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Exhib it 13-3 Sample Response to Audit Letter

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Exhib it 13-3 Sample Response to Audit Letter

SAMPLE RESPONSE TO AUDIT LETTER. Dear Ms. State Director: In response to the Audit Report by John Sean and Associates of the City’s Disaster Recovery CDBG Program:

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I - Sample Management Letter (MS Word) - usaid

Management letter for the year ended 31 December 2010. We have recently completed our audit of XYZ which we conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing ... Management response As with all XYZ accounts, ...

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SAMPLE - Montana

If you have any questions on the entity response requirements, please contact our office at 841-2907. Enclosures: Sample Letter to Newspaper Regarding Audit Publication Statement . Sample Audit Publication Statement. Section 2-7-521, MCA. Section 2-7-515, MCA

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Discussions to Expect From the Independent Auditors

Sample Request for Qualifications and Request for. Proposal Letter for CPA Services. PURPOSE OF THIS TOOL: This tool contains sample language that may be used by an organization when requesting a proposal letter from qualified CPA firms when seeking a new service provider.

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Management Response to Audit Findings - Home - Stamford Board ...

Management Response to Audit Findings. FY 2004 Audit (6/30/04 ... The City will prepare a letter to each pension board recommending that they adopt selected portions of the City’s accounting policies that relate to administrative costs and other expenditures and policies for issuing checks and ...

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RESPONSE: This letter correctly sets forth the understanding of (Auditee’s Name) ... Date_____ _____ Title: AUDIT ENGAGEMENT LETTER Author: Legislative Auditor Last modified by: Massis, Nadeem (WBGAZA/FMO) Created Date: 10/20/2011 12:41:00 PM Company: LLA Other titles: AUDIT ...

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Letter of Finding Template - Federal Transit Administration

Thank you for your response to the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) letter and preliminary report of findings of the Equal Employment Opportunity Program (EEO) compliance review conducted at the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) in February 2008.

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Discussions to Expect From the Independent Auditors

As such, the sample letter may be subject to audit committee review or discussion, if an audit committee exists. [Organization Letterhead] ... Please submit your response to this request for proposal by June 30, 20XX. We would also appreciate a response if you decline to submit a proposal.

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We will ask you to respond to any matters included in the management letter and include your response as a part of the issued ... We will trace a random sample of 25 teachers to the individual’s personnel file and determine if the ... AUDIT ENGAGEMENT LETTER Author: Legislative ...

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Sample Internal Audit Engagement Letter - Ontario

The Internal Audit Team is planning its audit for [Audit Process, ... You are then expected to provide a response to the draft report within two weeks. ... Sample Internal Audit Engagement Letter Author: Gurewan Last modified by: Gurewan Created Date:

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SAMPLE - Montana

In addition school districts and special education cooperatives must also send a copy of the response to the audit findings and recommendations, ... Enclosures: Sample Letter to Newspaper Regarding Audit Publication Statement. Sample Audit Publication Statement. Section 2-7-521, MCA.

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Sample Letter of Compliance - Federal Aviation Administration

Sample Letter of Compliance (Date) Mr. (Name of Training Program Approval Authority): ( Name of FAA FSDO) (Address) (City/State/Zip) Dear Mr. (Name of TPAA):

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COVER LETTER SAMPLE - Rider University

Audit Manager. Defense Contract Audit Agency. 10 Melrose Avenue. Suite # 200. Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-3696 . Dear Mr. Alter: ... COVER LETTER SAMPLE Author: OIT Last modified by: OIT Created Date: 1/29/2008 6:14:00 PM Company: Rider University Other titles:

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Sample Report with Significant Deficiency - Pages - Home

The City of Dogwood’s written response to the significant deficiencies indentified in our audit was not subjected to the auditing ... This letter may be used to communicate that only significant deficiencies and no ... Sample Report with Significant Deficiency Author: lgc0187 Last modified by:

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Internal Audit Notice Template - Document Listings - All ...

You are then expected to provide a response to the draft report within two weeks. ... Internal Audit Notice Template Sample Description: This document gives you a simple template that can be used when constructing a notice about an internal audit.

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MODEL RFP RESPONSE LETTER - Canadian Bar Association

Model RFP Response Letter [Firm letterhead] [Date] [Potential client address] Re: Request for Proposals for Legal Services [describe nature of the mandate] Dear [Contact of potential client]: We are responding to your request for proposals for legal services.

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Clarified Illustrative Circular A-133 Reports

Although the auditor does not audit management’s response to identified findings, the auditor does have certain responsibilities related to reporting the views of responsible officials under Government Auditing Standards.

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SAMPLE RFP COVER LETTER Author: DIM3000 Last modified by: robert kennedy Created Date: 3/1/2010 2:37:00 PM Company: The New York City Department of Small Business Ser Other titles:

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Discussions to Expect From the Independent Auditors

As such, the sample letter may be subject to audit committee review or discussion, if an audit committee exists. [Organization Letterhead] ... Include a copy of your firm’s most recent peer review report, the related letter of comments, and the firm’s response to the letter of comments.

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Clinical Trials Audit Manual - Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center

Clinical Trials. Audit Manual. ... PI’s response and Audit Committee’s determinations will be reported to the CLC for review. ... unacceptable audit rating letter is sent with final audit report requesting a response to the major violations within 5 working days.

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Review of the audit sample consisted of a facial review of 5% of required filer forms which were ... The first protocol included steps to individually analyze each response in order to determine whether an appropriate response was made to the ... DRAFT AUDIT REPORT ON 5% SAMPLE OF 2008 ...

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CPA’s Report on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: ... {MANAGEMENT’S RESPONSE TO THE EXCEPTIONS (for steps b, c, d, and e) ... Subdivide the findings/exception portion of the letter by audit (i.e., gaming machines, keno, credit, etc.).

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Audit Program Template

Name of Audit. Audit Program. Objectives: Scope: Audit Steps To Be Completed Completed. By W/P Ref A. Planning and Administration Section If this is a repeat or follow-up audit, review the Permanent File and prior working papers, including policies/procedures, organizational charts, agreements ...

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Sample Request for Proposal - Institute Of Internal Auditors

This letter is a Request for a Proposal (RFP) for an External Quality Assessment ... Our Internal Audit Services Department consists of ## professionals, ... The response to this RFP should identify the membership and credentials of the review team, ...

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Sample Request for Audit Proposal Notification - Portal

SAMPLE REQUEST FOR AUDIT PROPOSAL NOTIFICATION "Organization" Request For Proposal. Financial and Compliance Auditing Services For The. Period of July 1, 2004 To June 30, 2005 And Options for the Two. ... Response Due Date: _____ Contract ...

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Follow-Up Audit - Emergency Management Institute

Follow-up Audit: City’s Flood Response . Table of Contents. Introduction 1. Objectives 1. Scope and Methodology 1. Background 2. Summary of the 1998 Memorandum 3. Findings and Recommendations 5. Summary 5. Development of a Comprehensive Response to Flash Floods Is Underway 5.

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Due Diligence Sample Letter - WV Treasury

Scan or file a hard copy of the mailed letters to provide the best evidence of performing due diligence in case of an audit. Scan or file the response from the appropriate owner. ... Sample Due Diligence Letter. Print on Business Letterhead that Includes Full Address (Date) (Owner Name)

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The Contractor shall be required to conduct a full scope financial audit of DOX’s consolidated “Annual Financial ... the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and the firm’s response. C. Detailed Audit Planning ... Representation Letter to DOX Draft Audit ...

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fh - Rohan Chambers

The sample size will normally ... provide examples of how each or the two types of new audit technologies can be used to improve efficiency in the audit of accounts receivable. ... Less than half the errors are reported to auditors due to the "say yes" behaviour and response bias. Accounts ...

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CCI 4200.15E - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

SAMPLE REQUEST FOR DCAA AUDIT (fill-in where italicized/underlined) Ser (date) From: Contracting Officer, (NOAA AGO Acquisition Division) To: (DCAA Field Audit Office) (Address 2nd Line) (Address 3rd Line) Subj: REQUEST FOR AUDIT OF ... By copy of this letter, ...

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days after acknowledging this disengagement letter. If payment is not received by [Accounting Firm] within [#] days after acknowledgement of this letter, the total amount owed by [Client] will be increased by $ [amount]

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Audit requirements of Government Auditing Standards. ... RESPONSE: This letter correctly sets forth the understanding of Any Quasi-Public Agency. ... SAMPLE REVIEW/ATTESTATION ENGAGEMENT LETTER Author: Legislative Auditor Last modified by:

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Example of a Comfort letter - ICCI

This DRAFT is furnished solely for the purpose of indicating the form of letter that we would expect to be able to furnish the named underwriters in response to their request, the matters expected to be covered in the letter, and in the nature of the procedures that we would expect to carry out ...

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AP-3: Audit Program for Accounts Receivable

A deadline date can also enhance the response time. See the sample accounts receivable confirmation letters at ... also be obtained in the management representation letter if the owner/manager is the party signing the ... are identified that require an additional audit response, ...

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Sample Request for Proposal - Pages - Home

NORTH CAROLINA. State and Local Government Finance Division. ... SAMPLE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Appendix A. The (governing board) of (name of governmental unit ... (Number) copies of each audit report, management letter, ...

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Audit Trail Response Letter. HIPAA-L-10 Right to Request Confidential Communications 14 Confidential Communications Request Form. HIPAA-F-12 Confidential Communications/Restriction Response Letter

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Sample Letter 1 - TN

Employee Notification of Garnishment Letter (Date) (Employee Name) (Address) RE: Garnishment No. ( ) Dear (Employee Name): This letter hereby notifies you that we have received a court order to garnish your wages.

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AUDIT RESPONSE: “The time spent treating Mrs. Oxford was considerable. ... Don’t throw away their demand letter or their audit report. There might eventually be a place to mail this to in order to collect national data on chart audits.

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL - Society of Risk Management Consultants ...

Audit of Property & Liability Risk Management & Insurance Program. ... 1.5 Response to RFP (SAMPLE) The Consultant's response to the RFP shall include: A brief history and description of the firm, ... (SAMPLE) Insurance.

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SAMPLE LETTER - Department of General Services

is performing its preliminary evaluation of proposals received in response to the ... we have determined a need for clarification of your proposal. ... SAMPLE LETTER ...

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Example Response To Lender’s Request - NAPLIA

We did not audit, review, ... By providing you with this letter, ... The above example would be a perfectly appropriate limited response to a lender or broker’s request for credit-worthiness information. However, ...

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Billing and Collections Audit

Send auditee a pre-audit letter, which should include scope, ... Clearly set the deadline for management’s response. Validate the accuracy of the report. (Note: ... Billing and Collections Audit,%20Collections%20Audit.doc

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Chapter (300)-80 - Department of the Treasury

The audit staff should design the sample based on the audit objectives and data analyses. ... The “response time” sentence of the Privacy Act Statement should be adjusted to reflect the estimated completion time annotated on ... This letter is NOT a review of your tax records or a request ...

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SAMPLE SUMMARY LETTER - Department of Housing and Community ...

SAMPLE SUMMARY LETTER. Please see the attached Monitoring Summary Report and respond to the ____ Finding(s) and ____ Concern(s) identified in this letter. A response to the issues detailed is due by ( date 30-45 days from date of letter or a specific date ).

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Charter schools that receive and expend federal awards are subject to the provisions of ... This report should include a transmittal letter which references the audit report, any findings of ... and the firm’s response to the letter of comments. 14. Provide a listing of your charter ...

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Corrective Action Plan Template - the Virginia Information ...

Corrective Action Plan and IT Security Audit Quarterly Summary Template Date _____ 1 . Created Date: 12/16/2011 5:06:00 PM ...

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4370 - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

audit is to have the auditor render an independent. ... Engagement The engagement letter is, in effect, the contract between. Letter the auditor and the project. It describes: o the scope ... response which would require a negative finding.

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March 18, 2009 - - Minnesota's Legal ...

SAMPLE AUDIT RESPONSE LETTER FOR FAMILY STATUS AUDIT. March 18, 2009. IRS (Send to address in audit letter. or to fax number in letter) Certified Mail

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Sample Solicitors Rep letter

Letter of Enquiry to Legal Counsel Application . These instructions apply to the following: Type of audit and assurance work Types of entities financial statements audit engagements departments

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Sample Audit Committee Charters - IFC Home

SAMPLE AUDIT COMMITTEE CHARTER. ... Prepare a letter for inclusion in the annual report that describes the committee's composition and responsibilities, ... Review the regular internal reports to management prepared by the internal auditing department and management's response. 4.

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