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Form W-9 - University of Washington

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Form W-9 - University of Washington

Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer. Identification Number and Certification Give form to the. requester. Do not. send to the IRS. (Rev. February 2005) Please print or type. See . Specific Instructions. on page 2. Name (as shown on your income tax return)

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Form W-9 (Rev. 10-2007) - Department of Social Health Services

... sign and date the form. Form W-9 (Rev. 10-2007) Generally, individuals (including sole proprietors) are not exempt from backup withholding. Corporations are exempt from backup withholding for certain payments, such as interest and dividends. ...

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FDIC 4531/10, Substitute Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer ...

FDIC 4531/10, Substitute Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Subject: 4500 - Audits, Financial Management Author: Darlene Ewards Keywords: Substitute Form 9 Description: Forms is available on FDIC.GOV and the FDICnet Standardized Forms web page.

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W9 Request Letter Template - Accounting Masters, LLC

Please return the W-9 Form even if you are exempt from backup withholding within (5) days of receipt. Please make sure that the form is complete, legible and correct.

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W-9 Tax Document - Iowa State University

(Substitute Form W-9) Please complete, sign and return or fax as soon as possible to your I.S.U. contact: Name of contact: Student Organization: ... ADP Center - Iowa State University Other titles: W-9 Tax Document ...

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IRS Form W9

Form W-9 (Rev. November 2005) Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service Request for Taxpayer. Identification Number and Certification Give form to the. requester. Do not. send to the IRS. Print or type. See . Specific Instructions . on page 2.

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2014 Free Printable W2 Form Template

2014 Free Printable W2 Form Template Printable W2 Form Template Printable W2 Description: This free W2 Form template is for use by small businesses, employers and payroll professionals to prepare employee W-2 forms. Last modified by:

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W-4 & NC-4 - North Carolina

Form . W-4. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service ... (Employer: Complete 8 and 9 only if sending to NCDR) OFFICE OF THE STATE CONTROLLER, RALEIGH, NC 27603-8003 9 Employer Identification Number. 092-100081 OSC 308 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.

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2013 Free Printable W2 Form Template

2013 Printable W2 Form for Employers Author: Keywords: 2013 w2 template Printable W2 Form Template Printable W2 Description: ... 9/20/2013 6:00:00 AM Category: W2 Templates Company:; Other titles:

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Substitute Form - History Colorado

W-9 Do NOT send to IRS PRINT OR TYPE RETURN TO ADDRESS BELOW Legal Name ... To complete Form W-9 if you do not have a TIN, check "Applied For" box in the space indicated in front, sign and date the form, and give it to the requester.

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Statewide Payee Registration Form - DSHS - home page

Form . W-9. Request for Taxpayer. Identification Number and Certification 1. Legal Name (as shown on your income tax return) 2.Business Name, if different from Legal Name above – eg. Doing Business As (DBA) Name ... Statewide Payee Registration Form ...

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Program Office - New York State Education Department

... SFS centralized vendor file and to ensure accuracy of information contained therein. We ask for the information on the NYSED Substitute Form W-9 to carry out the Internal Revenue laws of the United States.

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Washington State Treasurer’s Office - Labor & Industries (L ...

Statewide Payee Registration & W-9 Form. Washington State. STEP 1: Is this a NEW registration or CHANGE to an existing registration (check one)? NEW REGISTRATION ... Washington State Treasurer’s Office ...

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FORM W - 8BEN (NRA Recertification)

FORM W-8BEN (NRA Recertification) Request for Recertification of Foreign Status. W-8BEN. Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner ... Spouse date of Birth: 9.Permanent resident address (street, apt, or suite no, or rural route).Do not use a or In-care of address.

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SUBSTITUTE W 9/VENDOR UPDATE FORM (Please print or type except for signature) In order for the State of Iowa to pay you the amount that is due to you and to comply with the IRS regulations on reporting these payments, we are requesting the following information.

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County, State of Colorado - Colorado Judicial Branch - Home

I.R.S. W-9 Form and “Authorization to Pay Law firm for Attorney Appointments” JDF 5 Form. A completed W-9 form containing the appointee’s Tax Identification Number ... 7/11/2011 9:39:00 PM Company: Colorado Judicial Dept. Other titles:

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The State of Kansas is implementing a new PeopleSoft 9

Completing the form on the following website ... You may download a copy of the current W-9 Form at the IRS website: If you have any questions regarding the bidder application, please call:

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The due date for filing the 2011 Form WH-434 and Forms W-2 and/or 1099 is February 28, 2012. ... Enter “50” for the Vermont postal numeric code. 5-9 Blank 5 Fill with Blanks 10-18 Social Security Number (SSN) ...

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Forms - City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Official ...

AC&W Railroad Relocation Analysis ... In the event the prime consultant firm has no subconsultant, it is required that this be indicated on the Form6-B form by entering the word “None” or the number “ZERO” and having the prime consultant sign and submit Form 6-B.

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Subcontractor Work Order - BPI | Energy Audit | Auditor ...

W-9 Form. Before. you pay the subcontractor you will need to collect a W-9 from the sub. A W-9 form is an IRS form that collects basic information about the subcontractor so you can adequately fill out a 1099 at the end of the year. ... Subcontractor Work Order

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Sample document created with MS Word - SwiftView

Sample document created with MS Word. Page 1 of 5. This page is Size Letter. 0 1 2 If this was a real document it would have more here. 3 4 Sample: Times New Roman

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... the IRS may require you to complete Form W-8. ... Copy of your W-9 - Request or Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. Copy of statement showing non-profit 501(c) status (if applicable)

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9-12 - Arkansas Department of Education

Use appropriate criteria to evaluate media with emphasis on prejudice, censorship, and disinformation OV.3.12.2. Use appropriate criteria to evaluate the impact of media on public opinion, ... and form of writing. R.9.11.1. Analyze personal biases brought to a text W.7.12.7.

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Employee Assignment Form (word) - University at Albany - SUNY ...

Employee Assignment Form (word) Author: LandauCa Last modified by: Windows User Created Date: 8/22/2014 8:46:00 PM Company: Research Foundation of SUNY Other titles: Employee Assignment Form (word) ...

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What do I do when the Form W 9 is received back and the customer has checked "exempt payee"? A. If the entity has checked that they are an exempt payee, you might have to get further clarification. If the type of payment is for legal or medical services, ...

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SupplierRegistrationPackageSRP112007.doc - CBRE

... you will need to email this completed form and attachments to [email protected] with a copy to your referring CBRE manager or contact. ... Part VII – Forms and Attachments Form W-9 Instructions. Select “View>Toolbars>Forms (Click to Unlock)

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Private Health Insurance Premium Benefit - Maine

Private Health Insurance Premium Benefit. August 17, 2013. Thank you for your interest in MaineCare’s Private Health Insurance Premium (PHIP) Benefit. ... Fill out the W-9 form. We need this information in order to send you checks.

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cd106 Travel Expense Log For Foster Care - Missouri ...

Travel expense log for children in foster care. Fields 1 through 12 and 14-16 on this form are to be completed by the Resource Provider requester. Requests. must be. submitted to the w. ... The form is formatted to be completed electronically on-line, ...

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RFP 13-021 Submission Documents in Word - P-12 : NYSED

NYSED Substitute Form W-9 (If bidder is not yet registered in the SFS centralized vendor file. If registered, insert NYS Vendor ID in “Response Sheet for Bids” Check if not applicable) Mandatory Requirements Certification Form TAC Certification.

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1. Creating a Form - United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Edit/Create a Form, 5, 6, 9, 21, 75, 81. List File Attributes, xix. Other Options, 6. Run a Form, 21, 22, 27, 38, 70, 75. ScreenMan, 6. Turn Your ScreenMan Form into an Option, 70. VA FileMan, 6. Orientation, xv. Other Options Menu, 6. Other Places for M Code in Forms, 78. P.

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RESERVATION FORMSafety & Health Video Library & Resource Center

You can email the MS Word version of the form on the internet to [email protected] The earlier you request, the more likely you are to get your reservations. Plan early . for seasonal topics. You can book up to 6 months in advance.

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New Employee Orientation Checklist and Certification of ...

X Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) X Fraud and Whistleblower Policy. X Affordable Care Act Marketplace Notice. X Code ... IRS W-9 X Expatriate exemption IRS 673 Additional Form For Nonresident Aliens Only ...

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... // OMNI Proposal Order Form Number of copies: Electronic Needed: In Hand Date: ... Print Insert w/ Client Logo Instructions: Lucite Entrapmnt Pin Pen Star Bronze. Key Chain Badge Clip Card Case Pen Box Options: Silver: ...

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Vendor BID REGISTRATION FORM - University of Houston

SUBSTITUTE IRS FORM W-9 CERTIFICATION. Under penalties of perjury, I certify that the above information is correct and that: The number shown on this form is my correct taxpayer identification number (or I am waiting for a number to be issued to me), and.

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9. FORM_FAILURE. Returns a value that indicates the outcome of the action most recently. ... Once you create a named visual attribute, you can apply it to any object in the same module, much like styles in a word processing program. EDITOR. This object enables the operator to edit text.

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Microsoft Word - 15-b-2014-02-25.doc - California Department ...

This form is to be completed and signed by the local agency’s Resident Engineer and submitted with

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JCQ Final Individual Blank Word 97 to 2003

Welcome to the new Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ) form. This form was designed as part of the PLANS project. PLANS is the project we are conducting to update and modernize our Classification and Compensation Plan.

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form - Washington State Department of Revenue

... is still subject to local property taxes and must continue to be reported on the county personal property listing form. Qualifying machinery and equipment must be; (1) ... REV 63 0027e (w) (2/9/12) Title: Washington State Author: foobar Last modified by: jrlfs140 Created Date: 2/9/2012 8:04 ...

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AOC Claim Form - California Courts - Home

If you are using an older version of Word please use the Adobe Acrobat form. WORD XP FORM. Appellate Claim Form 3. 4/2008. Page 2 of 4. Page 3 of 4. Page 4 of 4. Title: COURT OF APPEAL OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA Author: Janet Colla Last modified by:

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Appendix B - Colorado Judicial Branch

Provide all schedules and attachments including W-2’s, 1099’s and K-1. ... FORM 35.1 . Title: Appendix B Author: Barb Salomon Last modified by: b888clh Created Date: 2/9/2006 7:28:00 PM Company: Cage Williams Abelman & Layden, P.C. ...

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FORM 2 - Minnesota Judicial Branch

FORM 2. PREHEARING STATEMENT. STATE OF MINNESOTA DISTRICT COURT. COUNTY OF _____ _____ JUDICIAL DISTRICT. In Re The Marriage Of: _____, Case No. ... (H, W, J) _____ _____ _____ Reason for Debt ...

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Child Death, Serious Injury or Egregious Incident ...

Title: Child Death, Serious Injury or Egregious Incident Notification, DCF-F (CFS-2091) Author: DHFS Description: 12/17/98 Form lost from system--cj rekeyed--gave copy to Verlene Orr 6/1/99 Camera copy to Chris for ordering/cj 6/3/99-revisions made-camara copy to CT/cj 11/15/01--Rvsd per Mark ...

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1 - The Algebra Toolbox

Title: 1 Author: K. House Last modified by: FCPS Created Date: 3/28/2006 6:21:00 PM Company: W. House Serivces, Inc. Other titles: 1

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FORM 128 - Minnesota Judicial Branch

FORM 128. APPELLANT'S FORMAL BRIEF AND APPENDIX (Cover) APPELLATE COURT CASE NUMBER. STATE OF MINNESOTA. IN COURT OF APPEALS. CASE TITLE: ... Jones v. Olson, ___ N.W.2d ___ (Minn.1982) 9. Smith v. Brown, ___ Minn. ___, ___ N.W.2d ___ (1965) 14. Secondary Authorities. McCormick ...

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Proposal Transmittal Form - Florida State University

Use the Proposal Transmittal Form Continuation Page if needed. ROLE INVESTIGATOR NAME EMPLID Appointed as Post Doc or Grad Student? CREDIT. Min 1% INVESTIGATOR SIGNATURE DATE Line 1 PI (from pg 1) PD or ...

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UNDP Personal History Form ( P11 )

UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME. Personal History Form. INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer each question clearly and completely. Type or print in ink.

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Word Cell #2 - Meridian School District

pent (9) two . trio (10) group of ... Use the correct form of the word, as necessary. (1) _____ a number named by a unit with fifteen zeroes following it (2) _____ a plane geometric figure of five sides and angles (3 ...

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Section 965 - Illinois Department of Public Health

Do not list relatives or people listed elsewhere in this credentialing form. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Name: Title: Last First MI Degree. Specialty: Mailing Address: Street City State Zip. ... Name of Business Arrangement On SS4 or W-9 Form:

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Microsoft Word - Volunteer Form 1.doc - Maryland DHMH

201 W. Preston Street • Baltimore, Maryland 21201 . PHARMACIST VOLUNTEER CORPS AUTHORIZATION FORM . Pursuant to the Annotated Code of Maryland, ... Microsoft Word - Volunteer Form 1.doc Author: SJGOODMAN Last modified by: jseeds Created Date:

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Construction and Professional Services Manual Forms - DGS Home

... Excel 03-05 DGS-30-064 CO-9, Construction Contract Word 04-08 DGS-30-065 CO-9DB, Design Build Contract Word 04-08 DGS-30-067 CO-9.1, Notice of Intent to Award Word 04-08 DGS-30-068 CO-9.1a, ... (Data Form) Word 02-01 DGS-30-316 RFP for Project Inspection Services ...

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