ritualistic work of the Entered Apprentice Degree is purely ...

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The Drummond Method – Non-codification - Grand Lodge of ...

Whereas the Maine Masonic Textbook, ... of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason, including the Holy Royal Arch. But the disruption has never been ... The lectures may vary, and indeed are constantly changing, but the legend has ever remained substantially the same. It is ...

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Your Quest for Masonic Light - GeoCities

As an Entered Apprentice you have an immediate and personal interest in this subject, ... Lectures on Masonic Jurisprudence by Roscoe Pound. Well Springs of American Freemasonry by H. L. Haywood. George Washington, Freemason by Wm. Moseley Brown.

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Section 2 “The Entered Apprentice ... he can attend any Lodge meeting opened on the Entered Apprentice Degree, and can receive Masonic burial services or attend a Masonic funeral ... With What Particular Masonic Emblems Should I Be Familiar as an Entered Apprentice? Lectures of the E. A ...

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It is inherent to the office of Grand Master to make decisions and judgments based on the Washington Masonic Code from time to ... The lectures shall be ... In the case of an Entered Apprentice from another Jurisdiction wishing to continue his progress through the remaining Degrees who ...

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WHAT IS AN INTENDER - Bonisteel Masonic Library

... "The Entered Apprentice," No. 4, ... Entered Apprentice Lecture (44 c,d) ……………….. 29. ... Lectures, E.A. (44c,d)..... 29. Letter "G" (62) ...

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ALASKA MASONIC CODE - Grand Lodge of Alaska

The original Alaska Masonic Code was adopted on February 5, ... The Standard Work and Lectures, including the Posting Lecture, ... An Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft of this Jurisdiction or another Jurisdiction in fraternal relation with this Grand Lodge, ...

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THE MASTER MASON - Matawan Lodge

We say that a man is initiated an Entered Apprentice, passed a Fellowcraft, and raised a Master Mason. To most Masons the raising is the center, ... All that we have covered in these lectures is not secret. It is written for all to read. You can tell all of what we are now telling you.

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TITLE PAGE - GeoCities

Book No. 3, You Are Now A Masonic Apprentice. ... The mentor should not act as a memorization coach for the lectures. ... The Entered Apprentice Degree teaches him to build a stronger foundation on which to live his life.

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Introduction -

Engel was “initiated” an Entered Apprentice on March 15, ... lectures, card nights, dances, ... Lyndon Johnson is not normally included in this list as he chose only to complete the first, Entered Apprentice degree. It is a Masonic tradition that two special days be observed each year, ...

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The Degrees and accompanying lectures are the primary teaching tools of the ... This is the origin of the first or Entered Apprentice degree. In Operative ... Masonic secrets are few in number, and deal with the general method of initiation, the ways we recognize each other, and very ...

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Greg - Wayne Lodge #112

Learn the Charge and lecture for the Entered Apprentice Degree ... Prepare Lodge Room for all lectures including slide projector/DVD player and associated equipment. Serve as operator for slide projector. Be prepared to step up or advance to the Senior Deacon's station at any time.

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The Mason's Apron - mastermason

... have fond memories each time we take out the pure white lambskin which was presented to us on the night we were made an entered apprentice ... Few Masonic matters are ... These admixtures of rituals produced variations which were occasionally increased by actions of Grand Lectures and ...'s.doc

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(HINT: The booklets were “Taking the First Step”, “The Degree of Entered Apprentice”, “The Degree of Fellowcraft”, ... List the article number(s) of where in the Digest you can find who is eligible to receive a Masonic funeral? Are Entered Apprentice’s eligible?

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THE OFFICIAL MONITOR - exopoliticshongkong

... than are inculcated in the several Masonic Lectures, which you will learn at your leisure, ... Your prompt attendance at our meetings, when at labor in the Entered Apprentice Degree, is earnestly solicited; yet it is not meant that Masonry should interfere with your necessary vocations, ...

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Thus the applicant for the Masonic degrees comes “of his own free will and accord” seeking the light of knowledge which Freemasonry has to offer. He agrees, in return for the privilege of becoming a Mason, ...

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We have done 4 Entered Apprentice degrees, 4 Fellowcraft degrees and 3 Master Mason degrees and we will do 1 Fellowcraft Degree at the September Stated, then 2 more Entered Apprentice Degrees and 2 more Master Mason Degrees in the fall.

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... viz. those of the Entered Apprentice, the Fellow Craft, and the Master Mason, ... The second part consists of three Lectures, of which the Mystical Lecture must be given after every exaltation ... The Mystical Lecture may be given by the First Principal or divided between Past First ...

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... by solemnly enacting that Ancient Craft Masonry consisted of the three degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft ... the essential elements of this legend are not taught. The lectures may ... or alteration, cease to be a Masonic rite. LANDMARK FOURTH . THE GOVERNMENT OF THE ...

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Notwithstanding a few discrepancies that may have occurred in the Masonic lectures, as arranged at various periods and by different authorities, ... It is defined also as a cable's length, which is symbolically measured as 3 miles for an Entered Apprentice. With its 2 ends, ...

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The Deadly

All these Masonic sourcebooks are in the libraries of most local Lodges and the libraries of all the Grand Lodges of the states. In addition, they can be purchased from Masonic publishing companies or in bookstores. But most Masons have never read them.

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But the progress of Freemasonry as a science now requires something more than a mere knowledge of the lectures to constitute a Masonic ... 1851. In 1872 he entered the office of the Grand Secretary, where he remained ... Fellow Craft 3. Master 4. Grand Elect 5. Apprentice Cohen 6. Fellow ...

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... and help to improve the idea. He practices Brotherly love in compromising and remembering that these men are his Masonic family and their concerns are true and valid.

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JAMES “ROCKY” DALLAS - Donate - Most Excellent Prince ...

... while home on a three day pass his father took him to Prince Hall Lodge #281 where he was healed and initiated as an Entered Apprentice. ... He went to many assignments where there were no Prince Hall Masonic Lodges.

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ELECTION BY BALLOT - Aurora Grata-Day Star Lodge No. 647

Part of the Standard Works and Lectures of the Grand Lodge of Free and ... All of which were exaggerated and imagined rituals of Freemasonry one which is that the newly initiated Entered Apprentice is given a dagger and told that before him is ... The Handbook of Masonic Law of New York ...

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Hewing the Rough Stone: Masonic Influence

... exemplify’d at large by some Scrivener’s Apprentice, and ... especially if one considers the fact that Freemasonry is generally considered to have only entered ... which were closely integrated with a foreign (mainly British) society. Masonic notions of chivalry were also ...

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ENTERED APPRENTICE. 3. FELLOWCRAFT. 4. MASTER MASON. 4. ABOUT INDIVIDUALS. 5. BODY OF THE CRAFT. 6. ... MASONIC HISTORY WAS MADE IN CONGRESS HALL, FEBRUARY 16, ... Albert Pike and the "Luciferian" doctrine; James Dayton Shaw's "expose" of Freemasonry; Ron Carlson's lectures on the "Evils of ...

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Curiosity Killed the Cat

Bath Masonic Temple. Saturday, 21 March 2009 R.W. Bro. Thomas W. Hogeboom, Worshipful Master. M.W. Bro. Donald H. Mumby, Past Grand Master. R.W. Bro. David J. Quinn, District Deputy Grand Master, Frontenac District. Present and Past Grand Lodge Officers.

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... our Masonic Home. QUALIFYING RULES: JAMES NOAH HILLMAN AWARD: Five qualifying “Sections” are identified in the following “Report” as follows: Activities (All parts of this Section are Mandatory) ...

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ENCYCLOPEDIA OF - Wikispaces - ROSACRUZ - home

Masonic tradition, however, ... This is the Entered Apprentice's Degree of Freemasonry. 2. Initiate of the Interior. This is the Fellow craft. 3. adept. ... Doctor Hemming, in his revision of the English lectures, adopted in 1813, thus explains this symbol:

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De: Jorge Cyrino

... Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason, including the Holy Royal Arch; but the disruption has never been ... The lectures may vary, and indeed are constantly changing, but the legend has ever remained substantially the same; and it is ... cease to be a Masonic rite. ...

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Every petition for the degrees shall be accompanied by the fee for degree of Entered Apprentice, ... and general supervision of hall and furniture. He shall see that the work and lectures used in ... Part 2. Every petition for the degrees shall be accompanied by the fee for Entered Apprentice ...

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... entered apprentice, with the addition only of two sky-blue rosettes at the bottom ... with the symbols in the W.Tls., the Tg. Bds. and the Lectures. Although Grand Lodge has never authorised any system of interpreting Masonic ... Robert Burns' masonic apron 'Of chamois leather ...

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... 11 Lodge Items 16 The Lodge Room 18 Our Regalia 21 Customs and Protocols 22 The Festive Board 24 Our Ritual 25 Masonic Symbolism 27 Visiting 29 ... Then there are ceremonies, lectures or special items ... You should attend all meetings but as an Entered Apprentice ...

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